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Got down to 11.8°F last night. I used to live in New England so this is not unknown territory for me but still...

Off for coffee and see what the day will bring. No snow as yet - it was supposed to cloud over last night but it did not. Got continued cold until Friday and then rain forecast with cold and snow returning Sunday and Monday.

Had a big quake off the North California coast near Ferndale/Redding

Crap - John Glenn in the hospital

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From Reuters:

John Glenn, former U.S. astronaut, hospitalized
John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth and a former U.S. senator and war hero, has been hospitalized for more than a week, an official said on Wednesday.

Glenn, 95, is at the James Cancer Hospital at Ohio State University but does not necessarily have cancer, said Hank Wilson, spokesman at the university's John Glenn College of Public Affairs, which Glenn helped found.

"When you're 95, it's always considered serious," said Wilson, who did not have further details about Glenn's condition or his prognosis.

Glenn, the last surviving member of the original seven "Right Stuff" Mercury astronauts, had a knee replacement operation in 2011 and underwent heart surgery in 2014.

Glenn was credited with reviving U.S. pride after the Soviet Union's early domination of manned space exploration, as he became the first American to orbit the Earth on Feb. 20, 1962. Reaching speeds of more than 17,000 miles per hour, he circled the globe three times in just under five hours in the Friendship 7 capsule. Glenn instantly became a hero, receiving a ticker-tape parade in New York City and the Space Congressional Medal of Honor from President John Kennedy.

His experiences as a pioneer astronaut were chronicled in the book and movie "The Right Stuff," along with the other Mercury pilots.

One of my major heroes.

A process just waiting for the technology to catch up - from Next Big Future:

Microwave oil recovery could unlock trillions of barrels of oil and drinkable water from Oil shale and oil sands
Peter Kearl is co-founder and CTO of Qmast which is a Colorado-based company pioneering the use of the microwave technology to recover oil. Oil giants BP and ConocoPhillips are pouring resources into developing similar extraction techniques, which can be far less water- and energy-intensive than fracking.

There is more than 4.285 trillion barrels of oil barrels of oil in the Green River Formation (2011 U.S. Geological Survey of resource in-place). Using oil shale cutoffs of potentially viable (15 gallons per ton) and high grade (25 gallons per ton), it is estimated that between 353 billion and 1.146 trillion barrels of the in-place resource have a high potential for development

The Green river formation is the world’s largest known deposit of kerogen-rich rock and covers Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. This is oil shale.

Oil shale is not shale oil. Shale oil is essentially liquid oil locked up in rock that’s found in deep formations and requires hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, for it to flow freely to the wellbore for extraction. Oil shale, on the other hand, isn’t really oil yet. Instead, it is found in more shallow formations that contain solid organic materials called kerogen. Oil shale must be heated to get oil out of it.

Producers would microwave oil shale formations with a beam as powerful as 500 household microwave ovens, cooking the kerogen and releasing the oil. It also would turn the water found naturally in the deposits to steam, which would help push the oil to the wellbore. “Once you remove the oil and water,” Kearl continues, “the rock basically becomes transparent” to the microwave beam, which can then penetrate outward farther and farther, up to about 80 feet from the wellbore. It doesn’t sound like much, but a single microwave-stimulated well, which would be drilled in formations on average nearly 1,000 feet thick, could pump about 800,000 barrels. Qmast plans to have its first systems deployed in the field in 2017 and start producing by the end of that year.

The technology?

The idea that a microwave antenna might do the job has actually been around for a while. However, equipment that can create, steer and stabilize the beam was too bulky to fit down a narrow well. Now, designs that will soon make the technology cheap and commonplace are emerging from small outfits, including one Kearl has set up, and from the defense industry.

