John Walker. Developed the first practical Computer Aided Design program as a tool so he could work on his projects. You know it as AutoCAD. His website is Fourmilab and there is a lot of really wonderful stuff to read. Well worth your time. I am thinking specifically of this essay he wrote in 2011 - prescient:

Opponents or Enemies?
In any conflict, it is a deadly error to mistake or underestimate the adversary's capabilities, will to employ them, or ultimate goals.

Around the globe, what was once confidently deemed “Western civilisation” is in an end-stage battle with champions of a collectivist and statist ideology which, over the last century, has enacted programs of redistributive taxation, borrowing, and spending whose unsustainability has now become self-evident and which, unless the present course is altered, will collapse in at most ten years. Further, the second- and higher-order effects of these policies have led to demographic collapse in the societies which have adopted them, crippled capital formation and the creation of productive enterprises, and been used as a justification for mass immigration from regions hostile to the culture and values of the West which have been responsible for its prosperity.

Those who would destroy a society, destroy first its language. As Orwell observed, when the terms of discourse are corrupted, the corruption spreads into every domain the language is used to debate. So deep has this language rot penetrated, that it is difficult to write an essay like this without succumbing to it—that is the intent of those who spread the contagion. The present-day culprits identify themselves as “progressives” or “liberals”. Take a step back and ponder how manipulative this is: if you're a “progressive”, then you must obviously be on the side of progress, even though the outcome of the policies you advocate will ultimately roll back all of the advances in individual liberty and prosperity made since the Enlightenment; if you're a “liberal”, surely you must advocate liberty, notwithstanding that the consequences of your prescriptions will be descent of society into serfdom for the masses, deemed property of the state, ruled by an unelected, unaccountable élite.

These so-called “progressives” or “liberals” are not advocates of progress or liberty: they are enemies of them, and the sooner champions of liberty acknowledge what they are, the better our slim chances for defeating them will be. Libertarians and conservatives are inclined toward civil discourse and respect for the rule of law. They must come to terms with the fact that their enemies—not opponents—are implacable, bent on winning whatever the cost may be, willing to use any means whatsoever to prevail and, once triumphant, to deprive their opposition of the means to reverse or even impede the implementation of their agenda.

And how to deal with the enemies - some tools we can use:

Reclaim the language from the enemy. We should have a “swear jar” for every time we utter the words “liberal” or “progressive” except in scornful irony. May I suggest “statist”, “collectivist”, “socialist”, or “communist” as alternatives?

Do not trade with the enemy. Do not patronize businesses which support enemy causes; by doing so you support them yourself. While an individual choosing not to be a customer of a mega-corporation has negligible impact, millions of like-minded people deciding to go elsewhere can. On the local scale, telling the owner of the pharmacy who's posted a petition supporting socialised medicine that he's just lost your business and why does have an impact—I did this two weeks ago myself.

Don't be taken in by enemy propaganda. The mainstream media are almost entirely in the hands of the enemy. Help to make them the legacy media by ignoring everything they say, not subscribing to their enemy propaganda. Rely instead on first-hand reporting on the Internet whose veracity you can judge based on a network of trusted sources who comment upon it.

Do not entrust your children to the enemy. So-called “public schools” (the correct term is “government schools”, since in recent decades the public—parents—have lost all control over them) have been entirely captured by the enemy and become institutions of indoctrination and moral corruption which fail at teaching even basic skills. It is parental malfeasance verging on child abuse to send one's offspring to these corrupt, corrupting, and nonperforming schools. If you cannot afford a well-run private or religious school (most have per-pupil costs well below that of government schools, but of course you have to pay that tuition on top of your taxes supporting the failed government schools), consider home-schooling your children, perhaps in conjunction with other like-minded parents. Even if you can afford it, don't assume a private or religious school supports your values; talk to parents of students enrolled there and teachers: if they show signs of being enemies, don't send your kids there.

Do not become indebted to the enemy. Higher education is overwhelmingly in the hands of the enemy. One of the greatest scams in recent decades has been the explosion in tuition and fees, which results in graduates of four-year and postgraduate programs burdened with six-figure debt they're forced to pay off in the key years they should be saving to accumulate capital for starting a family, buying a house, educating their children, and retirement. This is not accidental: by blocking capital formation in people's key earning years, they are rendered dependent upon the state for their retirement and health care in old age, which is precisely the intent.

