Well... Summer was nice

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Nice day today but starting to cloud over.

Rain is forecast for tomorrow. Just wunnerful...

Awww cute

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Atomic Fungus has this observation about professional sports - NASCAR specifically:

NASCAR's ratings crumble. The big mistake made by sports organizations in particular seems to be that their leaders don't understand who watches their sports. The people wandering around with the BLM signs etc aren't the ones who watch NASCAR, or car racing at all.

Very true. What gets me is that the "professional athletes" who are pulling this crap are always ones with very marginal performance on the field. Bubba Wallace has a very lackluster performance record.

The standing joke is that there was no noose in Bubba's garage. Know what else was missing? A trophy.

Ditto Colin Kaepernick's record as a Quarterback - also lackluster. Nothing to recomend him. None of the major teams wanted to sign him. This was how he chose to stand out in the crowd. Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame Colin - they are about half over.

I predict that one year from now, it will be Bubba and Colin who?

Feeding at the trough

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Of course they are craven assholes, they are Democrats. You were seriously expecting something different?
From Breitbart:

Top Biden Donors Bailed Out by Trump’s Coronavirus Relief Program
While Joe Biden has been criticizing President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, some of the presumptive Democrat nominee’s top donors have been bailed out by the administration’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

Funding disbursement data for the program unveiled on Monday by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin indicates that a number of individuals who have bankrolled Biden’s campaign have also benefited from PPP loans in recent months.

The article lists and links to financial data for the top couple offenders.

Nancy Pelosi's husband also had his hand out according to the New York Post:

Nancy Pelosi’s husband among lawmaker-linked PPP loan recipients

Given the choice between dollars and ethics, they choose dollars every single time. Every time.

Poor leadership to our North

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The Canadian Premier is throwing a tantrum - from the UK Guardian:

Justin Trudeau snubs Nafta meeting with Trump in Washington
The Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has declined an invitation to visit the White House this week to celebrate a new North American free trade deal, amid worsening coronavirus figures in the US and lingering tensions with Donald Trump.

Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is due to meet Trump in Washington on Wednesday, and had urged Trudeau to attend the meeting.

But in a statement on Monday, Trudeau’s office said: “We wish the United States and Mexico well at Wednesday’s meeting. While there were recent discussions about the possible participation of Canada, the prime minister will be in Ottawa this week for scheduled cabinet meetings and the long-planned sitting of parliament.”

Sheesh - the ink is not even dry on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and already, Canada is trying to weasel. They sat down and negotiated this thing, they need to honor their side of the bargain. Going to be fun to see what President Trump will do in retaliation - he will not let this pass unnoticed...

An excellent essay from one of my favorite thinkers. From American Greatness:

An Industry of Untruth
The current revolution is based on a series of lies, misrepresentations, and distortions, whose weight will soon sink it.

Viral confusion
Unfortunately few in authority have been more wrong, and yet more self-righteously wrong, than the esteemed Dr. Anthony Fauci. Given his long service as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and his stature during the AIDS crisis, he has rightly been held up by the media as the gold standard of coronavirus information. The media has constructed Fauci as a constant corrective of Trump’s supposed “lies” about the utility of travel bans, analogies with a bad flu year, and logical endorsement of hydroxychloroquine as a “what do you have to lose” possible therapy.

But the omnipresent Fauci himself unfortunately has now lost credibility. The reason is that he has offered authoritative advice about facts, which either were not known or could not have been known at the time of his declarations.

Since January, Fauci has variously advised the nation both that the coronavirus probably was unlikely to cause a major health crisis in the United States and later that it might yet kill 240,000 Americans. In January, he praised China for its transparent handling of the coronavirus epidemic, not much later he conceded that perhaps they’d done a poor job of that. He has cautioned that the virus both poses low risks and, later, high risks, for Americans. Wearing masks, Fauci warned, was both of little utility and yet, later, essential. Hydroxychloroquine, he huffed, had little utility; when studies showed that it did, he still has kept mostly silent.

At various times, he emphasized that social distancing and avoiding optional activities were mandatory, but earlier that blind dating and going on cruise ships were permissible. Fauci weighed in on the inadvisability of restarting businesses prematurely, but he has displayed less certainty about the millions of demonstrators and rioters in the streets for a month violating quarantines. The point is not that he is human like all of us, but that in each of these cases he asserted such contradictions with near-divine certainty—and further confused the public in extremis.