And a nice spinoff:

Kearl thinks there is another, immediate use for his technology: to unblock existing oil and gas wells that have become too sluggish to be worth operating. In oil wells, this happens when paraffin wax and other impurities build up in the conduits to the pipe. Similarly, fracking well production declines quickly when the shale absorbs water, causing the rock to swell and squeeze into the fractures and block the gas’s exit. Many of these wells are abandoned despite there being . plenty of remaining oil or gas, and new wells are dug. If microwaves can melt paraffin and boil off water, blocked wells will flow like new. “They could be effectively rehabilitated by microwave heating,” says Kearl. This could help protect environmentally sensitive areas. “If we can produce more oil from old wells, that would lessen interest in drilling for new sources of oil,” says Stephen Brown, an energy economist at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

I find it funny that people are crying about scarce resources when we have not even begun to scratch the surface. Peak Oil? Give me a break. Seriously.

The new economy

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How about those jobs - from CNBC:

US Steel wants to accelerate investments, bring back jobs, CEO says
United States Steel would like to accelerate its investments and hire back laid-off employees now that Donald Trump will be occupying the Oval Office, CEO Mario Longhi told CNBC on Wednesday.

"We already structured to do some things, but when you see in the near future improvement to the tax laws, improvements to regulation, those two things by themselves may be a significant driver to what we're going to do," he said in an interview with CNBC's "Power Lunch."

Simplify the tax code, eliminate the loopholes and cut the overall tax rate. Revenues to the Federal Government will soar. Check out the Laffer Curve if you have not already.

From BoingBoing:

The latest generation of chatbot toys listen to your kids 24/7 and send their speech to a military contractor
Last year's Hello Barbie chatbot toy sent all your kid's speech to cloud servers operated by Mattel and its tech partner, but only when your kid held down Barbie's listen button -- new chatbot toys like My Friend Cayla and the i-Que Intelligent Robot are in constant listening mode -- as is your "OK Google" enabled phone, your Alexa-enabled home mic, and your Siri-enabled Ios device -- and everything that is uttered in mic range is transmitted to Nuance, a company that makes text-to-speech tech (you probably know them through their Dragon-branded tools), and contracts to the US military.

In a new FTC complaint filed by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC), the Center for Digital Democracy (CDD), and Consumers Union argues that the toys license-agreements and cloud-based listening violate a variety of laws, especially laws protecting children from online data-collection. The way that the manufacturers try to finesse this is really laughable -- as in I snorted aloud when I read it.

We could always get a bunch of these "toys" and play Lenny Bruce monologues over and over and over:

Earthquake education

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Great set of cartoons for earthquake preparation from Amrai Pari and animated by Ross Bollinger - from The BEEB:

Using cartoons to help save lives
Bangladesh is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. In addition to frequent cyclones and drought, large areas of the country are at risk of earthquakes. With densely populated cities, even a relatively small earthquake could have catastrophic consequences. Amrai Pari (Together We Can Do It) is harnessing the power of media to help people be better prepared.

To help, Amrai Pari enlisted Ross Bollinger, an animation artist famous for his tongue-in-cheek Pencilmation cartoons. I caught up with him to tell us a little more about his hopes for the project.

Brilliant idea - here is the first of the series. More at the BBC website


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Already down to 19.9°F and it isn't even 6:00PM - got up to a balmy 25.9°F this afternoon. Got the water dribbling in the sink so the pipe from the well-house doesn't freeze.

The Democratic Party

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A great analysis by Ryan Cooper writing at The Week:

Why are so many Democratic operatives cynical, soulless hacks?
The narrowness of Hillary Clinton's stunning loss to Donald Trump — especially given the fact that she actually won the popular vote by 2.5 million and rising — has led many liberals to conclude that the Democratic Party only needs a slight adjustment to win future presidential elections. A better candidate, a more competent campaign, or a more credible message on economic issues — any one of them might have kept the presidency in Democratic hands.

On one level, this is true. A large football stadium's worth of additional votes distributed correctly across three states, and Clinton would be president-elect today. But it also obscures the fact that the Democratic Party has basically collapsed at the state level.

There are many things the party must do to rebuild. Here's one more to add to the growing list: The Democrats need a better breed of operative.

Democratic hacks today have a poor understanding of how to think clearly about their party's best interests. Too often, they confuse being monstrous with political savvy, and fail to see the harm their constant pursuit of big-dollar donors does to their political cause.