What élite universities and professional schools provide for the exorbitant fee is a credential which offers entry into the ranks of the enemy, and the “education” they provide is indoctrination in the enemy's belief system. If you need a credential, shop around and get what you require at a price that doesn't sink you into debt throughout your peak earning years. Unless you've bought into the enemy's credential game, where you went to college will be irrelevant after you've had a few years of job experience.

Much much more at the site - well worth your time to read.
His diet is brutal but effective. Just one line from the introduction:

People who thrive on unscrewing the inscrutable—figuring out how complicated systems work and controlling them—sometimes fail to apply those very techniques to maintaining their own health. How strange to on the one hand excel at your life's work and on the other, XL in girth.

It works.

Darktable update

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I had been a faithful user of Adobe products up to a few years ago. Photoshop became too bloated for my tastes - trying to be everything to everyone. I was a faithful user of Lightroom - this is their photo organizer and "developer" program. Wonderful for sorting incoming images into categories, indexing them, making overall corrections for color balance, lighting, etc... Then, Adobe went to the subscription model. You did not purchase a license to own, you "rented" the software and if you did not want to keep renting it, it went away.

Darktable is an excellent substitute for Lightroom and it is Open Source and free. While working on some images today, noticed that they came out with a major upgrade and it is really good. Rico has the details (12 minute YouTube). Digital Photography Review has a nice writeup.

For image editing, I use Skylum's Luminar - it's a commercial product but only $70 and you own it forever.

Well crap

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Stopped by one of my favorite locals and found out that August 16 was going to be their last night of operation.

Governor Inslee's incompetent management of the Wuhan Flu has sunk another family-run business and will be putting 14 employees out of work. This is especially bad as the owner took a look at what was happening, saw a couple-month open and shut medical issue and spend a bunch of money during the initial lockdown to do some major remodeling. Had a bunch of events lined up for the summer (music, car shows, etc...) and now all of these have now been canceled by a party hack who is in way over his head and does not realize it.

I love where I am now - living on the ocean shoreline has been a dream. If I was not here, I would be looking at moving to South Dakota or some place like that.  I was in Rapid City in July 2012 for a Blacksmithing convention and loved it there. Their Governor is awesome - a very well-run state filled with great people.

Nice night for a beer

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Heading over to one of my favorite locals for a pint or two.

Nothing on the web. Unusually quiet.

Hmmmm - going vegan...

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From James Woods' twitter (with a passing tip of the hat to Vanderleun)

Now this is cute

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Bats roosting - the camera is upside down. Set to some disco music. From Das Kraftfuttermischwerk

Great question - George

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A poke in the eye - Arecibo

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The radio telescope at Arecibo suffered a mechanical malfunction - from University of Central Florida:

Broken Cable Damages Arecibo Observatory

20200812-arecibo.jpgOne of the auxiliary cables that helps support a metal platform in place above the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, broke on Monday (Aug. 10) causing a 100-foot-long gash on the telescope’s reflector dish. Operations at the UCF-managed observatory are stopped until repairs can be made.

The break occurred about 2:45 a.m. When the three-inch cable fell it also damaged about 6-8 panels in the Gregorian Dome and twisted the platform used to access the dome. It is not yet clear what caused the cable to break.

“We have a team of experts assessing the situation,” says Francisco Cordova, the director of the observatory. “Our focus is assuring the safety of our staff, protecting the facilities and equipment, and restoring the facility to full operations as soon as possible, so it can continue to assist scientists around the world.”

The 'scope has been in operation for 50 years. Gone through many upgrades and continues to do fantastic science. A treasure.

Seriously? I mean seriously?

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What the fsck are they thinking - do they want to encourage this kind of behaviour or is there something going on that we are not being told. A backroom deal. From the Portland Mercury:

District Attorney Mike Schmidt to Limit Criminal Charges Against Protesters
Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt has announced a new policy that will limit the types of charges pressed against protesters in Portland.

