Heh - TelePrompTer

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So true - Joe Biden


What his handlers are doing to him constitutes elder abuse.

Some history about the TelePrompTer Corporation can be found at Infogalactic.

New Years Eve

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I totally agree with this:


Senator Schumer in 2016

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Wonder how long this will stay up - Schumer's twitter acount:

And a screen cap - just to make sure:


Yep - that is all that we are asking - just #DoYourJob. Represent your constituents.

Hillary then (2016), Hillary now:

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From Hillary Clinton's twitter account:

And here is a screen-cap because you know she will not let this stay up:


Constitutional responsibility indeed - here is Hillary today - from MSNBC's twitter account:

Quite the Volte-Face. Again, remember Hillary's words from 2016:

The Republicans in the Senate and on the campaign trail who are calling for Justice Scalia's seat to remain vacant dishonor our Constitution. The Senate has a constitutional responsibility here than it cannot abdicate for partisan political reasons.

She needs a dose of her own medicine.

A look to the left - moral compass

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If John F. Kennedy were running for President, I would vote for him in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, the radical actors of the 1960's have taken over the Democrat party and are using it to implement a socialist worker's paradise. A Utopia if you will. This despite the plain and simple fact that this has never ever worked before. Even the first colonies in America tried a socialist form of government and it did not work. Here, here, here, here, here, here, here (video), here, here but I could go on. Alright, one more here. Documented. They tried it. It did not work. It never works. Ever.

An interesting look at the moral compass of the people trying to do this now.
From Dennis Prager at The Daily Wire:

The Left’s Moral Compass Isn’t Broken …
All of my life, I have said that the Left’s moral compass is broken.

And all of my life, I was wrong.

Why I was wrong explains both the Left and the moral crisis we are in better than almost any other explanation.

I was wrong because in order to have a broken moral compass, you need to have a moral compass to begin with. But the Left doesn’t have one.

This is not meant as an attack. It is a description of reality. The Left regularly acknowledges that it doesn’t think in terms of good and evil. Most of us are so used to thinking in those terms — what we call “Judeo-Christian” — that it is very difficult for us to divide the world in any other way.

But since Karl Marx, the Left (not liberalism; the two are different) has always divided the world, and, therefore, human actions, in ways other than good and evil. The Left, in Friedrich Nietzsche’s famous words, has always operated “beyond good and evil.”

Marx was an idiot who was wrong about so many things. He had great hair and his ideas sound fantastic to a low-information citizen who does not see the illogic and falsehoods.

6:44 of pure joy - crank the volume and rock out:

A good man - Senator Lindsey Graham

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There were worries that he was on the never-Trump side and, as chairman of the  Senate Judiciary Committee, he would move to block a replacement Justice appointment until after the elections. Today, he sided with our President - from Breitbart:

Lindsey Graham Says He Backs Trump in ‘Any Effort to Move Forward’ on RBG Vacancy
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that he is supporting President Donald Trump “in any effort to move forward” concerning the vacancy left by the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Graham would preside over confirmation hearings for the president’s choice to fill Ginsburg’s seat.

Graham, who posted his comments to Twitter on Saturday afternoon, said that his decision to back President Trump was driven by two factors — former Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-NV) judicial confirmation rule changes and the Democrats’ ultimately unsuccessful attempt to derail Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanugh’s nomination to the high court.

“The two biggest changes regarding the Senate and judicial confirmations that have occurred in the last decade have come from Democrats,” Graham wrote. “In light of these two events, I will support President @realDonaldTrump in any effort to move forward regarding the recent vacancy created by the passing of Justice Ginsburg.”

Good - justice will prevail.

Yikes - good catch

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From the New York Times:

Ricin Is Said to Have Been Sent to White House
Letters sent in recent days to the White House and to federal agencies in Texas contained the lethal substance ricin, and investigators are trying to determine if other envelopes with the toxin were sent through the postal system, a law enforcement official briefed on the matter said on Saturday.

Investigators believe that the letters were sent from Canada, and have identified a woman as a suspect, the official said.

The letter to the White House, which was addressed to President Trump, was intercepted, as were the letters to the federal offices in Texas. It was not immediately clear on Saturday which federal offices were targeted.

An uncomon choice but very lethal with no antidote and relativley easy to extract.

