Senator John McCain is saying that Vladimir Putin a bigger threat than Islamic State. So how about our President's secret outreach to the Russians. From Bloomberg - December 31st, 2014:

Inside Obama’s Secret Outreach to Russia
President Barack Obama's administration has been working behind the scenes for months to forge a new working relationship with Russia, despite the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown little interest in repairing relations with Washington or halting his aggression in neighboring Ukraine.

This month, Obama's National Security Council finished an extensive and comprehensive review of U.S policy toward Russia that included dozens of meetings and input from the State Department, Defense Department and several other agencies, according to three senior administration officials. At the end of the sometimes-contentious process, Obama made a decision to continue to look for ways to work with Russia on a host of bilateral and international issues while also offering Putin a way out of the stalemate over the crisis in Ukraine.

“I don’t think that anybody at this point is under the impression that a wholesale reset of our relationship is possible at this time, but we might as well test out what they are actually willing to do,” a senior administration official told me. “Our theory of this all along has been, let's see what’s there. Regardless of the likelihood of success.”

Leading the charge has been Secretary of State John Kerry. This fall, Kerry even proposed going to Moscow and meeting with Putin directly. The negotiations over Kerry’s trip got to the point of scheduling, but ultimately were scuttled because there was little prospect of demonstrable progress.

In a separate attempt at outreach, the White House turned to an old friend of Putin’s for help. The White House called on former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to discuss having him call Putin directly, according to two officials. It’s unclear whether Kissinger actually made the call. The White House and Kissinger both refused to comment for this column.

Come on people - when President Trump tries a little diplomacy, he gets yelled at. Two and a half years ago, Obama was doing the same damn thing and it was silence from the Peanut Gallery.

Media Bias? I think so...

Out for dinner - Graham's again

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Do not feel like cooking again and they just posted on FB that they are doing Huli Huli Chicken so having dinner there again.

Heading out in an hour or so - want to reach a logical resting place in a project I am working on.

Signed up for a training session on Digital Mobile Radio in three weeks. Looks like a lot of fun - allows for more channels of radio in the same band as analog plus some nice features like trunking. Two radios can connect over the internet so I could use my hand-held rig to talk to my local repeater and have that repeater trunk to another repeater in Texas or wherever I wanted..

Busted for a DUI - from TMZ:

TIGER WOODS BUSTED FOR DUI ... 'Arrogant' During Arrest
Tiger Woods has been arrested on DUI charges in Jupiter, Florida.

The golfer was stopped by cops early Monday morning for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. He was taken in around 3 AM and released from Palm Beach County Jail at 10:50 AM.
You'll recall ... when Tiger and then wife Elin Nordegren got into their blowout fight back in 2009, he hit a tree while allegedly driving under the influence of Ambien. He was not charged with DUI at the time.

Story developing ...

The gui is only 41 but he looks really rough around the edges - his mug shot:


Makes me wonder about all of his sponsorships - they might forgive one isolated hot mess but a history of them? From Forbes:

Another Endorsement Earnings Bogey For Tiger Woods With DUI Arrest
A picture is worth a thousand words.

And if that picture happens to be a Tiger Woods mugshot post-DUI arrest, it will almost assuredly cost Tiger Woods millions in current and future endorsement earnings.

According to an ESPN report, Woods was arrested for driving under the influence early Monday near his home in Jupiter, FL. He was released on his own recognizance at 10:50 a.m. ET after spending several hours in jail. He was booked at 7:18 a.m.

Most immediately, my thoughts are:

    • How quickly will companies drop Tiger as a corporate spokesperson?
    • How much money will this cost a guy who has already lost millions in endorsement earnings due to his highly publicized infidelity?
    • Will Nike continue to stand by Tiger?

He recently had back surgery so he is not able to compete on the golf course. I wonder what his financial outlook is like - did he save anything or did it just go out as fast as it came in.

The devil is in the details

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History being rewritten at CNN - from Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch:

CNN rewrites history to claim that Islam was part of America’s founding
“While Muslims were present at America’s founding, Islam — as a coherent, self-conscious religious and political civilization — was not.”

Wait for it...

Yes, and those Muslims who were present at America’s founding were here because other Muslims had sold them to non-Muslims as slaves, either because the Muslim slave traders didn’t realize that they were Muslims, or because they belonged to a sect that the slave traders considered heretical.