Ryan talks about a couple of the Democratic big-wigs - excoriating. He had this to say about Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe:

This is a guy so obsessed with party politics that he once left his wife and hours-old infant in the car while he dropped in on a fundraiser. (He's also got a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease.) Yet as governor, he has worked diligently to get ObamaCare's Medicaid expansion in his state, and more importantly, used his pardon power to restore voting rights to over 109,000 ex-felons.

Yeah - 109,000 more votes for Hillary from an already corrupt state.

You bet they are - whatever happened to the three R's - Reading, 'Riting and 'Rithmitic? From US News and World Report:

Internationally, U.S. Students Are Falling
American students have a math problem.

The latest global snapshot of student performance shows declining math scores in the U.S. and stagnant performance in science and reading.

"We're losing ground — a troubling prospect when, in today's knowledge-based economy, the best jobs can go anywhere in the world," said Education Secretary John B. King Jr. "Students in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Minnesota aren't just vying for great jobs along with their neighbors or across state lines, they must be competitive with peers in Finland, Germany, and Japan."

Math was a stubborn concern. "This pattern that we're seeing in mathematics seems to be consistent with what we've seen in previous assessments ... everything is just going down," said Peggy Carr, acting commissioner at the National Center for Education Statistics.

Some numbers:

The test is based on a 1,000-point scale. Among the findings:

    • In math, the U.S. average score was 470, below the international average of 490. Average scores ranged from 564 in Singapore to 328 in the Dominican Republic.
    • In science, the U.S. average score was 496, about the same as the international average of 493. Average scores ranged from 556 in Singapore to 332 in the Dominican Republic.
    • In reading, the U.S. average score was 497, around the same as the international average of 493. Average scores ranged from 535 in Singapore to 347 in Lebanon.

Being average is for wussies - we need to be exceptional. It is not just Singapore that is cleaning our clock - China, Japan, Finland, Canada, Australia, England, Estonia, Germany... All these nations are significantly ahead of us in terms of quality of education. The PISA Test website can be found here: Programme for International Student Assessment

I have two items to offer, one quote and one chart:

If a foreign government had imposed this system of education on the United States, we would rightfully consider it an act of war.
--Glenn T. Seaborg, National Commission on Education, 1983

And this from this report (page 2) at CATO Institute:


Nuking the last of the Feijoada for dinner tonight - put on a fresh pot of rice and picked up some green chard at the co-op in town. Expecting to be snowbound for a few days so stocked up on fresh stuff.

Bear came with me in to town and was a perfect angel in the truck. Came home and he went through the dog door and brought in a big chunk of frozen poop as a treat. Needless to say, this is a behavior that will be discouraged. Adding pineapple or meat tenderizer to their food is supposed to make the poops unpalatable. Hot chili sauce was another suggestion so I will try that. Nip that little habit in the bud...

Off for coffee and in to town for the day

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Heading out for morning coffee and then in to town for some shopping. Get stocked up before the snow flies.

Lulu headed back to her house this morning so it is just the critters and me for the next couple of days.

About that global warming

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The forecast cold snap is anifesting right on schedule - from The Weather Channel:

Blizzard Shuts Down Nearly 300 Miles of Major Interstate in North Dakota; Brutal Cold to Follow
Dangerous wind chill factors will continue to plague residents in the Northern Plains Wednesday after a blizzard shut down a nearly 300-mile stretch of a major interstate Tuesday in North Dakota.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol extended the 230-mile closure of Interstate 94 further east to Fargo, according to the Associated Press. Both lanes of I-94 were closed from Dickinson to Fargo; northbound and southbound Interstate 29 was also closed between Fargo and the Canadian border due to zero visibility and blowing and drifting snow.

And from the London Daily Mail:

Get ready for the chill! Forecasters predict temperatures could fall 35 degrees BELOW average as a polar plunge sweeps across the country
People across the country and digging into their closets for gloves and scarves ahead of the arrival of the first polar plunge of the season this week.

In what is being described as the coldest arctic blast since last winter, cities as far apart as Seattle and Chicago are expecting to cop a snow-coating in the coming days.

The cold is expected to stick around next week as well, near freezing and below temperatures forecast in New York, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Massachusetts, Michigan and Tennessee until Thursday.