A tale of two tweets

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Harry Reid and the Supreme Court nomination. What is good for the goose...

From President Trump:

And, from Ryan Saavedra - a video of Mitch McConnell from 2013

Heh - a straight up and down vote will bring in President Trump's selection. The Senate vetting process is going to be quite a bit of street theater.

My wish is for Amy Coney Barrett - solid Constitutionalist, already a Justice on the 7th Circuit Court, former law clerk to the late Justice Antonin Scalia and a former Notre Dame Law School professor. Let's see the left try to trump up a sexual harassment charge for her.

From Mental Floss:

14 Facts About International Talk Like A Pirate Day
Ahoy, me hearties! As many of you know, September 19 is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, an annual phenomenon that’s taken the world by storm, having been observed by every continent, the International Space Station, and even the Oval Office since it first made headlines back in 2002. So let’s hoist the Jolly Roger, break out the rum, and take a look back at the holiday’s timber-shivering history.

Some fun stuff for a fun holliday. Celebrated for 18 years now.

Clean air this morning

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A great improvement. Had quite the downpour last night - raining buckets for about 45 minutes. Woke up able to see the mountains so visibility of well over 30 miles.

From Cliff Mass:

Finally.... Smoke Relief for the Northwest
As the models have been signaling for days, air quality over western Oregon and Washington has improved dramatically over the past 24 h, with much of the region enjoying relatively clean air.  Clean air is surging over the Cascades and should soon displace the smoky air over the NW side of WA and northern Idaho.

Good news - now, all we need is a nice Indian Summer to cap 2020 and I will be happy.

Good riddance - Seattle trash

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From Law Enforcement Today:

Seattle murder suspect arrested and released more than 34 times found dead in tank full of bleach
Who is running Seattle anyway? Murder suspect Travis Berge had racked up over 100 police contacts, dozens of civil infractions, and 47 criminal cases, one an attempted rape, in the five years he lived in Seattle.

On September 18, he was found dead at the bottom of a 10-foot deep tank filled with 50 gallons of a 12% bleach solution. Why wasn’t he in jail long ago?

And it is not that people are not aware of the problem:

Based on a report from Scott P. Lindsay, one could be forgiven for confusing the Seattle courts with a fancy travel bureau and hotel for repeat offenders.

Lindsay’s report is appropriately titled “System Failure”. In it, Lindsay examines the records of 100 repeat offenders who have cycled through Seattle’s criminal justice system.

All of them are or have been homeless, and all have known drug problems. Like Berge, many are addicted to methamphetamines. Mental health flags were found in court records for 38 of the offenders in the study.

The majority of the offenders were white (66%) and male (78%).

The 100 offenders selected for the study were collectively responsible for 3,562 criminal cases in Washington state, or an average of 36 per individual. One offender was responsible for 112 cases.

As long as Seattle maintains a policy of toleration for its criminals, its criminals will continue to offend. Something that the Democrat masters do not seem to grasp. Giving the homeless free stuff is creating a massive Pigeon Problem - if you feed them, more will flock to your city.

A COVID fatality - at 2 months. A newborn

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Of course, there were some underlying conditions - from The Detroit News:

Michigan infant with COVID died from serious birth defect
The immediate cause of death for a 2-month-old the state's top medical doctor said died because of COVID-19 was a birth defect called gastroschisis, a condition in which a baby is born with intestines located outside the body, according to the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner.

Necrotizing enterocolitis and COVID-19 also were listed as other conditions on Hudson King's death certificate, according to a medical examiner report obtained by The Detroit News.

Hudson was announced, but not named by the state, as Michigan's youngest victim of COVID-19 Wednesday, but no details were given as to the infant's gender, hometown or any underlying conditions.

"I was so saddened to hear this week of a 2-month-old baby in Michigan who died because of COVID-19," Chief Medical Executive Joneigh Khaldun announced at the press conference.

The M.E. is politicizing this - following the narrative that COVID is fatal to a wide swath of the population and that we need to shut down the economy to combat it. This guy is causing needless panic and fear and really needs to be held accountable for his words.