Someone does not know their history. It was war with the Muslims that caused our new nation to develop its Navy. I find it laughable when some pompous black person takes a Muslim name or even goes so far as to convert to Islam. His ancestors were rounded up by Muslims, death-marched to the shore by Muslims, and sold by Muslims (about 20% to North America, 70% to South America and the Caribbean). If I was of African decent, I would have nothing whatsoever to do with anyone of Muslim persuasion let alone consider changing my name or faith.

Nick Offerman's Common Sense

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Great set of videos from Vanity Fair:

How to Unite Our Divided Country

How Fake News Changes Us

Just the two so far but this should be a fun series.

Memorial Day

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Spending a quiet day working at home today. There are some veterans services in town but do not feel like driving that far although it is a gorgeous day today.

Out for coffee and then back home to take care of a couple projects - getting the radio room set back up again after yesterday's event.

This sums it up:


Back home again

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Burger and two pints of cheap beer. Graham's has a horrible cider on tap - hopped and flavored and it is not selling at all so they are going to be stuck wtih that keg for a long long time. Why take perfectly good cider and muck it up like that.

Surf for a bit and then early bedtime.

Decided against a nap - going out for an early burger or steak and to sleep by about 9:00PM or so.


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A great Mad Dog quote

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From Breitbart:

Mattis: Nothing Keeps Me Awake at Night, I Keep Other People Awake at Night
Sunday on CBS’s “Face The Nation,” Secretary of Defense James Mattis was asked what keeps him up at night.

Mattis replied, “Nothing, I keep other people awake at night.”

Perfect answer.

The government of El Salvador has their panties in a bunch - they thought they could give their gang members a ride to the USA and we would put them on the dole. From The Washington Post:

Trump wants to deport MS-13 gang members. El Salvador is dreading their return.
The Trump administration’s push to deport more Central American gang members has alarmed officials here who fear that the returning gangsters could exacerbate violence in one of the deadliest countries in the hemisphere.

This year the U.S. government has deported 398 gang members to this country, compared with 534 in all of 2016, according to Salvadoran government statistics. This sharp increase in the rate of gang deportations — and the prospect of more gang roundups in the United States — has prompted Salvadoran authorities to hold emergency meetings and propose new legislation to monitor suspected criminals who are being sent home.

“This clearly affects El Salvador. We already have a climate of violence in the country that we are combating,” said Héctor Antonio Rodríguez, the director of the country’s immigration agency. “If gang members return, of course this worries us.”

You can see the bias right there - the Post's owner is Jeff Bezos and I love Amazon but he is a flaming progressive. Those gang members were already IN El Salvador before they moved to the USA. It is not like we are dumping some new population on an unsuspecting country. They had the problem originally - a result of failed policing - and we are just returning them to their own country.

Back home from the race

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Had 308 people come though the gate - there was one broken wrist at the very beginning and a bunch of flat tires but nothing otherwise eventful. Nine people didn't finish the bicycle course for one reason or the other.

Gorgeous day - got up to 86.4°F this afternoon and it is now cooling off at 80.1°F - supposed to have some precip move in Wednesday but we will see...

Surf for a bit and maybe take a nap - had to get up very early.

Off to the races

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Ski to Sea is today - heading out to the wonderful small town of Everson and setting up my radio.

Back sometime around 1500 (03:00PM) - looks like it is going to be gorgeous weather.

Arkancide again?

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People who stand in the way of the Clintons (and by extension, Democrats) sometimes find themselves committing suicide in very unusual ways. From The Gateway Pundit:

Federal Prosecutor Investigating Fraud Found Dead in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s District
Brandon J. Whisenant, Jr.’s body was found Wednesday by a random individual. The police are attempting to determine if Whisenant’s death was a “homicide, suicide, or something else.”

More on Arkancide in general can be found here: The Clinton Body Count

Anyone remember Tim Kane? Hillary's VP running mate? Anyone remember Hillary? From Breitbart:

Tim Kaine’s Son Faces Criminal Charges After Joining Masked, Violent Anti-Trump Riot
Linwood Michael Kaine, a son of former 2016 Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, faces criminal charges for allegedly joining in an anti-Trump riot to attack supporters of President Donald Trump in March in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Throw the book at him - the sooner that Antifa realize that the justice system will prosecute if they throw a tantrum, the sooner we can restore intelligent discourse.