Schmidt announced at a Tuesday press conference that he is only pressing charges against protesters arrested for assault, theft, or property damage. That means he'll be dropping lesser charges that the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) often arrests protesters for, such as rioting, disorderly conduct, and "interfering with a peace officer"—a catch-all term for not following orders or bothering a cop. The policy will apply to all protest charges dating back to May 29, when the protests began.

This decision is downright stupid and will only lead to more rioting and violence. You do not yield to terrorists. Ever. Do your fscking job Mike. This is not about being "nice" - this is about standing up to thugs who want to destroy civilization so that they can build their own communist utopia.

What a wonderful idea

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Pick some up next time I am at Walmart:


What a maroon

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Leave it to the vegans to do something like this - from FOX News:

Man starts controversy with meat-only club after coworker has vegan club
This story about a workplace food dispute has people online going bananas.

An anonymous poster on Reddit’s "Am I the A--h---" subreddit said he started a meat-eating club at his job in response to a coworker’s vegan-only club.

He claimed that one of his colleagues started a vegan dinner club exclusively for their coworkers following a vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian diet. Other coworkers “will not be able to join the club,” the poster said the group’s “statement of purpose” read.

In response, the poster claimed that he and some other meat-eating coworkers started a burger and steak club to go out and try new restaurants each week. They only allowed meat-eaters to join. However, members of the vegan club filed a complaint with the company’s human resources department.

Emphasis mine - probably complaining that the meat eaters were not being tolerant. The irony escapes them. 4,500+ comments - fun to read.

Maroon? That great philosopher B. Bunny

A nice way to phrase it - VP Harris

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Nothing so far this morning

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The internet is quiet - no news worth reporting.

Puttering around the house, playing with Cat and hanging out in general.

Heading out for coffee in a little bit and then working on a photo and doing some paperwork. Grocery deliveries this afternoon.

Sweet dreams

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Watching a few videos and then to bed. Got the grocery deliveries tomorrow as well as a couple of projects - some photo processing that is very overdue and some paperwork.

Clouded over tonight - more cloudy weather expected for the next couple of days.

Supply chain issues

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What with the stupid lockdown, the movement of goods and materials is hampered. This causes interruptions in the supply chain. I was near Walmart this afternoon and stopped in for some cat food and a few other items. Noticed that supply chain issues are really starting to show up there - enough so that I got my phone and snapped a few photos:








This is not one of the Walmart "Superstores", just a largish branch (Mt Vernon, WA) and usually very well stocked. No recent holidays and no cause for panic buying. Just abnormally low stocking levels. Been like this for a while but getting noticeably worse in the last two months - enough so that I got my phone and took photos today. See what it is like in a month or so.

From the New York Times:

Retail Chains Abandon Manhattan: ‘It’s Unsustainable’
For years, Bryant Park Grill & Cafe in Midtown Manhattan has been one of the country’s top-grossing restaurants, the star property in Ark Restaurants’ portfolio of 20 restaurants across the United States.

But what propelled it to the top has vanished.

The tourists are gone, the office towers surrounding it are largely empty and the restaurant’s 1,000-seat dining room is closed. Instead, dinner is cooked and served on its patio, and the scaled-down restaurant brings in about $12,000 a day — an 85 percent plunge in revenue, its chief executive said.

A bit more:

In the heart of Manhattan, national chains including J.C. Penney, Kate Spade, Subway and Le Pain Quotidien have shuttered branches for good. Many other large brands, like Victoria’s Secret and the Gap, have kept their high-profile locations closed in Manhattan, while reopening in other states.

Michael Weinstein, the chief executive of Ark Restaurants, who owns Bryant Park Grill & Cafe and 19 other restaurants, said he will never open another restaurant in New York.

Yeah - people are voting with their feet.
Time for a U Haul index - looking at New York City to Charlotte, North Carolina.
Middle of the week and middle of the month - the lowest demand for rental vehicles so the cheapest rates:



$440 compared to $1,904 - looking at a 433% difference between the two directions. A lot more people leaving NYC than Charlotte.

Remember too - this is the "common folk" who are doing the moving. Anyone in upper-middle and higher would be hiring the moving job to a company. These moves do not enter into this equasion.

