Today's holiday

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Celebrating victory over France:


Lulu has been playing with toner transfers so we are heading in to use a color printer.

Coffee first.

Working on some stuff at the house later today.

Didn't sleep very well - had a bizarre set of dreams. Woke up several times and the story-line and location continued through. Something in the air last night...

Great story about Guccifer from Pando:

EXCLUSIVE: Jailed hacker Guccifer boasts, "I used to read [Clinton's] memos... and then do the gardening"
December 2013 in the village of Sâmbăteni, Romania. The air is dull and frosty as Marcel Lazăr Lehel walks out of his mud-brick house, carrying a cheap brand laptop and a mobile phone, and goes to the back garden. Exhaling steam, he places the devices on the ground, picks up his axe and begins to chop with hard, steady blows. Thunk-crunch, thunk-crunch, thunk-crunch.

Lehel gathers the shards of plastic and metal together and dumps them into a metal cauldron, before lighting the whole thing on fire. He looks with apparent unease at the charred remains of his hacking utensils and, putting out the flames, he returns to the house. The foul-smelling pile is still smoking behind him.

A great read - here is a bit more:

He quickly rose to global infamy in early 2013 when he hacked into the emails of George W. Bush and his family members, leaking family pictures, details of holidays, hospital appointments, and photos of the former president’s amateurish paintings.


Back in the Arad penitentiary, I ask Lehel about his heyday. Was it worth it? “I had memos Hillary Clinton got as a State Secretary, with CIA briefings. These were being read by her, two other people from the US Government, and Guccifer. I used to read her memos for six-seven hours and then I’d get up and do the gardening in the yard,” he says.

And he was not the only one. Hillary was required by law to set up her email server following prescribed standards from the CIA - she willfully did not. She had an upstate New York private company set up her server and the security on it was abysmal. For this alone, she should be behind bars now.

Nothing much tonight

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Tired - worked all day on a couple of projects. Dinner was leftovers - beef barley soup and fresh (par-baked and finished in my oven) bread.

Heading out to the radio room to install some software updates. - planning ahead

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With the push for alternative energy sources, the price of commercial electricity is skyrocketing (here and here), especially in Europe. From the UK Telegraph:

Sainsbury's builds its own power plants amid energy shortage fears
Sainsbury’s has cast doubt on the UK’s ability to keep the lights on, revealing it has built a string of new power plants for its supermarkets in part due to fears of a looming energy crunch.

Paul Crewe, a senior executive at the supermarket giant, said he had sleepless nights over energy security and feared UK electricity demand could soon outstrip supply.

The new gas-fired power generators – already supplying electricity for 10 supermarkets, and due to be built at a further six this year - would enable the stores to keep trading even in the event of a blackout, he said.

“It gives us energy security,” Mr Crewe said. “Energy security is extremely important, it keeps me awake at night if I’m honest thinking about it - especially as we use just under one per cent of power in the UK. We know UK grid infrastructure is at an extremely stretching period of time.”

All in the name of climate change - talk about stupidity and hubris. We could not change the climate if we wanted to - the natural variations swamp any minute effect we have.

For a good look at EU electric costs check this out:


All the emphasis on stupid unreliable energy sources and nothing for clean reliable nuclear power. No wonder Sainsbury's is rolling their own. Makes a lot of sense...

Rebuilding burned bridges

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Now that President Trump may well be a reality, Mexican President Vincente Fox is attempting some damage control. From Breitbart:

Exclusive: President Fox Apologizes, Invites Trump to Mexico
During an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, former Mexican President Vicente Fox apologized Wednesday for the vulgar language he has used regarding GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the southern border and invited the likely Republican nominee to Mexico to see the border from the other side.

Earlier this year, Fox said that he would not pay for Trump’s “f*cking wall,” and called Trump ““Ignorant … crazy … egocentric … nasty … [a] false prophet.” Trump then called on Fox to apologize

On Wednesday, he did so — in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News — and added that he wanted Trump to come to Mexico to see the border from the other side.

“I apologize. Forgiveness is one of the greatest qualities that human beings have, is the quality of a compassionate leader. You have to be humble. You have to be compassionate. You have to love thy neighbor,” Fox explained to Breitbart News while sitting in the hotel of the J.W. Marriott in Santa Monica, California on Wednesday afternoon.

“Love your nation. Love the world,” he added. “Yes, I’m humble enough as leadership be, [a] compassionate leader. If I offended you, I’m sorry. But what about the other way around?”

Heh - win or loose, this is going to be an interesting election...

Happy Star Wars day

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Today is May the Fourth - Star Wars Day

Target yielded to the Social Justice Warriors and made their bathrooms open to all. They forgot that gays of all stripes account for less than 3% of the US population. The other 97% are ticked and voting with their wallets.

From The Washington Times:

Target stock tumbles as transgender bathroom boycott reaches 1 million
Target’s stock has taken a tumble in recent weeks, as more than 1 million people have pledged to boycott the retail giant in response to its transgender bathroom policy.

Heh - We the People. Do not forget that.