Much more at the site - Dr. Hanson specifically addresses: Racial Violence, Iconoclasm and the constant Media Lies. A wide ranging look at what is going on here and how the media are trying (and with some low-information voters, succeeding) to pull the wool over our eyes. Well worth the 5-10 minutes to read. Dr. Hanson is a National Treasure.

In 'n Out

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My favorite burger place - also, my activities right now. Back home from grocery deliveries and was thinking about Chinese takeout all afternoon. Heading up North to get some Ho Fun. This year has been No Fun so need something to balance it out every so often.

Life in the big shitty

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Looks like New York City is going down the tubes - it does this every few decades. They elect a Republican mayor who cleans things up and then they go back to Democrats until it hits bottom. No memory. From the London Daily Mail:

Nightmare in New York: How Covid-19, BLM protests and a liberal mayor are turning the city into a no-go zone as murders skyrocket, shops are looted and 500,000 middle-class residents flee
Two bullet-ridden bodies lay sprawled on bloodstained concrete steps. Alongside, relatives of the victims are wailing and collapse to the ground. In another part of the city, a gang of youths use spray paint to disable security cameras before robbing a corner store. Later, video footage captures police officers sitting helplessly in their patrol car as a baying crowd hurls glass bottles at them.

This is lawless New York – a city that was once America’s glittering crown jewel but which risks descending into mob rule.

And some more:

According to figures released by the New York Police Department, for the first six months of this year, there were 176 murders, an increase of 23 per cent on the 143 killed during the same period last year.

The number of shooting victims has gone up 51 per cent to 616 this year. In June alone, there were 250 shootings compared to 97 in the same month last year. Month-on-month, burglaries are up 119 per cent and car thefts up 48 per cent.

Many blame New York’s liberal mayor, Bill de Blasio, who has slashed police funding by $1 billion (£800 million), ended the NYPD’s controversial ‘stop-and-frisk’ policy (which allowed police to stop and search anyone solely on the basis of ‘reasonable suspicion’) and who last week vowed to paint a huge Black Lives Matter sign outside President Trump’s flagship Trump Tower.

De Blasio has also introduced criminal justice reforms, including changes to bail for dozens of offences, which has meant violent criminals released on to the streets.

Much more at the site. Stunningly poor management and zero leadership.

For grins, here is the UHaul Index for moving between New York City and Key Biscayne, Florida



So many trucks are leaving NYC for Florida that UHaul is able to charge a 140% premium. They need these trucks brought back for the next people to flee so they offer greatly reduced rates for people coming into NYC.

They have nothing of substance so they have to resort to cheating and Balkanizing us.

Branco puts it succinctly:


Truth in numbers

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The current "spike" in covid Wuhan Flu infections?


And out for a little while

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Dump run, coffee, sit and read for a bit.

Washing machine is not working correctly so will gather a bunch of stuff and hang out at the laundromat tomorrow. The machine is not much more than one year old so should be under warranty.

The fun never stops...

First Ennio Morricone and now Charlie Daniels - from the Tennessean:

Country Music Hall of Fame member Charlie Daniels dies at 83
Charlie Daniels, a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame best known for "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," died Monday morning after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke. He was 83.

Daniels' death was confirmed by his publicist, Don Murry Grubbs. He is survived by his wife, Hazel, and son Charlie Daniels Jr.

By the time the Charlie Daniels Band topped the charts with “Devil” in 1979, the instrumentalist, singer and songwriter had long established a remarkable, multifaceted career in Music City. As a session musician, he played on three of Bob Dylan’s albums — including the revolutionary “Nashville Skyline” — as well as recordings for Ringo Starr and Leonard Cohen.

In 1974, he launched the first “Volunteer Jam,” a regun all-star concert that has continued for nearly 50 years. Daniels joined the Grand Ole Opry in 2008, and was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2016.

Crap - 2019 was a rough year for me and I was looking forward to 2020. Dammit. Six more months to go.

Well crap - RIP Ennio Morricone

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One of my absolute favorite contemporary composers. From the New York Times:

Ennio Morricone, Oscar-Winning Composer of Film Scores, Dies at 91
Ennio Morricone, the Italian composer whose atmospheric scores for spaghetti westerns and some 500 films by a Who’s Who of international directors made him one of the world’s most versatile and influential creators of music for the modern cinema, died on Monday in Rome. He was 91.