From Breitbart:

Rex Tillerson Declines to Host Ramadan Celebration at State Department
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has declined to host an event to celebrate the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, ending a bipartisan tradition of marking the occasion for nearly 20 years, Reuters has revealed.

A bit more - the history:

The tradition of hosting a Ramadan event was initiated by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright under Bill Clinton and has been repeated yearly by every administration since. The department also marks the Hindu festival of Diwali, while the White House hosts events at Christmas and Easter as well as during the Jewish holiday of Passover.

Good - we needed to send the message that the Islamists will not be welcomed until they clean up their act and come down hard on the evil in their ranks. 

Loaded up and ready to roll

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Got everything packed up and ready to roll. These events are a lot more than just a grab and go scenario - I will be using two different radio sets as well as a laptop for data logging. Running off a car battery that is solar charged.

Got a gawdawful alarm set for tomorrow morning so surf for a little bit and then head upstairs. What with all the highway congestion, I will not be able to visit my favorite espresso place for a coffee - have to settle for a place in Everson.

That is it for a couple of hours

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Packing up the truck for tomorrow and off to the pre-race meeting.

More this evening.

From The Intercept:

WHAT’S THE PERFECT GIFT for a world leader who has everything? How about secretly buying a $25 million oil tanker for his family? That’s what Azeri billionaire Mübariz Mansimov did for Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the increasingly authoritarian Turkish president, back in 2008. The discovery, published Friday by the Black Sea, El Mundo and other outlets, is the result of a monthslong project by the European Investigative Collaboration network.

Mansimov became a Turkish citizen two years earlier and adopted a Turkish name, Mübariz Gurbanoglu, allegedly at Erdogan’s suggestion. After the deal was struck, his business dealings in Turkey took off, including lucrative contracts with state firms.

A bit more - this is huge:

The paper trail for this tangled web of transactions begins in the Malta Files, an investigation led by the EIC, based on a leaked cache of 150,000 documents from a Malta-based provider of legal, financial and corporate services, as well as a scraped version of the Malta Public Register of companies. In total, more than 50,000 companies are included. The project brought together 49 journalists from 13 media organizations in 16 countries, including The Intercept Brasil, L’Espresso, Le Soir, NRC, Der Spiegel, the Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism /, Mediapart, Politiken, NewsWeek Serbia, El Mundo, Expresso, Dagens Nyheter, Malta Today, and Agência Sportlight.

Malta, a Mediterranean archipelago with less than half a million residents, boasts the lowest effective corporate tax rate in the European Union and has become a preferred destination for tax avoidance in the EU. Malta Files reporting has also exposed offshoring schemes of the Italian mafia, a Russian billionaire’s payday loan empireTurkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirimsoccer stars, and yacht-owning European oligarchs, among others.

While the international webs of interlocking companies and owners are often quite convoluted, the gist of the main scheme is easy to follow: The French corporate tax rate is 33.33 percent; in Malta, the effective rate for the overseas activities of foreign-owned companies is only 5 percent; taking advantage of the open border policies afforded to EU member states, a Parisian firm can open a subsidiary in Malta, declare profits under that subsidiary, pay 5 percent to the Maltese government, and repatriate the rest of the profits back home tax-free, legally stiffing France of any revenues. Malta gets money for nothing, the firm saves 85 percent on its tax bill, and the French taxpayers lose out on millions.

This is why so many people want to simplify the tax code - keep things rational and eliminate all loopholes.
Panama Papers? Read here, here, here, and hereArthur Laffer was right.

Good riddance - Prenda Law

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They got their day in court. From Engadget:

Copyright troll lawyer is finally disbarred for fraud
illegal to download copyrighted files from file-sharing sites, it is also against the law to extort downloaders. John L. Steele, a Chicago lawyer who pled guilty to perjury, fraud and money laundering resulting from alleged "honeypot" schemes, has just been disbarred by an Illinois court. Both Steele and his law partner, Paul Hasmeier, were indicted last March for uploading porn videos that they acquired through sham companies in the West Indies and then suing whomever downloaded them, resulting in a staggering $6 million in settlement fees. That's quite a honeypot.