Got down to 16.7°F at the farm last night - currently a balmy 22.6°F - snow supposed to move in tomorrow. Gorgeous clear skies today.

That is it for the night

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Playing with software and watching YouTube videos.

See you all tomorrow!

Well that sucks - Paddy for Lightroom

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I had been using Lightroom 5.x up until a few months ago when I upgraded to 6.x. I had been using a great program called Paddy for Lightroom that takes a common and cheap MIDI music controller and allows you to assign commands to each knob. You now have faders that control brightness and contrast, etc...

I am finishing off the new system and went to install Paddy and move the controller over to it only to find that the last version of Paddy came out in 2014 and only works with Lightroom 5.x. People have asked about this in the support fora and there has been zero response.

I find that there is a program called MID2LR but it is not as nice as Paddy. There is also a commercial program called LrControl for Lightroom which may work but it is about $60. I may go that route if I can try a demo first. Got spoiled with the earlier version...

Dinner was wonderful

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Caramelized a can of pineapple chunks and they came out nice and tasty. Decant all the juice and put them into a fry-pan with 1/2 cup brown sugar and saute until the remaining juice evaporates and the sugar melts. A good accompaniment to the ham. Had a bag of frozen hash-brown potatoes so did some of those for the starch.

The usual two episodes of Person of Interest and then off to the internets!!!  (because someone out there needs my opinion whether they know it or not)

Fixing dinner

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Doing a half-ham for dinner tonight - pineapple glaze. Hash-browned potato cakes for the starch.

More posting later - working on some other stuff.

The new head of the EPA

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Brilliant - Obama filled the post with politically correct hacks - Trump is putting in a PhD in Chemical Engineering who currently is head of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality. From The Daily Caller:

Trump Could Appoint Someone Totally Unexpected To Head EPA
Members of President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team are interviewing candidates to head up the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). While media reports indicate the president-elect has narrowed the field down to two candidates, a new name is on the lips of some on Trump’s transition team: Dr. Donald van der Vaart.

Van der Vaart is a PhD chemical engineer who currently heads the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality. If appointed and approved by Congress, Van der Vaart would be the first PhD scientist to head EPA. He also holds a law degree.

Sources close to Trump’s transition team said van der Vaart would put a halt to overreaching regulations and the so-called “secret science” EPA relies on to push ever-stricter rules on businesses.

“He can see right through this stuff,” a source told The Daily Caller News Foundation, arguing van der Vaart would be critical of any shoddy science coming out of the agency.

Great choice if he is appointed. Here is a link to the letter (PDF file) that van der Vaart wrote to Gina McCarthy on November 28th of this year. Good stuff!

Back home again

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Coffee consumed, bills paid, lights on, internet covered for another month...

Heading out for an hour or so - time to pay some bills and get some coffee...

Why am I not surprised - Detroit recount

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From Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit

Over One-Third of Detroit Precincts Will Not Be Recounted Due to Ballot Discrepancies:
Several of these precincts have different totals between the number of ballots in precinct poll books and the voting machine printout reports.

These Hillary precincts will not be recounted.

Jim links to an article at The Detroit News:

Michigan’s largest county voted overwhelmingly for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, but officials couldn’t reconcile vote totals for 610 of 1,680 precincts during a countywide canvass of vote results late last month.

Most of those are in heavily Democratic Detroit, where the number of ballots in precinct poll books did not match those of voting machine printout reports in 59 percent of precincts, 392 of 662.

They are not tossing those "votes", they are letting this fraud stand.

The first snowflake of the winter

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From Gary McCoy:


A bit of a ruffle at Boeing

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A tweet from Donald Trump has ruffled some feathers at Boeing. From The Seattle Times:

Trump says Boeing contract for Air Force One should be canceled
A single tweet by President Elect Donald Trump declaring that he wants to cancel the contract for replacement of the Air Force One presidential jets has shocked Boeing and cast doubt on what was expected to be a lucrative crowning order for the 747 jumbo jet.

“Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. Cancel order!” Trump tweeted early Tuesday.