His death, at a hospital, was confirmed by his lawyer, Giorgio Assumma, who said that Mr. Morricone was admitted there last week after falling and fracturing a femur.

One example of his work:

91 is a good run but still. Damn.

A tale of two cities

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Very true:


From Peter

And that is it for now

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Feeling a bit sleepy and nothing much happening out there.

Got a pot of tea - no beer for me for a while. Full day tomorrow so getting an early night.

Gorgeous sunset and tomorrow is forecast for decent weather. See what happens. Grocery deliveries, dump run, bills and paperwork and laundry. Got a ham radio network (the Western Washington one I participate in every couple of weeks - we rotate) on Tuesday and the place we usually use (a firehall) is still on lockdown so operating from home.

YouTube and bed.

Good news - prescient

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Looks like President Trump is building ice breakers - ships rated for sailing through pack ice in the arctic.
From Defense News:

The US Navy returns to an increasingly militarized Arctic
The U.S. Navy’s Barents Sea patrol is the latest sojourn into an increasingly militarized Arctic, where questions of international law are proliferating.

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the U.S. Navy is making regular trips to the Arctic Circle, with the four-ship patrol sailing in the Barents Sea. Three of the four ships, which sailed alongside the British Royal Navy frigate Kent, were destroyers based in Rota, Spain, as part of an operation spearheaded by the U.S. Navy’s 6th Fleet.

The trip into Russia’s backyard was the latest in what the U.S. Navy has made clear will become a habit in the frigid waters of the Arctic. And that it was carried out by Europe-based destroyers could herald even more operations in the High North as the service plans to grow to six destroyers forward-deployed there from today’s four.

The patrol in the Barents Sea, much of which is part of Russia exclusive economic zone, follows high-profile patrols by the American aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman in 2018 and a surface action group patrol in 2019. And while a Naval Forces Europe news release made clear Russia was given advance notice of the patrol to avoid confusion, the message is still pointed: The U.S. Navy is back in the Arctic Circle after being gone for 30 years.

A lot of mineral and oil wealth up there and no clear "owners".

Also, maritime activities will be impacted by the climate either way - I am seeing a coming cold period of 50-300 years duration. These have happened before. Our sun is at a very low output - lowest since 1913. 1913 was when the Modern Warm Period started. The 1960's through the 1980's were a time of major solar activity and are the times when our climate warmed the most. Now, things are cooling off again. Either way and for whatever reason, we need to maintain an enhanced presense up there and it looks like our President is laying the groundwork for just that.

So true - stages

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Right there with you:


From Knuckledraggin

True colors - Seattle's Warlord

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Got his a** arrested and was bawling like a baby:

The economy has been doing pretty well despite the Wuhan Flu manufactured panic. The employment numbers are up higher than forecast and things are getting back on track again. Here are some numbers that I really like - from CNS News:

Government Employment Down 1,469,000 Since February
There were 1,469,000 fewer people working for government in the United States in June than there were in February, according to the employment numbers released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Can you say Non-Essential Employee? I knew you could. Let us hope that this is the start of something wonderful.

From the United States Department of Justice:

Chinese National Guilty of Laundering Millions for Mexican Drug Cartels
A Chinese national pleaded guilty today to conspiracy to commit money laundering in connection with laundering more than $4 million in drug proceeds generated by large-scale cocaine trafficking in the United States.

Assistant Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski of the Justice Department's Criminal Division; U.S. Attorney G. Zachary Terwilliger for the Eastern District of Virginia; Special Agent in Charge Wendy C. Woolcock of the Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) Special Operations Division and Special Agent in Charge Jeffrey T. Scott of the DEA Louisville Field Division; Jason Crosby, Chief of the Criminal Investigations Division of the U.S. Department of State's Diplomatic Security Service (DSS); and Special Agent in Charge James Gibbons of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Chicago, Illinois, made the announcement after U.S. District Judge Leonie M. Brinkema accepted the plea.

According to court documents, Xueyong Wu, 40, cultivated relationships with Latin American drug trafficking organizations to transport and launder their United States-based drug proceeds. Wu is scheduled to be sentenced on Sept. 29.