According to the Cook County Record, Steele's law firm, Prenda, would use court subpoenas to find out who had downloaded the pornographic content -- some of which they filmed themselves -- and then allegedly pressure the downloaders for settlement money in exchange for dropping the suit. Profiting from such extortions without disclosure is what led to a US district judge sanctioning Steele and Hasmeier in 2013, as well as passing the case along to the FBI. Hasmeier's case is still pending, though his law license was suspended in 2016.

Heh - have fun appealing this one...

Good job Poland!

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Leadership by actually seeing what is happening and not just virtue signaling and following the approved narrative. From The Gateway Pundit:

Poland Stands Up to EU on Forced Quotas: We’re Not Taking Your Migrants – Your Blackmail Won’t Work On Us
Strong words, Wednesday, from Poland’s conservative prime minister, Beata Szydło, in reaction to EU threats to force her country to accept migrants or face massive fines.

‘’Poland will not submit to any blackmail on the part of the European Union’’, Szydło stated during a parliamentary debate, adding that her Central European nation would not be participating in the ‘’madness of the Brussels elites.’’

Referencing the Islamist suicide bombing which killed 22, mainly children, and injured dozens more at a pop concert in Manchester this week, the Catholic prime minister said she had the courage to call out the EU’s political elites on their ‘’folly’’.

Two Polish citizens were amongst those killed on Monday night’s atrocity in Manchester.

‘’Where are you going, Europe? Get up off your knees. Get out of your lethargy. Otherwise you will be crying every day for your children’’, she warned, stating that Poland had no intention of accepting Brussels-imposed migrants.

England exited the EU to great financial and cultural reward, time for Poland to follow suit. Delete the Brussels ruling class - they are not relevant in this world.

No good ideas? No victory.

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That simple. The Democrats have no good ideas to offer and people are sick of the spending. From The New York Times:

Liberals Wanted a Fight in Montana. Democratic Leaders Saw a Lost Cause.
The Democratic defeat in a hard-fought special House election in Montana on Thursday highlighted the practical limitations on liberal opposition to President Trump and exposed a deepening rift between cautious party leaders, who want to pick their shots in battling for control of Congress in 2018, and more militant grass-roots activists who want to fight the Republicans everywhere.

Rob Quist, the Democratic nominee in Montana, staked his campaign on the Republican health care bill, but he still lost by six percentage points, even after his Republican opponent for the state’s lone House seat, Greg Gianforte, was charged with assaulting a reporter on the eve of the election.

The Dems need to go back and read that Fred Reed rant I posted a couple hours ago. The smart ones might learn something.

Well crap - RIP Gregg Allman

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From Billboard:

Gregg Allman, Soulful Trailblazer of Southern Rock, Dies at 69
Gregg Allman, the soulful singer-songwriter and rock n' blues pioneer who founded The Allman Brothers Band with his late brother, Duane, and composed such classics as "Midnight Rider," "Melissa" and the epic concert jam "Whipping Post," has died at age 69, Billboard has learned. He was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 1999 and underwent a liver transplant in 2010.

He "passed away peacefully at his home in Savannah, Georgia," according to a statement on Gregg Allman's official website, noting that the family planned to release a statement soon. "Gregg struggled with many health issues over the past several years. During that time, Gregg considered being on the road playing music with his brothers and solo band for his beloved fans, essential medicine for his soul. Playing music lifted him up and kept him going during the toughest of times."

Gregg’s longtime manager and close friend Michael Lehman said, “I have lost a dear friend and the world has lost a brilliant pioneer in music. He was a kind and gentle soul with the best laugh I ever heard. His love for his family and bandmates was passionate as was the love he had for his extraordinary fans. Gregg was an incredible partner and an even better friend. We will all miss him.”

His website is unreachable - probably swamped with traffic. Try here in a few days: Gregg Allman

The Mainstream Media - Fred Reed

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A great and spot on rant from Fred Reed:

Notes of a Reformed News Weasel: Understanding the Vacuity
Do you wonder why the legacy media are such puzzled otherworldly twits? Why, for example, they had no idea what was happening in the recent election? Why they seem to know so very little about America or much of anything else?