Being born with gastroschisis is survivable these days but Hudson's intestines had already started to rot - the necrotizing enterocolitis. From Infogalactic: "and is the second most common cause of morbidity in premature infants"

It is also worthy to note the following: "There is an increased incidence [...of gastroschisis...] when the mother has a history of cigarette smoking, use of recreational drugs, alcohol consumption, low body mass index, or increased frequency of genitourinary infection."

A very tragic event but not due to the Wuhan Flu. Hudson's mom is not taking this well:

Hudson's mother, Brooke Granquist, declined to comment when reached by The News on Friday. But in a Facebook post that has since been removed, Granquist expressed her anger over the state attributing her child's death to COVID-19.

“I am angry. I am so ANGRY. If you heard the state of Michigan report on COVID this morning, you may have heard a 2 month old baby died of COVID. I need everyone to know that Hudson did NOT die of COVID," she wrote.

"According to the autopsy (which has been told to me via phone but not yet by mail), Hudson suffered a bowel perforation and an infection because of it... this is directly related to his gastroschisis. I am so angry. I am angry at the government for skewing numbers and making my baby a statistic to try and benefit their agenda while my family is suffering."

Glad that she is standing up to the deep state. This needs to get to a wider audience.

Goings on at Facebook

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Now this is a bit unnerving - but not unexpected. From Buzzfeed:

“I Have Blood on My Hands”: A Whistleblower Says Facebook Ignored Global Political Manipulation
Facebook ignored or was slow to act on evidence that fake accounts on its platform have been undermining elections and political affairs around the world, according to an explosive memo sent by a recently fired Facebook employee and obtained by BuzzFeed News.

The 6,600-word memo, written by former Facebook data scientist Sophie Zhang, is filled with concrete examples of heads of government and political parties in Azerbaijan and Honduras using fake accounts or misrepresenting themselves to sway public opinion. In countries including India, Ukraine, Spain, Brazil, Bolivia, and Ecuador, she found evidence of coordinated campaigns of varying sizes to boost or hinder political candidates or outcomes, though she did not always conclude who was behind them.

“In the three years I’ve spent at Facebook, I’ve found multiple blatant attempts by foreign national governments to abuse our platform on vast scales to mislead their own citizenry, and caused international news on multiple occasions,” wrote Zhang, who declined to talk to BuzzFeed News. Her LinkedIn profile said she “worked as the data scientist for the Facebook Site Integrity fake engagement team” and dealt with “bots influencing elections and the like.”

A lot more at the site - they need to be broken up. Too big and too powerful.

Couple that with the Andrew Sullivan post earlier and you can see the problem we are facing.

Computer modeling

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A useful tool but it is too often been used to push a narrative. The model that Dr. Michael Mann used for the "hockey stick" graph of global warming is a perfect example. You can feed it completely random numbers and it will churn out more hockey sticks - the model was debunked shortly after publication but the paper still stands and people still quote from it because it promotes the narrative.

This is a perfect truth - from Watts Up With That:


Latinos for Biden

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No one there so CBS had to steal the image of Latinos for Trump and use it falsly - from 90 Miles:


A stopped clock - Andrew Sullivan

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He may be a loony liberal but he certainly hit it out of the park today - from his website: The Weekly Dish:

We Are All Algorithms Now
I’ve never felt this way about an election before. For my entire adult life, campaigns could be exhilarating, tedious, crowded with incident or laden with foreboding, but you always felt that, at some point, there would be a resolution. The votes would be counted; the exit polls parsed; a decision made; and both sides would respect it.

And this kinda jumped out at me:

Remind yourself that hefty chunks of our society still insist that Covid19 is a hoax, perpetrated for the sake of social control. Re-read Richard Hofstadter. Remember how vast numbers of white liberals drastically shifted their view of America — almost overnight — from a flawed but vibrant multiracial democracy to a version of apartheid South Africa because of a single video of a brutal arrest and murder. This week, I watched videos of people literally burning Harry Potter books, like latter-day Nazis, in the cause of transgender liberation. It’s safe to say, I think, that many of these people have lost their minds — just by staying online. And they not only think they’re perfectly sane; they think they’re heroes.

And online is increasingly where people live. My average screen time this past week was close to ten hours a day. Yes, a lot of that is work-related. But the idea that I have any real conscious life outside this virtual portal is delusional. And if you live in such a madhouse all the time, you will become mad. You don’t go down a rabbit-hole; your mind increasingly is the rabbit hole — rewired that way by algorithmic practice. And you cannot get out, unless you fight the algorithms to a draw, or manage to exert superhuman discipline and end social media use altogether.