In brief follow-up remarks, Trump told reporters in New York that “The plane is totally out of control. I think it’s ridiculous. I think Boeing is doing a little bit of a number.”

“We want Boeing to make a lot of money but not that much money,” he added.

This is exactly why he will be in office in a few weeks. Government spending is out of control - nobody is being held accountable. Re-negotiate the deals. It is fine for a corporation to make money but this is not a government feeding trough.

A wonderful snub - John Kerry

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From Reuters:

Kerry says would be valuable for Trump to seek advice before calls
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday it would be valuable for President-elect Donald Trump's transition team to seek State Department recommendations before contacting foreign leaders but that it had yet to do so.

"We have not been contacted before any of these conversations. We have not been requested to provide talking points," Kerry said during a question-and-answer session at a think tank conference.

Well, that just shows you how much Trump values your intellect and legacy. You wasted your time in the footlights, you made the USA a laughingstock to the rest of the world. Time to pick up your toys and go back home to your sugar-mama.

I just love the pluralis majestatis Kerry tried to use. Nothing majestic about him, just a washed up political hack who was fortunate in marriage. Theresa? Less so.

Tip of the hat to Don Surber for the link.

Hillary's final disgrace:

Fun and games with Social Security

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I turned 66 last month and began collecting my Social Security monthly benefits last year. I plan to be around for a long time so I figured it would be better to collect more smaller payments than to hold off for another ten years and collect a few larger ones.

Tried setting up an online account last year and kept trying, the website would say that I had entered incorrect information and they would lock me out for 24 hours. I finally went in to the Bellingham office to discover that they had my date of birth wrong.

Been wanting to change my medical insurance so I tried last week to set up the online account and it took my SSN, my DOB and then proceeded to ask a series of questions about my history - car loans, credit cards from what institutions, streets and phone numbers I once had. Only problem was that about half of these questions would be a positive answer for my Father and not me. We share the same first and last names but he did not have a middle name whereas I do.

Finally went into their office today and got everything straightened out - they set up an initial stub of an account and gave me a sheet of paper with an activation code so that bootstrapped me into setting up the account. Odd that they did not get their data correct but nice that they had such an easy work-around for it...

The Barbie Typewriter

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Never knew - if you see one at a yard sale, pick it up. From Crypto Museum:

Barbie™ Typewriter
Alphabet substitution cipher
The Barbie Typewriter E-118, is a low-cost electronic typewriter, developed as a children's toy by Mehano in Slovenia (formerly: Yugoslavia) and sold worldwide by Mattel (US). The E-118 is the latest model in the product line that started with the E-115. The electronic typewriter was the successor to the earlier purely mechanical Barbie typewriter models. It is little known that all electronic variants have a hidden built-in cryptographic capability that allows secret writing.

Although the E-118 is basically identical to the earlier models, the exterior has changed quite a bit over the years, probably to appeal more to young girls. Furthermore, the interior (especially the PCB) has been simplified several times in order to cut on production cost. Wilst the earlier models were all made at the Mehano factory in Slovenia, the latest one is assembled in China.

The E-118 consists of a plastic body with a 49-button keyboard, a plastic carriage that accepts common paper sheets, and a daisy wheel printer. It is aimed at children of 5 years and older.

Much more at the site including photos to recognize the various models as well as the keystrokes needed to enable encryption.

Back home for the evening

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Picked up a Costco chicken for dinner and watched two more episodes of Person of Interest. Snow has melted some but is still on the ground.

Time to surf the web and see what the internet faries have brought for me...

Let it snow

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Got an inch of the stuff this morning and more coming down. Got down to 28.6°F last night but already up to 33.8°F so not expecting this white stuff to stick around. Later this week is expected to be another story entirely.

Tuesday and Wednesday are forecast to be clear and sunny (great days for Mt. Baker) and then much more snow on Thursday through the weekend.

Heading into town today for some banking, bill paying and a visit to Social Security to check up on my medicare insurance. Fun stuff. Back in a couple of hours.

Great idea for a costume - Donald Trump

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An annual costume party. From Russia Today:

Trump dressed as himself for ‘Villains and Heroes’ fancy dress bash 
US President-elect Donald Trump kept it simple at a private ‘Villains and Heroes’ costume party on Long Island, New York by going as a billionaire Republican set to take up residence in the White House.