Some thoughts from a guy who spent a career in the racket:

Ask journalists when they were last in a truck stop on an Interstate, last in Boone, North Carolina or Barstow, California or any of thousands of such towns across the country. Ask whether they were in the military, whether they have ever talked to a cop or an ambulance crewman or a fireman. Ask whether they have a Mexican friend, when they last ate in a restaurant where a majority of the customers were black. Whether they know an enlisted man, or anyone in the armed services. Whether they have hitchhiked overnight, baited a hook, hunted, or fired a rifle. Whether they have ever worked washing dishes, harvesting crops, driving a delivery truck. Whether they have a blue-collar friend. Know what the Texas Two-Step is, have been in a biker bar.

Now do you see why Trump surprised them?

And he is just getting warmed up. Much more at the site.

Another gorgeous day in paradise

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Heading out for coffee and to check at the store and then back home to pack up the truck for tomorrow's race.

There will be a team of four people situated about five miles from my station - they will be watching for the bicyclists and reading off the bib numbers to me. I will then copy and verify (read back) the numbers and then announce them over the PA System so that the next leg of the race (canoes in the Nooksack River) can get prepared. This is my fifth year doing this so I have it dialed in. A fun event as a lot of people dress up in funny costumes and it is very much a party atmosphere.

Bill Whittle on Bill Nye

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From Daniel Greenfield writing at Front Page Magazine:

What really powers the media’s fake news scandal machine

Fake news is profitable.

The New York Times hit piece on the Comey memo earned the paper its most concurrent readers per second. Pretty good for a piece about a piece of paper that the leftist paper had never even seen and which was, supposedly, described to it by one of Comey’s associates.

But that didn’t stop it from racking up over 6 million views.

Media fake news isn’t just an agenda. It’s enormously profitable. Hit pieces powered by anonymous sources bring in over 100,000 readers in an age when live is king. For individual reporters, finding a source, real or fake, that can back up the left’s Trump conspiracy theories can put them on the map.

The Comey story comes from Michael Schmidt who made a name by supposedly finding documents relating to media claims of a “Haditha Massacre” in a Baghdad junkyard where “an attendant was burning them as fuel to cook a dinner of smoked carp.” It was dashing and also very convenient.

The claims didn’t hold up in court. Most of the Marine heroes who were dragged through the mud over Haditha had their cases dropped. One case dragged out and ultimately came out to very little. But the New York Times cashed in. And Schmidt did much better out of it than Cpl. Stephen Tatum.

And it's not just the Times - Jeff Bezos' blog (The Washington Post) is just as guilty. The liberals do not care that the news is fake as long as it fits their narrative.

The Washington Post has racked up viral hit fake news stories backed by anonymous sources. And it’s paying off. The Post claimed a traffic increase of 50% at the end of last year with a 75% increase in new subscribers. The official line is that Jeff Bezos has transformed the Post’s digital strategy. The reality was conveyed by its new anti-Trump slogan. “Democracy dies in darkness.” The silly slogan was an exercise in branding. It announced that this was the paper of choice for “researched” attacks on Trump.

Now the Post has hit $100 million in digital revenues and added hundreds of thousands of digital subscribers. All of this is quite a change from a few years ago when the Post was losing $50 million a year and Baron was talking about shrinking the newsroom.

We need to keep shining the light in the dark corners and to squish what scurries out. The more peole get educated, the better off we all are.

Feeling a little bitter are we?

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From The Hill:

Clinton compares Trump to Nixon, saying presidency 'would eventually end in disgrace'
Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton delivered a subtle jab at President Trump's ongoing conflict with the Justice Department during a commencement speech at Wellesley College on Friday by drawing a comparison between him and former President Nixon. 

You have got to be kidding. Why is she still relevant?

Make an example of him - Antifa

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Self-righteous bastards each and every one of them. From San Francisco's East Bay Times:

Bay Area college professor used U-shaped bike lock in beating, police say
A former Diablo Valley College professor was arrested Wednesday in connection with the use of a bike lock in the beating of three people during a rally for President Donald Trump last month, police said Thursday.

Eric Clanton remained in custody in lieu of $200,000 bail at Berkeley Jail on Thursday and is scheduled to be arraigned at 9 a.m. Friday at Oakland’s Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse. He was arrested on three counts of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon that isn’t a firearm and assault causing great bodily injury.

In a statement Thursday, police acknowledged that video of the incident, captured by onlookers and posted on social media, helped them identify Clanton as the suspect behind “several violent assaults” that happened April 15 during the demonstration at Civic Center Park on Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

A bit more:

Conservative websites celebrated the arrest as a victory against so-called anti-fascist groups. Conservative groups of Trump supporters fought with anti-Trump protesters — self-described as anti-fascists or “antifa” — during the rally.