A simple lack of accountability, fiscal planning, making a budget and sticking to it and then, a lack of leadership at the top. A Democrat utopia. They own this lock, stock and barrel.

From Big League Politics:

THE SWAMP…HOW? Hunter Biden Resolved $450k D.C. Tax Lien In SIX DAYS, Months After Settling Paternity Suit With Stripper
Hunter Biden settled a whopping $450k tax lien he was found liable for last month in a prompt six days, raising questions as to how the younger Biden settled the tax liability in such a speedy manner, despite having no discernible employment or income.

Biden was only declared to be legally liable for the $450k debt on July 9th, when the District of Columbia’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer ruled he owed the tidy sum. Yet the Chief Financial Officer confirmed that the “tax issue was resolved” to the New York Post on July 15th, only six days after the agency ruled that Biden was liable for it.

Multiple members of the Biden family have found themselves in tax liability proceedings in several states over the years, usually owing back taxes they declined to pay that total in the hundreds of thousands.

Answer me that. No corruption in the Biden family at all.

Pot use while pregnant - from Nature Medicine (the abstract):

Maternal cannabis use in pregnancy and child neurodevelopmental outcomes
Cannabis use in pregnancy has increased, and many women continue to use it throughout pregnancy. With the legalization of recreational cannabis in many jurisdictions, there is concern about potentially adverse childhood outcomes related to prenatal exposure. Using the provincial birth registry containing information on cannabis use during pregnancy, we perform a retrospective analysis of all live births in Ontario, Canada, between 1 April 2007 and 31 March 2012. We link pregnancy and birth data to provincial health administrative databases to ascertain child neurodevelopmental outcomes. We use matching techniques to control for confounding and Cox proportional hazards regression models to examine associations between prenatal cannabis use and child neurodevelopment. We find an association between maternal cannabis use in pregnancy and the incidence of autism spectrum disorder in the offspring. The incidence of autism spectrum disorder diagnosis was 4.00 per 1,000 person-years among children with exposure compared to 2.42 among unexposed children, and the fully adjusted hazard ratio was 1.51 (95% confidence interval: 1.17–1.96) in the matched cohort. The incidence of intellectual disability and learning disorders was higher among offspring of mothers who use cannabis in pregnancy, although less statistically robust. We emphasize a cautious interpretation of these findings given the likelihood of residual confounding.

This study has a very large sample size. Almost double the chances of autism? NBC News has a report:

Using marijuana in pregnancy may heighten baby's risk of autism
The risk of autism may be greater in babies born to women who used marijuana during pregnancy, a new study suggests.

In an analysis of data from more than 500,000 Canadian mothers and their children, researchers found a 50 percent increase in the risk of autism spectrum disorder in kids whose mothers had used cannabis while pregnant, according to the report, published Monday in Nature Medicine.

“Cannabis is not a benign drug and any use during pregnancy should be discouraged,” the study’s lead author, Daniel Corsi, an adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa and a scientist at the Children’s Hospital of Ontario Research Institute, said.

No chance of error - sample size to big for any question. Now the question is what else? We do not have a history of studied pot use - what happens to your cognitive facilities after 30 years of toking?

I think I will stick with my beer and wine and an occasional single malt.

Didn't take long - part two

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Now that didn't take long

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It's official - Kamala Haris is Creepy Joe Biden's running mate. Cue the Trump War Room in 3.. 2.. 1..

Done for the day

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Nice and productive - taking a break really helps.

Worked for a couple of hours, went out to the farmers market and got salad fixings. Dinner tonight is a baked potato stuffed with the last of the taco meat and beans. Two fresh ears of corn and a small salad.

Quick surf while the spuds are in the oven. I bake several at a time and save the rest to reheat. No sense wasting the energy.

And that is it for a while

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Heading out to run a few errands, get some coffee and back home to work on a project as well as some other paperwork. Back in the saddle again.

Refilling (and cleaning) the hummingbird feeders today too - made some fresh nectar yesterday. Need to do this every five days or so - lots of birds around. Part of the weekly routine.