Attending the lavish bash thrown by Republican billionaire Robert Mercer, a fund manager and generous donor, Trump reportedly pointed to himself and said “me” when asked who he had come as, Politico reports.

Federal Election Commission records show Mercer poured millions into a Super PAC that supported Ted Cruz and Donald Trump in their White House races.

The website associated with Super PAC Make America Number 1, which is chaired by Mercer’s daughter, says that its main goal was to “defeat crooked Hillary” Clinton.

In one of the few pictures of Mercer’s party posted on social media, Trump can be seen posing alongside Republican campaign manager and top strategist Kellyanne Conway, who appeared to be dressed as Superwoman.


Photo from Jeffrey Guterman's Twitter account

Just dropped below 32°F

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The expected cold front is moving in - it is now 31.1°F outside. Heading into town tomorrow - the truck has 4-wheel drive so that should help some if it's icy. Newton's three still come into play though...

Heating up last night's Feijoada for dinner again tonight.

Great news from Illinois - nuclear

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From Forbes:

Illinois Sees The Light -- Retains Nuclear Power
Last Thursday, December 1st, the Illinois State Legislature passed a measure that will allow continued operation of two of the state’s six nuclear power plants.

In a nail-biter more reminiscent of overtime at the Super Bowl, the Illinois State Legislature passed The Future Energy Jobs Bill (SB 2814) with less than an hour remaining in the legislative session. The bi-partisan bill allows Exelon’s Clinton and Quad Cities nuclear power plants to remain open, saving 4,200 jobs and over 22 billion kWhs of carbon-free power each year, more than all of the state’s renewables combined.

These two plants were in jeopardy of closing because even at a low cost of five cents or so per kWh, they were losing a combined $100 million per year because they could not compete with cheap natural gas and wind energy that is subsidized at 2.3¢/kWh. Illinois taxpayers subsidize solar energy at 21¢/kWh. This bill provides these nuclear plants with just 1¢/kWh, and only until market conditions change.

Once again, the only reason that works is because it is heavilly subsidized. Our tax dollars are going to fund this energy rat-hole. A bit more - the big picture:

Nuclear power produces over half of Illinois’ electricity, all with no carbon or other polluting emissions. The enormous negative impact of shutting down nuclear plants because of an artificial market finally got through to the Legislature, since the generating capacity of these nuclear plants would have to be replaced by natural gas or coal, doubling the State’s total carbon emissions and ensuring that the state would not meet its emissions goals anytime soon.

And if they had not done this:

This is just what happened in New England after the unnecessary closing of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant in 2014. Their clean nuclear energy was replaced entirely by natural gas and out-of-state purchases, the local community was devastated economically, and electricity prices have increased. Fortunately, people are starting to wise up:

Earlier this year, a coalition of scientists and conservationists, including famed climate scientist James Hansen, anti-nuclear activist turned nuclear proponent Michael Shellenberger, and Whole Earth catalogue founder Stewart Brand, sent an open letter to Illinois legislators asking them to “do everything in your power to keep all of Illinois’s nuclear power plants running for their full lifetimes.”

Even the Sierra Club reluctantly supported this bill.

Good news - consider the advances that have been made with personal computers in the last twenty years. The same kinds of advances have happened throughout the entire technological world - nuclear included. There are designs - LFTR or high temperature pebble bed reactors that are walk-away safe and very cheap to build as they do not require the large pressure vessel or containment structure.

Pot meet kettle

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A classic case of projection seen at CNN's Reliable Sources show - from Breitbart:

CNN’s Stelter: Urges Media For More ‘Scrutiny’ Because Trump ‘Lies So Casually, So Cynically’
Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” host Brian Stelter said President-elect Donald Trump “lies so casually, so cynically” that therefore, “His lies are different and deserves scrutiny.”

Stelter said, “Let’s tell some truths about lying. The way Donald Trump lies has people rethinking some of the basic premises of journalism, like the assumption that everything a president says is automatically news. When President-elect Trump lies so casually, so cynically, the news isn’t so much the false thing he said, it’s that he felt he could go ahead and say it, go ahead and lie to you.”