Minor comment - in every case I have read or watched, the conservatives always let the antifa assholes land the first punch. It is a matter of the moral high ground that the Conservatives do not initiate a fight. As soon as that first punch lands though, all bets are off and in most cases, it is the antifa snowflakes who cave in.

Back home at the farm

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Finished the shopping run - uneventful. Did a couple of errands too including picking up ten pounds of dry ice. I am doing a complete 48-hour defrost of the fridge to see if that fixes it. The freezer works fine but the refrigeration part is at room temperature. Have the freezer contents sitting in a cooler and keeping my fingers crossed.

Picked up a Costco chicken for tonight's dinner - that and a pot of rice.

Doing the shopping run for the store today - back in the late afternoon...

The usual dinner

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Left-over tacos, two episodes of Agents of Shield and then surf for a bit.

Getting up early tomorrow as I am doing the buying run for the store. Refrigerator is still not working - freezer is holding temp just fine. I vacuumed off the condenser coils and will see if that does anything. Compressor is running fine. I remember when fridges used to last twenty years or more - the new ones are built like crap and cost way too much money - $1,000 for a basic unit.

Got two in Minnesota

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Sccumbags - from the Minneapolis, Mn CBS affiliate WCCO:

Growing Concern Over Brothers Arrested With Guns, Bomb-Making Materials
There are growing concerns about the arrest of two brothers with ties to the Middle East who authorities say had an arsenal with bomb-making materials, guns and ammunition in their car.

Twenty-seven-year-old Abdullah Alrifahe and 26-year-old Majid Alrifahe were arrested on May 11 in north Minneapolis.

Those darned Buddhists again. A bit more:

A good Samaritan confronted the men about littering from their car.

The man, who asked that his name not be used for fear of his safety, said the brothers jumped out of their car, moved aggressively toward him and used the N-word. He then called police.

Inside the brothers’ car, police found a loaded AK-47, another rifle, a handgun, a grenade, large amounts of ammunition, and what would later be identified as bomb-making materials, including a drone.

Abdullah Alrifahe had recently been released from jail after serving time for a weapons conviction. He is now facing a single felony weapons charge.

His brother, Majid, has been released from jail and is facing a low-level misdemeanor charges, including disorderly conduct.

The good Samaritan is outraged the charges aren’t more serious.

“For what they found in their car, that is way too light,” he said.

Misdemeanor? They have bomb-making supplies in their car and the moke gets a misdemeanor - unreal. They need to be locked away from society for the next 50 years.

The joys of being an adult

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The refrigerator just conked out and I got a call from the store that a water pipe is leaking. Fun stuff...

Looks like a great movie

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More here: No Safe Spaces

Just wonderful - Las Vegas

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From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

‘Credible’ Islamic State propaganda video features short clip of Las Vegas Strip
A legitimate Islamic State group propaganda video posted on social media last week features brief footage of the Las Vegas Strip while calling for lone-wolf terrorist attacks, and Las Vegas police are treating it as a credible threat.

Looks like Obama's immegration policies are bearing fruit.

Who she? From USA Today:

IRS officials say lives at risk in tea party bias case
Details about tea party bias claims against the IRS could remain secret because current and former agency officials say their lives are in danger if they publicly testify about the case.

Lois Lerner and Holly Paz both have argued in recent court filings that the threat to their lives outweighs the public's right to hear their testimony about how IRS employees in Cincinnati and Washington, D.C., handled applications for tax-exempt status from tea party groups.

They recently filed evidence to support their claim under seal in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati. Though that evidence has not been made public, court records indicate it relates to death threats and other harassment the women say they endured after their names were connected to the bias claims against the IRS several years ago.

Death Threats? From the TEA Party? This boggles the mind. As is the case with 99.999% of hate crimes out there, this will prove to have been self-inflicted or nonexistent. They knew they broke the law and acted unethically, they are no trying to weasel out of it any way they can.

Do not forget your towel!

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Another morning in paradise

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Heading out for coffee and paying bills. Working at home today - solar panel and music racks. Starting to move the electronics bench from the DaveCave into the Radio Room. Fun stuff.

Weather is perfect - mid 60's and clear skies. Supposed to be gorgeous for this Sunday's race.

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