Woke up to a cold overcast morning - the sun is trying to burn through but no luck yet. Lots of cold marine air off the coast so looking at a couple days of this. Here is the last four days from this buoy off the coast of Westport, Oregon:


Definite temperature cycles between day and night but an overall drop in temperature. The weather here moves from the west to the east so the offshore buoys let us know what is in store for the coming week.

Visit Portland

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Fun mashup of an Expedia travel video:

Only a small part of the party

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Pat Cross gets it:


Heh - from Salon Magazine (hint: Salon is very liberal):

"Friday Night Massacre" at US Postal Service: Postmaster General boots top brass ahead of election
Government watchdogs, Democratic lawmakers, and pro-democracy advocates declared it a "Friday Night Massacre" for the U.S. Postal Service after news broke in a classic end-of-the-week dump that Louis DeJoy—a major GOP donor to President Donald Trump and the recently appointed Postmaster General—had issued a sweeping overhaul of the agency, including the ouster of top executives from key posts and the reshuffling of more than two dozen other officials and operational managers.

"Trump is actively sabotaging the election under our noses—this isn't theoretical, it's happening RIGHT NOW." —Brian Tyler Cohen, political commentator. According to the Washington Post:

The shake-up came as congressional Democrats called for an investigation of DeJoy and the cost-cutting measures that have slowed mail delivery and ensnared ballots in recent primary elections.

Twenty-three postal executives were reassigned or displaced, the new organizational chart shows. Analysts say the structure centralizes power around DeJoy, a former logistics executive and major ally of President Trump, and de-emphasizes decades of institutional postal knowledge. All told, 33 staffers included in the old postal hierarchy either kept their jobs or were reassigned in the restructuring, with five more staffers joining the leadership from other roles.

Already under fire for recent policy changes at the USPS that mail carriers from within and outside critics have denounced as a sabotage effort to undermine the Postal Service broadly as well as disrupt efforts to carry out mail-in voting for November's election amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the moves unveiled late Friday were viewed as an overt assault on democracy and a calculated opportunity to boost Republicans' long-held dream of undercutting or privatizing the government-run mail service while also boosting their election prospects in the process.

Where to begin... The most obvious point is that if the Republicans were carrying out a long-held dream of privatizing the post office, why would they be spending so much time and effort streamlining it and making it efficient and cost effective again. If they were going to privatize it, they would just sit back and let it collapse under its own weight.

As for cries such as: "Trump is actively sabotaging the election under our noses" - this is nothing but pure Psychological Projection.

Looking forward to a fresh batch of liberal tears to drink this evening. There is nothing sweeter or more satisfying.

Seattle police chief - I am outta here

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This is a real loss for a once-great city. She has worked there for 28 years coming up through the ranks. She knows the city, she knows the force and she has the support and respect of the officers. From Seattle station KOMO:

Seattle Police Chief Best makes stunning retirement announcement after department cuts
Police Chief Carmen Best announced her stunning retirement Monday evening from the department in the wake of Seattle City Council voting to defund her department by 14 percent.

Best said her retirement from the Seattle Police Department will be effective Sept. 2 in an email to staffers in the department.

The police chief's retirement follows the City Council proposing deep cuts to her pay and the compensation for 12 members of her command staff.

Best, the first Black woman to lead the Seattle Police Department, was appointed the city's police chief in July 2018. She spent 28 years with the Seattle Police Department.

This is going to bite them bad. The Seattle votors need to get some adults in the city council as soon as possible.

And I will leave you with this

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Time for some YouTube and bed. Dipping my big toe back into the waters tomorrow and dealing with my usual responsibilities. Enough lollygagging.

Speaking truth to power:



Justice in Chicago

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The high-pitched tone you hear is the sound of Elliot Ness spinning in his grave. From The London Daily Mail:

Top Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx's office has dismissed more than 25,000 felony cases - including murders, shootings, sexual assaults and Jussie Smollett's 'hoax' attack

    • Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx dropped charges against 29.9% of felony defendants during her first three years in office, the Chicago Tribune found
    • Foxx's case dismissal rate is more than 35% higher than that of her predecessor
    • The state's attorney told the Tribune that its analysis gave an 'incomplete picture of her commitment to keeping the public safe'
    • She said she's dropped cases against low-level, nonviolent offenders so prosecutors can focus on violent crimes
    • But data showed Foxx's office has dismissed cases involving murder, shootings, sex crimes and serious drug offenses at a much higher rate than her predecessor
    • Foxx gained notoriety last year when her office dropped felony charges against Jussie Smollett, the actor accused of staging a racist, anti-gay attack on himself

Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx has dismissed more than 25,000 felony cases - including many involving charges of murder and other serious crimes - in her first three years on the job, a new report shows.