“That’s the story,” he added. “Why does he bend and flex and twist and warp and distort the truth? Personally I’m curious because I think Trump does it differently than last presidents. His lies are different and deserves scrutiny.”

Of all the moral flaws for Stelter to choose, lying is the strangest. Trump has been a businessman all of his life. If a businessman is caught in a lie, no one will do business with him again. He can no longer be trusted when a deal is being made.

Hillary has such a long history of lying that someone even put up a website about it: Lying Crooked Hillary
Politico has a nice list too: All False statements involving Hillary Clinton

Life in Cuba

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Appropriate - from Weasel Zippers:

Karma: Jeep Pulling Castro’s Ashes Breaks Down During Funeral Procession, Soldiers Have To Push Vehicle
How symbolic for the break down of everything in Cuba because of him:



Hillary in five years

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A wee bit of rain

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Got almost a half inch of rain last evening - it was hammering down. Mt. Baker got 14" in the last 12 hours and they are in full operation with glorious powder snow.

The cold temps are due Monday with some snow down to this level (600') that evening. More snow Thursday.

Yum - dinner was good

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Been a while since I made Feijoada and we loaded up our bowls and stuffed ourselves. Food coma time - this is a great option for dinner and if you have a pressure cooker, very fast to make. Or else, you can plan ahead and boil some beans the night before.

Watched episodes 3 and 4 of Season 4 of Person of Interest. I am going to miss that show when it runs out next season - perfect mix of police procedural, corruption, computer geekiness and technology.


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Cooking Feijoada for dinner. Another one of those cheap foods that has become elevated to a delicacy (like BBQ). It was what the Brazilian plantation owners fed their slaves - rice and black beans plus whatever animal offal was available. Cheap and nutritious.

Throw in some better cuts of meat and some bacon and some spices and it is sublime for a cold winter night. It is usually served with a side of collard or beet greens but I am sauteing a large head of bok choy and will toss that with toasted sesame oil and oyster sauce. The rice is put into the center of the bowl, the feijoada ladled onto one side and the greens on the other side.

I am using a pressure cooker so I am going from dried beans to finished product in about 30 minutes of cooking. There is another 20 minutes of prep - chopping stuff, sauteing bacon and ham in the cooker, pulling them out and sauteing onions and garlic in the bacon fat, dump in the meat and beans and about 6 cups of water. Cook for 20 minutes - it takes about five minutes to come up to pressure and another couple minutes to vent after cooking.

Interesting times in Nevada

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From Newsmax:

Today, Megan Barth interviewed Republican Assembly Candidate for District 15, Stan Vaughan, with actual proof of massive voter fraud in his Clark County district. Vaughan brought into the NEWSMAXTV Las Vegas studio and laid it out for all to see, US postal service certified returned mail from 9,200 voters in District 15. Many of the people who were listed as deceased are still on the active voter rolls today. Many of the returned mail came back with 5 people living in a vacant lot with no mail receptacle.

Edward Snowden, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and dozens of movie stars were registered to vote in District 15 according to Mr. Vaughan. Mr. Vaughan tested a sample of 200 people of the 9,200 return mail and found that 185 of those had indeed voted.

Mr. Vaughan and many others have testified that they went to the polls to vote only to be told they had voted already. They were given a provisional ballots which would only be counted if the total vote count was within 1% according to poll supervisors.

According to Mr. Vaughan, there were other serious voting system irregularities he documented, including early voting numbers flipping day to day. A total number of 17,086 votes were cast in District 15 for both Republican and Democrat candidates. 9,200 voters on the voter rolls who, by law, should not be on the voter rolls is a huuge discrepancy. Vaughan reported the certified returned mail issue to Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, who according to Vaughan, sent the issue back to Clark County to investigate itself.

President Donald Trump lost by only 27,000 votes statewide in Nevada. So 9,200 fraudulent voters in one small Assembly district equals 1/3 almost of the total margin. 9,200 votes was the margin by which Question 1 passed.