But the thing about algorithms and artificial intelligence is that they don’t rest, they have no human flaws, they exploit every weakness we have, and have already taken over. This is not a future dystopia in which some kind of AI robot takes power and kills us all. It is a dystopia already here — burrowed into our minds, literally disabling the basic mental tools required for democracy to work at all.

If you watch video after video of excessive police force against suspects, for example, and your viewing habits are then reinforced by algorithms so you see no countervailing examples, your view about the prevalence of such excessive force will change, regardless of objective reality. A new study shows how this happens.

That certainly describes the cognative Gestalt manifesting these days. Stopped clock? Here.

Interesting - an opinion from The Vatican

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From CNS News:

Catholic Cardinal: 'It's Better to Vote for a Good Protestant Than a Bad Catholic'
When asked about the group "Catholics for Biden" and whether a Catholic can vote for someone who is pro-abortion and anti-family, Cardinal Gerhard Muller, the former doctrinal chief at the Vatican, said Catholics must have "the right understanding of life" and human rights and that it is "better to vote for a good Protestant than a bad Catholic."

A bit more - his reasoning:

“I think as we are citizens in a pluralistic state with religious freedom. And, I don’t support a candidate in Germany because he is Catholic but because he has the right understanding of life and the basics for human rights."

"And it’s better to vote for a good Protestant than for a bad Catholic," said Muller. "We must judge according to what they are doing and not only [according] to their words. That is biblical criteria. Look to the fruits.”

Solid logic - looks like a landslide for President Trump.

Shit gonna hit the fan - RBG

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Saw from various sources that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away today.

November 3rd just got a lot more "interesting"

Gateway Pundit has a sampling of the left's reaction to her passing. Always classy.

A wonderful afternoon

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Had a wonderful walk with Lisa and my dog Bear along the shoreline. We have been having a wonderful time together and hard to believe that we have only known each other for one week.

See what happens.

The hidden cost of COVID

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Governor Inslee owns this - he needs to be voted out of office this November. From The Seattle Times:

As we near 6 months in Washington’s stay-home order, mental health experts warn that things may get worse
You think it’s been bad so far, right?

You’ve been self-isolating, working in your pajamas and ordering everything online. Every trip to the grocery store is a white-knuckle adventure through a claustrophobic hellscape, recently under “Blade Runner” skies, and it’s hard to carry on normal, everyday conversations with … anybody.

You think it can’t get any worse as we approach and pass 200,000 COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. Well, we’re here with some bad news: just wait. We’re about to hit rock bottom.

Sept. 23 will mark exactly six months since Gov. Jay Inslee first issued the stay-home order to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, economic woes, the stress of social justice protests against police brutality, divisive national politics, and now devastating wildfires that have killed dozens and fouled our air have piled up, deepening the strain on every one of us.

The stress is tremendous.

“Nobody is immune from this,” said Kira Mauseth, one of Washington state’s top behavioral health officials. “Nobody.”

Throw in the start of the new school year, the coming election, the usual onset of seasonal affective disorder and what surely will be an unusually stressful holiday season, and we have a unique set of circumstances swirling together just as we are about to hit a communal low emotionally, says Mauseth, a practicing clinical psychologist and Seattle University instructor who is co-lead of the state Department of Health’s (DOH) Behavioral Health Strike Team.

That’s because, as the six-month mark of the stay-home order approaches, we’ve already begun the transition from the “honeymoon” phase of our emotional response to the pandemic and are rapidly moving toward “disillusionment.” This is the fight-or-flight stage and, emotionally speaking, we’re constantly scanning the horizon for danger. Next up, a potential second wave of the virus when cold weather returns.

For Washingtonians, the timing couldn’t be worse. The state says as many as 3 million state residents will experience “clinically significant” behavioral health symptoms.

None of this was ever needed. It is all about controling the population and getting the Orange Man out of the White House. Countries like Sweden did nothing and the infection rates are droping now that everyone has immunity. It is a bad flu - nothing more, nothing less.