Much of this money was repatriated to Mexico through a complex series of international financial transactions. Wu received a percentage of the money involved in these transactions as compensation for organizing these laundering activities. Much of this money was generated through movement of cocaine or payment for cocaine that took place within the Eastern District of Virginia.

Got to keep that sweet drug money flowing - Chuck and Nancy need their anonymous campaign contributions. Why else do they work so hard to keep the border open? Good work guys!

From My Pensieve:


But then, thinking was never these people's strong suit. Academics go out of their way to avoid thinking. Indoctrination über alles

New York City in fact. From the Foundation for Economic Education:

New York City’s Pension Debt Is Driving It to Bankruptcy
New York City is in dire straits. You might not know it, but the city is staring bankruptcy in the face. Stakeholders are scrambling for answers to this issue, but there’s been little talk about one of the main causes of the city’s growing debt: public employee pensions. As of today, nearly 75 percent of the city’s $197.8 billion deficit is due to pension and other retirement liabilities.

What will happen if the city goes bankrupt?

Pension and Public Service
Currently, NYC offers five different pension plans to its municipal employees, from teachers to members of the school board. These pensions serve as a source of retirement income to former city employees and are defined benefit plans, meaning that benefits are guaranteed by the employer. The employer is making investment decisions and managing investments for the plan so that when employees retire, they receive the promised benefit. For that to happen, all the actuarial assumptions need to be correct in their predictions about investment returns, demographic trends, and other variables.

Much more at the site. A good analysis. The unions seriously misjudged the rate of return on the principal. Asking Uncle Sam for a bail-out in 3... 2... 1...

F*ck them. These are the voices of 0.001% of the US population. Their dream will never ever come to pass, Thank God.

President Trump is not on the ballot this November. America is.

There must be no outdoor Fourth of July celebrations. Some drone footage from Los Angeles last night:

Looks like We The People are speaking back pretty loudly. I love it.

Life in Chicago

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As a reminder, Chicago has some of the most draconian gun laws in the nation. From FOX News:

67 shot, 13 fatally, over Fourth of July weekend in Chicago so far
Thirteen people have been killed and at least 54 others injured in shootings across Chicago so far over the Fourth of July weekend.

Nine of the weekend’s victims were minors, and two of the children died from their injuries.

And we still have Sunday (today) to go. Great leadership there Groot...

Getting on with the day

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Woke up as usual around 6:30 but rolled right over and slept in for a couple more hours. A bit hung-over - had more than a few beers last night. More than I have drunk since fall of last year. Why I used to do this is beyond my comprehension.

Gorgeous day - a few clouds but sunny and warm. Working outside after coffee and stuff.

Roaring back

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The neighbors displays were pretty large the last two years.

This year, they are gargantuan.  I only know of one municipal display (about 20 miles South of here) - I used to see bits of the Whidbey Island and Anacortes municipal displays. They are silent this year but the personal ones? Ho. Li. Crap. All over and huge. Eleven o'clock and no sign of slowing down.

Doing the grocery deliveries for the last couple months, I have gotten to know the people at the local store really well. They know about my own store in Maple Falls and we trade grocery stories from time to time. Heard from one of the floor managers that yesterday was their biggest day ever.

People are tired of this bullshit. They want to go back to living their lives and they are fed up with being "minded". There is nothing wrong with our Nation that a good dose of chemicals in the gene pool would not fix.

Dealing with the pandemic

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We did horribly - the whole world did. Too many people politicized it or told their political masters what they wanted to hear with computer models of the death estimates ranging 100's of times higher than the actual numbers.

Seattle weather guru Cliff Mass takes them to the woodshed:

Weather Forecasting is Fifty Years Ahead of Epidemiological Prediction: That Must Change
In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy approached New York from off the Atlantic. Seven days before, a near perfect track forecast was made by the European Center and two days later the U.S. model (the GFS), run by the National Weather Service's Environmental Modeling Center, has locked on as well.

The stunningly accurate prediction of an extremely unusual event, saved countless lives, with only about 100 deaths in a region of tens of millions of people (and most who died made a bad decision to ignore the forecast).