Foxx gained notoriety last year when she dropped felony charges against Jussie Smollett, the Empire actor accused of staging a racist, homophobic attack on himself in January 2019.

The Chicago Tribune on Monday published an analysis of Foxx's overall record on dropping charges, revealing that she has done so at a rate that's 35 percent higher than her predecessor.

In the first three years after Foxx took over as Cook County's top prosecutor in 2016, her office dismissed all charges against 29.9 percent of felony defendants, the Tribune found.

By comparison, Foxx's predecessor Anita Alvarez dropped charges against just 19.4 percent of felony defendants over her last three years in office.

I thought the idea of being a County Attorney is that you are supposed to prosecute the criminals. It is not your job to be lenient and to drop the charges.

Reading between the lines, the population of Cook County, Illinois is 5,132,000 people. It is interesting to note that for the last five years, the growth rate has been negative with 24,000 people leaving in 2019. Compare this to 362,650 people moving in in 1970 and 620,930 in 1960.

Foxx dismissed about 30% of the total felony convictions - more than 25,000 felony cases. This makes the total number of felony cases a bit under 84,000 (83,333.33). That makes a felony rate of 1.64%. To rephrase this, in a population of 100 Cook County citizens, 1.6 of them have been arrested for felony charges.

I do not see any quick reference for crime demographics but I am betting that this rate is a lot higher than many other urban areas.

Welcome to the third world and it is not getting any better.

A second night of tacos

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Better than the first night. The dehydrated refried beans tasted really good today - the flavors developed over the 24 hours in the fridge.

Next time, I am going to buy a pineapple and char slices when I char the meat. A party in my mouth... Stuff left over for one more meal.

I knew he was giving a news conference today at 2:30 my time but was starting to work on some other stuff and figured I would just get the top bits and read the transcript later. Turns out that the Secret Service hustled him out of the room for a few minutes as there was a live shooter outside the White House. From the U.S. Secret Service twitter feed:

He returned, answered a few more questions and his last question was from OAN News (which I read regularly) and he talks about the Obamagate scandal a little bit - names names:

The photographer's reaction (0:38) as she asks the question is priceless - WTF???

Heh - figured that this would happen

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From Tyler at Zero Hedge:

Police Comb "Thousands Of Hours" Of CCTV Footage, Make Looting Arrests Months After George Floyd Protests
Police across multiple US cities that months ago were scenes of often deadly rioting linked to George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests are pouring through thousands of hours of surveillance footage to nab suspects far after the crimes.

This comes after business owners whose stores were subject of severe vandalism and mass looting pressured authorities to act after many police departments appeared helpless when the mayhem was initially unleashed during those spring and early summer weeks.

Philly Voice reports this is especially the case in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where "Police Chief Henry White announced the arrests Thursday, pointing to a lengthy investigation that relied heavily on video evidence recorded by public and private cameras."

The arrests do not have to happen at the time of the event. They are compiling a list of persons of interest and start rolling it up. The marxists have tried to bring the US down for a long long time. Time to put an emphatic halt to these morons. We really need to reverse the damage they have done to our educational system too with their long march through the institutions.  The link is chilling to read as it has essentially happened and we are reaping the rewards. Read this one too for the background: The Frankfurt School. We can see the genesis of all of todays social problems in these two links.

No surprise there

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President Trump is bad for you - from SKS Cartoon:


Brilliant idea

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From Yahoo/Reuters:

Samsung Electronics to halt production at its last computer factory in China
Samsung Electronics Co will halt operations of its last computer factory in China, the South Korean tech giant said on Saturday, the latest manufacturer to shift production from the world's second-biggest economy.