Faster please - Hillary

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From The Hill:

Federal judge opens the door to Clinton deposition in email case
A federal judge on Wednesday opened the door to interviewing Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton as part of a review into her use of a private email server while secretary of State.

Judge Emmet Sullivan of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia laid out the ground rules for interviewing multiple State Department officials about the emails, with an eye toward finishing the depositions in the weeks before the party nominating conventions.

Clinton herself may be forced to answer questions under oath, Sullivan said, though she is not yet being forced to take that step.

“Based on information learned during discovery, the deposition of Mrs. Clinton may be necessary,” Sullivan said in an order on Wednesday. Discovery is the formal name for the evidence-gathering process, which includes depositions.

“If plaintiff believes Mrs. Clinton’s testimony is required, it will request permission from the Court at the appropriate time.”

That would be wonderful - Discovery is always a bitch and now that the emails have been recovered, they will be used. The security for her server was lax and it is known that at least the Chinese if not the Russians too were able to read her emails.

From Michelle Obama's Mirror:

So time to man-up and pull our line together. I know there are many #NeverTrump-sters out there. I know he’s not really a conservative butt he’s also not a communist, a socialist or a felon. I know he shoots his mouth off and attacks any comers who dare criticize him. I know that his manner can be quite off-putting. It’s called fighting dirty. It’s what Democrats do. Principles are lovely things, butt when your country is literally being overrun with illegals and crushed by socialist programs with their attendant debt, it’s time to put your principles in storage for a bit and fight dirty.

Because the two things we know for sure is 1) Democrat “campaigns” are always run by Alinsky’s Rules and 2) Republicans won’t use them so they lose. The Donald is one of the few on our side who is quite willing to fight dirty, and the only one who really knows how to do it. When he gets down in the mud he leaves more muck on his opponent than himself. He’s combined The Art of the Deal with Alinsky’s Rules. We would be foolish not to support the first Republican in a very long time who’s willing to push back rather than simply slow the rate of the enemy’s advancement.

I know none of us knows for sure what he’ll do if elected. Butt we do know what Clinton et al will and frankly I find that much more alarming. At least with Trump we get a wall. And perhaps we won’t have to pawn the country.

What they said. Spot on.

The Lords of Synth

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Great ten minute parody of Vangelis, Georgio Moroder and Wendy Carlos:

More here:

Adult Swim Parodies Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder, & Wendy Carlos In Lords Of Synth Short
In the tradition of Too Many Cooks and Unedited Footage Of A Bear, Adult Swim released a new “infomercial”/mockumentary/etc short titled Live At The Necropolis: Lords Of Synth. It’s a satirical video that features “Xangelix,” “Morgio Zoroder,” and “Carla Wendos” (in place of Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder, and Wendy Carlos presumably) synth-battling at the Necropolis. It aired on Adult Swim at 4AM and is now online.

They did a great job of parodying their music styles. Nice Moog too...

Got a plumber and the HVAC people coming over to do some work - a meeting at 3:00PM

Busy day - gotta get caffinated first...

But this is their culture - we must be sensitive to it and respect it. The cry of the Social Justice Warrior - multi-culti is their gris-gris, their fetish.

I can see the origin of some practices - the Jewish and Muslim injunction against eating tasty pork when there was no refrigeration available makes perfect sense. An infection of Trichinella spiralis does not sound pleasant by any stretch of the imagination especially given the medical state of art at that time.

Likewise toiletry practices - using one hand for one thing and the other for eating, specific water vessels for cleansing, three stones and all that. Now, we have clean bathrooms, toilet paper and these things called sinks with running hot water and soap.

I respect people's religions but the cultural fetishes need to be re-evaluated and reformed. Case in point - from the London Daily Mail:

Curry house chef prepared food after wiping his bottom with his bare hands because he doesn't use toilet paper for 'cultural reasons' 
A takeaway chef wiped his bottom using his hands before preparing food because he does not use toilet paper for 'cultural reasons', a court heard.

Mahbub Chowdhury, 46, from Swindon, was found to have a filthy bottle in the kitchen of Yeahya Flavour of Asia, which inspectors concluded was covered in faecal matter.

When questioned, he said he filled the empty milk bottle with water from the kitchen taps before using it to clean his backside after going to the toilet.

Chowdhury prepared meat and fish curries at the takeaway, which was run out of a rented kitchen at the Nine Elms pub.

The chef, who no longer works at the takeaway, pleaded guilty to ten counts of breaching food hygiene regulations at Swindon Magistrates Court.

He was fined more than £5,000 last year for ten similar offences relating to food hygiene.

A bit more:

She said: 'In the kitchen under the double sinks [they] found an empty plastic milk bottle which was extremely dirty and was covered with brown fingerprints.

'When asked, Mr Chowdhury explained he filled the bottle with water from the kitchen taps and used it to clean his bottom after visiting the toilet.

'He did not use toilet paper for cultural reasons. Inspectors concluded the brown finger prints was faecal matter.'

This is beyond belief. Is this person willfully stupid or do they just have zero respect for our culture and our people.

I thought he was better than Trump. I might be voting for Bernie if he gets the nod but I doubt it with the clinton machine in full power.