He looks at the factors going in to this and compares it to our dealings with the Wuhan Flu:

Stunningly, U.S. epidemiological modeling has almost NONE of the above components or systems, and the performance of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is poor.    Consider:

    • There is no large, permanent epidemiological prediction center in the U.S. government analogous to the NOAA/NWS.   U.S. response to COVID had to depend on a hodgepodge of university forecasting efforts, some spun up for this event.  Untested, unverified, and often very wrong.
    • Unlike weather prediction, U.S. epidemiologists do not have an accurate description of what is happening NOW.  Testing was slow to begin, in fact, the CDC made serious errors in test development.  Even today, six months into the pandemic there are not enough tests.  There is no attempt being made to randomly sample the population to understand how many folks have or were infected.  Unbelievable.
    • Unlike the comprehensive and smoothly running weather observational system, there is poor organization to the data collection by CDC. There are not even standard reporting approaches.
    • The epidemiological models are generally primitive affairs, many of which do not consider the complex, variable transmission properties of a heterogeneous population, and lack clear information of what is occurring right now (called the initialization in weather prediction).
    • Communication by CDC of both the threat and how to deal with the disease has been inconsistent and often wrong.  For example, they initially discouraged the use of masks, before reversing their guidance 180 degrees.  Similarly, CDC downplayed the threat in January and February, before reserving in March.  The NWS works very hard to start with reliable forecasts, to communicate the uncertainties, and not to go back and forth in their warnings.  They are masters at this.

Cliff is not a fan of President Trump but he offers this come-to-Jesus moment for the TDS sufferers:

The Political Opportunists
There are some folks and many media pundits who are claiming this COVID disaster is all the fault of President Trump and that things would have been much better under a Democratic President.

This is either very naive or very cynical.

There is no doubt that the President and his administration has been startlingly misinformed and ineffective. His abysmal leadership has made things much worse.

But the problems noted above are not recent developments and have been allowed to fester in recent administrations, including the 8-years of President Obama. I suspect we would not have been in much better place if Hilary Clinton would have won, because the basic institutional infrastructure was not put in place.

That is what we must do together as a nation, following the example of the weather prediction community. And speaking as one of them, we would be glad to help.

A very wise heads-up. Let us hope that President Trump has some advisers that think along the same lines. This bit of nastiness escaped from the Chinese lab despite their protestations to the contrary. Stuff like this will happen again and the sooner we can mobilize, the better.

Someone has some fun toys out there. There are fireworks going off all the time now but every so often, there is more of a very large and low   ___CRUMP___   rather than a bang.

Played with explosives in my childhood (still have all ten fingers!) and this is a lot more substantial than any M-80. Lower pitched too so guessing something homemade with black powder or some slow-burning blasting explosive. Came from neither a fireworks stand nor the Tribal lands.

Title? Marvin the Martian of course.

With Lee Greenwood - a wonderful rendition of a Lee's great song:

I resemble that remark

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Today's Dilbert hit close to home:


Yard sale was a lot of fun

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Hung out with a new person to the island - she was working for Jack. We have a lot of common interests - music and metalworking. A fun 20-minute conversation.

Picked up a 1950's style Dazor fluorescent desk lamp. Perfect for my electronics bench - I will re-wire with LED bulbs.


The photo is not mine - eBay listing. They usualy go for around $150+ and I paid $15 so happy with the deal. Do not care if it works as I am relamping it anyway. These were THE desk lamps to have when growing up. My Dad taught Physics and everyone at the department had them. I had one on my desk at home - did many an hour of homework under that light. Dazor is still in business.

Turned into a really nice day - lots of puffy white clouds in the sky. Temps in the 70's and the forecast for tomorrow is more of the same. Lots of people playing in the water - a neighbor one house away from me had even more people pull up so tonight is going to be a big party. The neighbor a few hundred yards further to the East is the one who buys several $K worth of fireworks every year so looking forward to a fun display. Sit outside on my deck chair and watch.

The Founding of our nation was something very very rare and special.  President Reagan had it right:


Back in a couple hours. Cat is back in the bathroom - he and Bear are getting along great.

They decided to change the name of their team. From America's Newspaper of Record, The Babylon Bee:

Redskins Change Name To 'Lizard People' To Better Represent Population Of Washington, D.C.
There has been much talk about renaming the Washington Redskins, since their offensive name has no place in our modern, enlightened society that has done away with all other immorality and sin.

The District of Columbia informed the team that they cannot return to playing within the district until they have a name that is more fitting for a team representing the capital of our country. To that end, the team officially announced today they would be renaming themselves to "The Washington Lizard People."