It will be interesting to see what Trump's Attorney General will do come January 20th. Statewide photo-id would be a good thing - you need it to buy beer and smokes or to get on an airplane, why not to vote?

His ex Huma Abedin was Hillary's close aide for the last ten years or so. From Breitbart:

Anthony Weiner ‘So Broke’ He Can’t Afford Sex Addiction Rehab
After photos showing disgraced New York Congressman Anthony Weiner back near his pricy New York home, news surfaced that he was found guilty of campaign fund violations, fined $65,000, and is “so broke” that he couldn’t finish his stint in sex addiction rehab.

The sexting congressman had reportedly signed up for a 90-day stint at the Tennessee rehab center he was seen at earlier in November, but according to celebrity watchers he was back in New York at the end of the month, Page Six reported.

“His family wanted him to stay 90 days, but he had to leave because he ran out of money,” a source told the Page Six gossip reporter.

It was also reported that Weiner’s own parents took out a mortgage on their home to pay for his sex addiction rehab.

Weiner has far more problems than combating sex addiction, though, as various agencies are still investigating him for sexual misconduct with an underage girl.

Weiner’s troubles were compounded this month after he was hit with a $65,000 fine for improper use of campaign funds, according to

He brought it on himself - he could have stopped at the first sexting scandal. He would have had to stay out of the public eye for a while but he could then be rehabilitated. Now, those times are past. His wife left him and he is consigned to the sidelines of the political arena - his name a punchline. And of course, no word from the Clinton Foundation on paying off his bills.

Our Climate - a two-fer

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First - shows what levels of self-centered indulgent angst some people have. A clear indication that they fail to grasp the basic facts. From Yale Climate Connections:

Sad about climate change? There's a support group for that.
A dozen people sit in an airy Salt Lake City conference room, the view of the Wasatch mountains a reminder of why they’re here. It is October 2016, and they have gathered to share in grief.

But this is not a typical support group. This smattering of artists, activists, writers, and others is discussing their feelings about how they each contribute to climate change.

The gathering is the brainchild of Laura Schmidt, who described the meeting in a recent Skype interview. Schmidt’s day job at HEAL Utah is to rally others to support clean air legislation in the state. By night, she’s been organizing this monthly “Good Grief” group, which focuses on working through heavy feelings about difficult societal problems, especially climate change.

A bit more:

Schmidt says she wanted to do more than write about those insights in her master’s thesis. She is not a therapist, but she was familiar with Al-Anon family groups, which offer support to family members and friends of alcoholics. She used the stories from her interviews and extensive academic research to develop a roadmap for addressing climate grief. Like the 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous program, Schmidt’s approach includes a series of steps.

Her twelve steps are just pandering and navel gazing. No looking for the truth and the facts, just reinforcing the narrative and finding acceptance for it.

Second - a major reversal - a volte-face - by one of the guys who started all this foolishness. From Watts Up With That:

SHOCK: The ‘Father of global warming’, James Hansen, dials back alarm

“Contrary to the impression favored by governments, the corner has not been turned toward declining emissions and GHG amounts…. Negative CO2 emissions, i. e., extraction of CO2 from the air, is now required.”
– James Hansen, “Young People’s Burden.” October 4, 2016.

“The ponderous response of the climate system also means that we don’t need to instantaneously reduce GHG amounts.”
– James Hansen, “We Hold Truths to be Self-Evident December 2,  2016.

What a difference a few months make!

Just in time for holiday season, and for the Trump Administration, the father of the climate alarm, formerly a climate scientist with NASA/GISS, and now a full-time scientist/activist, has ameliorated his grand climate alarm. The 10-year ultimatum announced in 2006, made more dire in 2009 and since, is now moderated.

This October, we were told that the net emissions of of man-made greenhouse gases in the atmosphere must go negative. Now, “we don’t need to instantaneously reduce GHG amounts.”

A climate scientist might want to see Dr. Hansen’s math and model simulation to understand the revision in the last sixty days.

Maybe the climate can survive Donald Trump after all!

Hansen founded the Goddard Institute for Space Studies but was booted from it because he was doing political grandstanding and not science. The science is settled. Balderdash!

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