So true - The Democrat Zone

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From James Woods:

Twenty eight days

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Our sun is in a quiet period - been 28 days without a sunspot. From Spaceweather:


Out the door for an hour or so

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Heading out for coffee.  Meeting up with Lisa at 2:30 to hang out.

A nice quiet day.

Slow Joe Biden and COVID-19

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From CNS News:

Biden: ‘Imagine If He Had Said Something’ About Virus in State of the Union (He Did)
Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden suggested on Thursday night that President Trump had said nothing about the emerging coronavirus outbreak during his State of the Union address early this year.

During a CNN town hall in Pennsylvania, Biden contrasted Trump’s response to the crisis to his own, implying that he had been way out ahead of the president.

“He knew about it, he knew the detail of it, he knew it in clear terms,” he said of Trump.

And, of course, CNS News offers this direct quote from our President:

“Protecting Americans’ health also means fighting infectious diseases,” he said. “We are coordinating with the Chinese government and working closely together on the coronavirus outbreak in China. My administration will take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from this threat.”

Video at the site. They think that they can lie and get away with it. Low information voters...

Under the radar - President Trump

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The stories about peace in the middle east may finally be gaining some traction but this is flying completely under the radar. From the South Florida Sun-Sentinal:

The Trump administration is committed to a safe, democratic Latin America
I recently traveled to Panama and Colombia to meet with presidents Cortizo and Duque and to announce the launch of several of President Donald J. Trump’s initiatives to enhance security, prosperity, and democracy in the Western Hemisphere.

The U.S.-Colombia Growth Initiative will unleash billions of dollars of American private sector investment in Colombia over the next three years. These investments will focus on projects that empower rural Colombians and expand economic opportunities for farmers, such as roads, land titling, and farming infrastructure. By making investments in Colombia’s legitimate agricultural economy, we can begin to move rural Colombians away from coca cultivation.

We expanded our agreement with Panama under the América Crece — Growth in the Americas — program to include infrastructure investment as well as energy projects. Beyond Panama, América Crece will help address the region’s shortfall of over $150 billion in annual private sector infrastructure and energy investment. Almost a dozen of our neighboring countries have already signed framework deals, and we have unleashed over $1 billion in regional investment through the U.S Development Finance Corporation (DFC).

A rising tide floats all boats. This will bring peace and stability to the world. Present an alternative to cocaine as a cash crop and get the farmers educated and the crime cartels will lose traction.

Two screencaps from My Penseive:



Good - Omar and Tlaib are not working for our interests. Time to ignore the narrative and vote them out.

Black Lives Matter - an interesting look

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From a comment made at Eaton Rapids Joe's blog:

I read the demands of BLM and I shake my head. Not because they are ludicrous or that there aren't real injustices perpetrated by society over time to blacks. I shake my head because BLM has an opportunity to make change happen. BLM is going to squander this opportunity with violence and silly demands that have no way of being fulfilled and no acknowledgment that things have to change in that community, along with societal change. Another year will pass and nothing meaningful will have come from all this chaos.

So true - they are wasting a golden opportunity. Bitter Little Marxists indeed.

Color Revolution

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An interesting video from Glen Beck.  I do not normally listen to him as he is a bit hyperbolic but he does good research and the facts he presents are undeniable. The video is 48 minutes long but you can use YouTube's Playback Speed option (under the little gear icon) to speed it up. It is perfectly intelligible at 1.75X

For all YouTube videos, the K key will pause and resume and the J and L keys will fast back 10 seconds or fast forward 10. He has commercial breaks and usually two taps of the L key will get you past them.

From Glen Beck:

Old Joe Biden

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This clip is from 1987:

An Executive Order - 1776 Commission

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President Trump is like the Energizer Bunny. He is unstopable. From the Miami Herald:

What is the 1776 Commission? Trump announces plan to promote ‘patriotic education’
President Donald Trump on Thursday announced he will be establishing a commission to promote “patriotic education” in the United States.

He announced the plan, called The 1776 Commission, during a speech at the White House History Conference.

“It will encourage educators to teach our children about the miracle of American history and make plans to honor the 250th anniversary of our founding,” Trump said during the speech held on Constitution Day, which marks the anniversary of the adoption of the United States Constitution.