"This is a much better name, far more reflective of the great city of Washington, D.C.," said Eleanor Holmes Norton, D.C.'s representative. "All the politicians, bureaucrats, and leaders here in the district felt the name had great appeal."

Politicians immediately expressed their support for the name change, saying they can relate to a team called the Lizard People. "I see a name like Lizard People, and I know that's a team I can be proud of," said Adam Schiff, his eyes hungrily following a fly buzzing around the room. He licked his lips. "Much better than that Redskins nonsense. Hey, look over there, is that Vladimir Putin?" As reporters turned to look, Schiff shot a long tongue out of his mouth, lightning-quick, and nabbed the fly. "Oh, must have been mistaken," he said, shrugging.

"I pushed for 'The Turtles,'" said Mitch McConnell. "But Lizard People is acceptable, I suppose. It implies patriotism, good football, and a reptilian conspiracy to enslave puny, meaningless humanity beneath the glorious, scaly claws of lizardkind, humans forever in subjugation to their cosmic superiors, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"I mean, um... can you believe how bad Nancy Pelosi is?"

A point to remember - July 4th

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From Natural News:

If you cancel your 4th of July plans because the government forces you to, then you’re missing the whole point of Independence Day

They link to this video:

Some excellent questions.

Interesting report from The Daily Telegraph:

How Ghislaine Maxwell and Kevin Spacey relaxed at Buckingham Palace 'as guests of Prince Andrew'
Sitting on the Queen’s throne in Buckingham Palace, Ghislaine Maxwell gives a regal wave for the camera.

Seated next to her in the place normally occupied by the Duke of Edinburgh is Kevin Spacey, the Hollywood actor accused but never convicted of multiple sexual offences.

The Daily Telegraph has been told the pair were invited into the throne room on a private tour of the Palace organised by the Duke of York, a close friend of Ms Maxwell’s.

Obtained exclusively by The Telegraph, the photo was taken in 2002 and shows Maxwell in a mock royal pose with Spacey pretending to be Prince Philip. It is a far cry from Ms Maxwell’s current predicament.

This is going to be fun. The timing could not be better for the upcoming elections. Now if they can keep her alive long enough to testify. A lot of nervous people out there.

Shades of The Picture of Dorian Gray. These people have become so corrupted internally, so morally bankrupt, that it manifests to the rest of the world:


It is like this creature; this thing;  was only half-formed in the womb but managed to survive. They would not last 15 minutes in the real world without their constant support system around them. The Nation of Eloi.

When people talk about draining the swamp, they are being literal. Absolutely 100% literal - the swamp.

Senator Ted Cruz introduced some new legislation. Doubt that it will pass but the idea is great - from The Daily Caller:

Ted Cruz To Introduce Legislation Holding City Officials Accountable For Injuries From Rioting
Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz will “soon” introduce legislation that will hold city officials financially responsible for damaged property and injuries sustained from rioting.

“Sen. Cruz is working on a legislative proposal that will hold city officials financially responsible for the property damages and personal injuries that result from their decision to allow autonomous zones and/or order officers to stand down in the midst of rioting and looting,” A spokesperson for Cruz’s office told The Daily Caller.

A bit more:

“Sen. Cruz believes that government officials’ first responsibility is to protect the American people. We’ve seen violent rioters take to the streets in Minneapolis, New York City, and Seattle – where they’ve burned businesses and communities to the ground, toppled and defaced statues, and taken the lives of their fellow citizens,” added the Cruz spokesperson.

“Officials in these Democrat-run states are not exempt from that important duty, and they need to be held accountable for the destruction that has been allowed to occur.”

Exactly - let them know that there are responsibilities for their decisions. If they want to enjoy a Summer of Love, let them but they need to know that they will foot the bill. They will not be able to count on bailouts from Uncle Sam. Sending a really good message.

Out the door shortly

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My friend's yard sale starts this morning.

Turning into a nice day - sun is shining, some clouds but not the oppressive gray pall hanging over everything.

Watched President Trump deliver an amazing speech last night - great idea to visit Mt. Rushmore. The crybabies are fixated on ignoring our history and tearing down statues. President Trump gives them a yuuuge finger in front of the biggest statues we have. Troll level: EPIC

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