Companies are rethinking their production and supply chains amid rising Chinese labour costs, a U.S.-China trade war and the blow from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Around half the 1,700 employees on contract at Samsung Electronics Suzhou Computer will be affected, excluding those involved in research and development, the South China Morning Post reported on Friday, citing a notice to Samsung staff.

The factory shipped $4.3 billion worth of goods out of China in 2012, a figure that had sunk to $1 billion by 2018, the Hong Kong newspaper said.

The world bent over backwards to give China some very favorable trade conditions and they failed to reciprocate. Time to pay the piper.

Heh - senility is showing up all over

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Chick Schumer just had another memory lapse on television - from CNS News:

Chuck Schumer Suffers Mental Lapse: ‘Uh, Um, Uh—I Got to Remember the Words’
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D.-N.Y.) suffered a mental lapse when appearing on MSNBC on Monday morning saying, as he did so, “uh, um, uh—I got to remember the words.”

Biden is obviously the worst-off but Pelosi and Clinton have been showing some major signs recently. Schumer is playing catch-up but doing a good job of it.

Now this is a no-brainer - from Breitbart:

Cuomo: ‘Have to Be Blind’ to See Nursing Home Investigations as Not Political, Dismisses Idea of Independent Inquiry
During a press conference on Monday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) dismissed the inquiries into the state’s nursing home policies during the coronavirus pandemic as something that “you’d have to be blind to realize it’s not political.” And dismissed the idea of having independent experts look into the matter by saying that he already did and there is no one who is trusted by all members of both parties.

In other words, he knows he fucked up by forcing COVID-positive old people to go back to the homes after they were diagnosed and he is trying to cover his ass and deflect.

Cuomo responded to a question on the investigation by state lawmakers, his past characterization of other investigations as partisan, and whether he would support an independent investigation by saying, “I wouldn’t do an investigation as to whether or not it’s political. Everybody can make that decision for themselves. I think you’d have to be blind to realize it’s not political. Just look at where it comes from and look at the sources and look at their political affiliation and look at who wrote the letter in Congress and look at what publications raise it and what media networks raise it. It’s kind of incredible. Look at the basic facts on where New York is versus other states, right? You look at where New York is as a percentage of nursing home deaths, it’s all the way at the bottom of the list of states. So, I don’t think anyone — what’s political, what’s not political, everyone can make their own decisions.”

Lots of 50¢ words, zero content. Typical Democrat CYA

New York City circles the drain

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This is unreal - these people are on the state Sex Offender Registry having been convicted of child molestation.
From the New York Post:

NYC ‘illegally’ placed pedophiles near Upper West Side playground
The city dumped at least six homeless pedophiles, all still on parole, at a luxury Upper West Side hotel just a block from an elementary-school playground — an apparent violation of state law, online records show.

The outrage is only the latest slap in the face to residents of the Manhattan neighborhood — who as The Post reported have had to deal with everything from public urination to open drug use since the city began moving hundreds of homeless into the area amid the coronavirus.

“Completely unacceptable,” seethed Sabina Popovic, 32, who was at the playground with her daughter, 5, and son, 1, Friday.

The six parolees — including a man who had forced sex with a 4-year-old girl — were listed by the state Sex Offender Registry as current residents of the Belleclaire hotel at Broadway and West 77th Street as of Friday night.

The hotel is just under 1,000 feet from the playground of PS 87 — and New York state law bars such high-risk sex offenders on probation or parole from “knowingly entering into or upon” schools or other facilities or other facilities “primarily used” by children if a minor is present. Courts have interpreted that to mean they must keep 1,000 feet away.

The bureaucrats who did this are unelected, they are unionized and there is no accountability - they cannot be fired from their jobs. Life in a Democratic utopia. All told, I would rather live in a third-world shithole because someone there with a modicum of "hustle" can advance and become prosperous. A place like New York City is heading down the drain and taking everyone with it.

It's coffee time

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Coffee and a pastry and read for a little bit.

My kind of town - Chicago is

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  • claritas: Some folks are collecting victims like others collect stamps. Must read more
  • claritas: Some folks are collecting victims like others collect stamps. Must read more
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