Good - America has always been great. It just suffers from an artificial image problem created by a few nihilists who want to tear it down. Defeat their narrative and teach the truth. We are suffering now from their long march through the institutions.

The party of the little guy

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An interesting look at some numbers - from CNS News:

26 of 27 Richest Congressional Districts Represented by Democrats
Twenty-six of the 27 richest congressional districts in the United States, according to 2019 median household income data released today by the Census Bureau, are currently represented by Democrats.

In fact, every one of the nation’s seventeen richest congressional districts, when measured by median household income as of 2019, are currently represented by Democrats.

The eighteenth richest congressional district—New York’s 2nd District—is the richest one currently represented by a Republican. Located on Long Island, it has a median household income of $108,725 and is represented by Republican Rep. Peter King.

The nation’s richest congressional district, according to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, is California’s 18th District, which sits south of San Francisco and includes part of Silicon Valley.

Not surprised. The mega-rich can ride out any storm and the Dems hand out free shit to the institutionally poor. It is us guys in the middle that get crunched. The actual numbers at the site.

The latest COVID numbers

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From My Penseive:


Dealing with China - Sweden gets it

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From the South China Morning Post:

H&M cuts ties with Chinese supplier over Xinjiang forced labour accusations
Swedish clothing giant H&M said on Tuesday it was ending its relationship with a Chinese yarn producer over accusations of “forced labour” involving ethnic and religious minorities from China’s Xinjiang province.

The fashion retailer specified that it did not work with any garment factories in the region and that it would no longer source cotton from Xinjiang, which is China’s largest cotton growing area.

A bit more and some other good news:

Rights groups say over a million Uygurs languish in political re-education camps, which Beijing describes as vocational training centres where education is given to lift the population out of poverty and to chisel away at Islamic radicalism.

China says criticism of its handling of Xinjiang is politically motivated, and based on lies about what happens in the vast facilities it has built.

On Monday US customs said it would bar a raft of Chinese products including cotton, garments and hair products, from Xinjiang over fears they were made using forced labour.

China on Tuesday slammed the US move as “bullying” and dismissed accusations of forced labour as “a complete fabrication”.

Nice to see that the US Customs is doing the same thing. As for this being "a complete fabrication" - the communist Chinese government doth protest too much. We know. They know that we know. They just want to save face.

An inconvenient email - Nashville, TN

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Looks like their mayor got some 'splainin' to do - from the Nashville FOX News affiliate:

COVID-19 emails from Nashville mayor's office show disturbing revelation
The coronavirus cases on lower Broadway may have been so low that the mayor’s office and the Metro Health Department decided to keep it secret.

Emails between the mayor’s senior advisor and the health department reveal only a partial picture. But what they reveal is disturbing.

The discussion involves the low number of coronavirus cases emerging from bars and restaurants and how to handle that.

And most disturbingly, how to keep it from the public.

They wanted to keep them closed but the actual numbers were showing that there was no danger. Solution? Hide the numbers.

And yes, the mayor is a Democrat.

Got a good point - crosses

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From David Hines' twitter account:


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From America's Newspaper of Record - the Babylon Bee:

D'oh! Last Guy Left In California Gets Stuck Paying The $140 Billion Tax Bill
With high taxes, low electricity, and everything on fire, people continue to leave California. One man, Warren Stanley, was determined to stay, though. “I just enjoy the climate,” he explained. But he got a surprise this morning when he received a tax bill in the mail for $140 billion.

“As the last person remaining in California,” stated the letter from California Governor Gavin Newsom (who now works remotely from income tax-free Florida), “you’re going to have to pay all the taxes. Thanks for choosing our great state!”

“Aw, man,” Stanley whined. “I knew I hadn’t seen my neighbors in a while, but I didn’t think I was the last.” Stanley says he doesn’t think he’ll be able to pay the tax bill, as most of his income goes to paying his rent. If he doesn’t pay it, though, he’ll be arrested for tax evasion -- though it will take a while for the police to get him since they all live out of state.

Stanley is currently working on negotiating some sort of payment plan. His main question was whether, if he paid his taxes, the state would be able to keep the electricity on continuously, but the answer he got was “probably not.”

Fact checking? True on all counts.

Totalitarianism and manipulation - the flu

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Good question - from My Penseive:



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So true - from Woodsterman:


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