Interesting meeting

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Can't say very much about it now - early tentative stages. Interesting ideas - long-term planning for the future.

Two beers at my local.

Back home and surf for a bit. Finish the laundry.

Life in the United States

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Pretty good actually - two headlines:

You do not get hired as CEO at Chase if you are stupid and innumerate. Bernie would never make the grade.
Moore is no slouch either:

Stephen Moore is a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, an economic consultant with FreedomWorks and a contributor.

Laissez les bon temps roulez

And I am outbid again

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The laser printers and some packaging materials are now listed for almost what they cost new. Bunch of amateurs out there. Still have the winning bid on the two label printers. Also bidding on a power supply for my ham radio equipment.

Running a couple loads of laundry. Meeting in 90 minutes.

Heh - some one-liners

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From Grouchy Old Cripple:

~ Interviewer: “So, tell me about yourself.” Me: “I’d rather not. I kinda want this job.”

~ I had my patience tested. I’m negative.

~ Age 60 might be the new 40, but 9:00 is new midnight.

A lot more at the site. So true...

Yesterday's transit of Mercury

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Great video from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) (22,000 miles up):

The Transit of Mercury seen from Space from Earth to Sky Calculus on Vimeo.

Cody's Lab shows what really happened:

Life in Los Angeles

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Talk about a shit-show - from The New York Post:

Homeless man hurls bucket of diarrhea at woman near Hollywood Walk of Fame
A homeless man dumped a bucket of “hot” diarrhea on a Los Angeles woman near the Hollywood Walk of Fame — an unprovoked attack that’s left her with PTSD,  she said this week.

Heidi Van Tassel said she was about to drive home from a Thai restaurant near the famed tourist area in April when the alleged assailant, Jere Blessings, dragged her out of her vehicle, news station NBC4 reported.

He pulled her into the middle of the street, where he dumped a bucket of feces over her head, she said.

“It was diarrhea. Hot liquid,” Van Tassel told NBC4. “I was soaked, and it was coming off my eyelashes and into my eyes.”

The Democrats own this problem. They created it, they need to assume the responsibility for their policy failures.

Well crap

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I was outbid on everything. No tears though as my top limit was what I felt these items were worth. They are someone else's cost overrun now.

Uneventful drive back - fixing the last of the minestrone soup and half of a Walmart par-baked baguette - they are really good - cheap too.

Today's preview was "interesting" to say the least. The place was pretty well stripped out and nothing but junk left behind. There were a couple of printers that I am putting bids on as well as some office stuff and a nice small five-drawer rolling tool chest.

The site looked like the warehouse in the last scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark except filled with a crap-ton of junk and not Ark of the Covenant.


This went on for two more rooms.

And back to what passes for normal

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Got a good night's sleep finally.

So far, I have been outbid on three lots (out of seven). Going to let these go as my maximum bid was what I feel these were worth. Not going to get sucked up in the hype. See what happens with the other four.

Out for coffee and then to the second auction preview. Meeting tonight at 6:00PM so get a bite to eat on the road.

And that is it for me

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Quick trot around the web and nothing. Quiet news day.

Surf some videos for a bit and then an early bedtime - today was busy. Tomorrow is even busier.

A fun day - but I hate cities

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Drove down to see the auction preview in Kenmore on the north end of Lake Washington. That area has grown up a lot - tons of housing developments. Remember when it was all farmland. Reminds me of why I do not like big cities.

Some good stuff - a really wonderful Starrett machinist's level. I have a Taiwanese one from Grizzly that is OK but not perfect. The Starrett is perfect. Unfortunately, there is already a bid of $70 for it. These sell on eBay for about $100 so I will be letting this one pass. For the work I do, the Grizzly is fine - the Starrett would have been wonderful to own but not in my budget.

I am bidding $30-$50 for some assortments of machine tools - reamers. Very handy to have. There is a Harig Surface Grinder in immaculate shape - perfect for knife making so I am bidding some money on that.

There were also two CNC machines. Anything CNC is at the apex of my lust-list. Alas, these had been rode hard and put away wet. Missing pieces, no software, no manuals or schematics, no computers. The online bidding is in the $500+ range for these - worth much less as scrap. Some poor fool is going to get an expensive lesson.

Had my first experience with Chick-fil-a - really delicious. Wish they had a branch closer to the island.

Got another preview tomorrow and then a meeting at 6PM in Stanwood.

Out for the day - auction preview

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Slept in a bit today too but not as bad as before.

Getting a quick coffee and heading down to beautiful Kenmore, WA for an auction preview. Back in a couple of hours.