From Reuters (don't feel like giving fox faux news any more clicks these days)

Trump on his way to Republican nomination after Cruz drops out
Republican front-runner Donald Trump all but sealed the party's presidential nomination on Tuesday with a commanding victory in Indiana that forced rival Ted Cruz to finally end his campaign.

The New York billionaire, who has never held public office and who repeatedly defied pundits' predictions that his campaign would implode, now can prepare for a matchup in the Nov. 8 election with Hillary Clinton expected to be his Democratic opponent.

Clinton's march to the Democratic nomination, however, was slowed by rival Bernie Sanders' victory over her in Indiana.

Trump, at a victory rally at Trump Tower in New York, walked on stage with wife Melania and other family members as the Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up" blared over loudspeakers.

He is likely to formally wrap up the nomination on June 7 when California votes, although Ohio Governor John Kasich vowed to stay in the race as Trump's last challenger.

John who? The idea that people are still funding this person's run (his father was a milkman 'ya know) is unreal...

This is no longer a representative government (here and here) - it is now an oligarchy. We need to clean house.

From The Washington Post:

Researchers: Medical errors now third leading cause of death in United States
Nightmare stories of nurses giving potent drugs meant for one patient to another and surgeons removing the wrong body parts have dominated recent headlines about medical care. Lest you assume those cases are the exceptions, a new study by patient safety researchers provides some context.

Their analysis, published in the BMJ on Tuesday, shows that "medical errors" in hospitals and other health care facilities are incredibly common and may now be the third leading cause of death in the United States -- claiming 251,000 lives every year, more than respiratory disease, accidents, stroke and Alzheimer's.

Martin Makary, a professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine who led the research, said in an interview that the category includes everything from bad doctors to more systemic issues such as communication breakdowns when patients are handed off from one department to another.

"It boils down to people dying from the care that they receive rather than the disease for which they are seeing care," Makary said.

The paper is here: Medical error—the third leading cause of death in the US

Go back to this post from yesterday and you will see the reason in the graph: A sobering graph - Health Care Industry

These folks were the soundtrack to my 20's and 30's - amazing music. Some people are running a kickstarter to film a full documentary:

Tangerine Dream Documentary
They used synthesizers in a time when it was just a small side issue. They incorporated sounds from outer space and heartbeats in their revolutionary and unconventional sound and enriched countless classic movies with their unique soundtrack: They are TANGERINE DREAM!

We want to explore the world of Tangerine Dream for the first time in a feature-length documentary. This band became famous as one of the pioneers of electronic and experimental music worldwide. They had the desire to achieve the ultimate sound.

Our goal is to uncover the band's musical evolution, their style and their philosophy behind their art. For this reason we will depict the musical heritage of this revolutionary band and its visionary founder Edgar Froese. Furthermore we will show previously unpublished footage from Edgar's private archive.

Looks like a wonderful project and they have a good team of people driving it.

From the Washington Examiner:

Obama budgets $17,613 for every new illegal minor, more than Social Security retirees get
President Obama has budgeted $17,613 for each of the estimated 75,000 Central American teens expected to illegally cross into the United States this year, $2,841 more than the average annual Social Security retirement benefit, according to a new report.

The total bill to taxpayers: $1.3 billion in benefits to "unaccompanied children," more than double what the federal government spent in 2010, according to an analysis of the administration's programs for illegal minors from the Center for Immigration Studies. The average Social Security retirement benefit is $14,772.

The mind doth boggle. So much we could be doing here at home with this money and this administration is actively colonizing great swaths of our Nation with people with no English, no skills...

And another one bites the dust

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If the economy is doing so well, why are all the large brick and morter stores going bankrupt? From Breitbart:

Sports Authority Files for Bankruptcy: 450-Store Closure Could Leave 14,500 People Jobless
Outdoor apparel giant Sports Authority has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and the retail chain could close all or most of its 450 stores nationwide as it struggles to pay off a reported $1 billion debt.

Sports Authority is “pursuing a sale of some or all of the business,” a company statement said. “We have received initial expressions of interest from a number of potential buyers, and we are optimistic about the results of the sale process.”

Founded in 1928, the athletic apparel retailer was once the largest sporting goods chain in America.

In the years after its 2006 leveraged buyout by Leonard Green & Partners, Sports Authority saw a slump in sales due to competition from mega retailer Dick’s and online merchants.

Eighty eight years of operation is a long long time for a business. They were one of the places I would go to buy ammo as well as the occasional bit of camping gear. There is a big store in Bellingham in the mall.

I am wondering if this was not planned though - they are $1 Billion in debt. Was the buyout planned so the new owners could take a loss on their profits from other ventures? Leonard Green & Partners specializes in buying out retail stores - they own or have interests in Rite Aid, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Petco, and Whole Foods Market among others.

Our politicians keep saying that our economy has enjoyed a great recovery but the numbers simply are not there - less than 3% when we should be doing 7% or more. The people in authority are clueless and out of touch.

Busy day today

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Lulu's nephew Jimmy is out for the day so we are working on a couple of projects.

Minimal posting until later...

These are a lot of fun - here is their latest one:

They did one with Edison and Tesla that is awesome.

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