And I am back

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Cute new waitress - her day job is doing electronic assembly for a local company so we chatted about various geekery and making stuff. She does books on tape while she is working so we talked about things to read. A fun evening and glad I went out. The beers were cold and wet too.

Quick surf around the net shows that nothing has happened so off to YouTube-land for a bit. Early bedtime. No red wine for me tonight - want to get up at a reasonable time tomorrow morning.

And those beers are just calling my name

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Screw it - back in two hours.

Two auction previews

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Lots of machinists tools - Starrett, Brown and Sharpe, Lufkin, etc... Top end manufacturers and the prices seem reasonable so far.


They made Point of Sale hardware - scanners, etc... I will be looking for test equipment. I especially like these auctions as 90% of the people are coming to get the business' main hardware - the scanners and POS systems in this case. The engineers that keep these places running will invariably have small "stashes" of goodies and these go for pennies on the dollar.

From The Seattle Times:

Amazon lost the Seattle City Council elections after a $1 million power play. Will it see a new head tax?
More than a year ago, Seattle City Councilmember Lisa Herbold teared up as she voted to repeal a per-employee tax on high-grossing businesses that would have raised money for homeless housing and services.

“This is not a winnable battle at this time,” Herbold said, referring to a referendum on the so-called head tax bankrolled by Amazon and other large companies. “The opposition has unlimited resources” to spend on turning voters against the tax.

Fast forward to this year’s council elections, and that picture may have changed. An attempt by the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce to remake the council and ensure policies like the head tax would never return has been soundly rejected by a progressive-minded electorate, despite Amazon pouring nearly $1.5 million into seven district races through the chamber’s no-limit political-action committee (PAC).

Heh - the progressives want to soak the rich and use the money to fund stuff that sounds good and will buy them votes from the low-information voters. Little do they know that elections have consequences and their pet projects may run out of money in a few years. 30 years ago, Boeing was fed up with Seattle's perennial tax-the-rich policies and moved their head office to Chicago. I bet Amazon will have zero problem doing the same thing. Seattle is not holding up its end of the bargain when trying to keep large businesses in the area. Goose that lays Golden Egg sort of thing...

Amazon has already put their toes in the water with New York City but discovered that AOC was just as entitled as Seattle is - they decided against a move and NYC lost a whole bunch of nice jobs.

A bit more about Muslim incest...

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...and it's effect on society. Nobel Laureates by religion. The only concrete lists I could find were for Christians of various Denominations, Jews of various, and Muslims. From Infogalactic:

Christian Nobel laureates by denomination (1901 - 2000) - total of 425 (65.4% of the Laureates)

List of Jewish Nobel laureates (no years cited): Nobel Prizes have been awarded to over 850 individuals, of whom at least 20% were Jews, although Jews comprise less than 0.2% of the world's population (or 1 in every 500 people).

List of Muslim Nobel laureates (cuts off at 2015): Muslims make up over 23% of the world's population. And as of 2015, twelve Nobel Prize winners have been Muslims. More than half of the twelve Muslim Nobel laureates were awarded the prize in the 21st century. Seven of the twelve winners have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, including a controversial award to Yasser Arafat. The recipient of the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics, Abdus Salam, was a member of the Ahmadiyya community of Pakistan. Aziz Sancar is the second Turkish Nobel laureate and the first Muslim to be awarded Nobel prize in the field of molecular biology in 2015.

Some of the numbers are a bit wonky (drawn from different sources and different ranges of years) but the overall trend is very prominent. Data don't lie.

Good lord - California

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Say goodbye to any semblance of democracy. From Legal Insurrection:

San Francisco: Socialist Son of Imprisoned Weather Underground Terrorists Who Was Raised By Bill Ayers and Worked for Hugo Chavez Elected D.A.
As we noted in 2018, leftist billionaire George Soros has been focusing his intricate web of foundations, super PACs, and assorted organizations on the nation’s District Attorney offices.

Across the country, Soros-affiliated groups have backed far-left radicals for the office and have seen some success.  One example is Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, and another, as of yesterday, is self-proclaimed socialist Chesa Boudin in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

Chesa Boudin won the race to become the city’s next district attorney Saturday on a campaign promising to confront mass incarceration and racial disparities in the criminal justice system, while vowing to hold police more accountable in cases of brutality.

A former deputy public defender, Boudin will now helm the office he previously went up against after winning by a razor-thin margin against Suzy Loftus, who had been appointed as interim district attorney by the mayor weeks before the election.

Boudin wound up with 85,950 votes and Loftus with 83,511 votes on Saturday afternoon, with only about 1,200 votes left to count.

Boudin ran on a platform of “decarceration” . . . except for ICE and police officers who are doing their jobs. Those he wants to pursue, prosecute, and imprison.

Boudin’s background is alarming. His parents are violent radicals who were still acting as if the sixties never ended when they were involved in the robbery of a Brinks armored car robbery in 1981. The crime included the murder of two police officers and a security guard, and Boudin’s father is still in prison for his horrific crimes.

Michelle Malkin reports:

The cornerstone of Boudin’s campaign is sabotaging immigration enforcement. He has called for prosecution and imprisonment of ICE and police officers for doing their jobs and vowed to create an “immigrant defense unit” within the DA’s office to “stand up to Trump on immigration.”

. . . . Boudin is the militant offspring of spoiled-rich radicals Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, members of the violent Weather Underground terrorist group, which bombed government buildings and corporate headquarters, aided convicted felons in jailbreaks and participated in a 1981 Brink’s armored car holdup in Nyack, New York, with the Black Liberation Army. That crime took the lives of three innocent Americans — police officers Edward O’Grady and Waverly Brown and private security guard Peter Paige.

Kathy Boudin was an 11-year fugitive from justice after an accidental homemade bomb explosion at her New York City townhouse resulted in three other deaths. At the time of her arrest in Nyack, Boudin gave police one of many false identities she had used to evade the law. She was paroled in 2003 after convincing parole board members that she acted nobly out of “white guilt” to protest racism against blacks. (Reality check: Officer Waverly Brown was a black, working-class military veteran.) Gilbert remains in prison. Their story was glorified and romanticized by Robert Redford in the 2013 movie, “The Company You Keep.”

Following his parents’ incarceration, Boudin was raised by Weather Underground radicals Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

Ayers and Dohrn were the people who found, groomed and launched Barack Obama's career. He decided to run for President while sitting in their living room.

Much more at the site.

It is served over rice. Rice cooker is still at the farm as well as my five gallon bucket of white rice.

Serving it over pasta instead.

Once again, there is something magic about onions and garlic when cooked - makes the whole house smell fantastic. Another five minutes or so for the pressure to release and then dinner is served. 

Cold and rainy night - staying home and having a beer or three here. I like the socialization and getting to know some really great people but feeling tired again. If I am coming down with something, do not want to spread it around. Feeling good, just tired. Odd dreams too.

From all fin next level:

1500 Year Experiment on Effects of Inbreeding

Healthy unrelated parents have an estimated chance of two to four per cent of having a child with a genetic disease, developmental problem or congenital defect. In contrast, in consanguineous marriages the risk is five to seven per cent, depending on the degree of the relationship between the parents and their ethnicity. __ Source

For almost 1500 years, Islam has allowed first cousin marriages. The result of this policy is clear across the middle east, North Africa, and in other parts of the world where Muslims practice inbred marriages.

A Danish news outlet titled Jyllands-Posten released information in 2009 concerning the astonishing rate of stillbirths, physical deformities, and various mental diseases caused by the ever-imminent incest-filled landscape in the Muslim world, concluding that Pakistani, Turkish and Somali women are twice as likely to experience complications during childbirth. Nearly 70% of Pakistanis are the product of inbreeding in Islam, mostly due to the Muslim tradition of marrying cousins via choice or arrangement. BBC also released a study, revealing that approximately 55% of Pakistani immigrants in Britain were married to a first cousin and that Pakistani-British were “at least 13 times likely to than the general population to have children with recessive genetic disorders.” __

Much more at the site and a lot of hard data to back up the cultural acceptance of incest and birth defects. What this has caused is an overall "dumbing down" of islamic culture and a "smartening up" of european culture due to the Church prohibiting consanguineous marriage.

The islamists are showing no sign of changing this policy so we get to watch them slowly fade away. Sad really as they once had a very strong and vibrant culture. Much much more at the site - very thought provoking and explains a lot.

Fixing dinner - feijoada

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Got a hankering for some feijoada for dinner tonight. Was up at the food co-op so picked up two bundles of chard and a small ham steak. Thawing out some bacon too. Delicious stuff and cheap and easy to make. Brazilian slave food.

Slavery? For all the horrors in the United States, it was the Caribbean and South America that was importing slaves like crazy - 70% to our 30%. Treated them worse too. It is also good to remember that Muslims continue to practice slavery to this day and they were the people who rounded up the slaves and sold them back then. Old family business. Many of them were from the Barbary Coast from which we get our word Barbarian.

Three news items all related. From San Francisco station KRON:

Medical tech company claims to have cure for HIV
American Gene Technologies believes it may have a potential cure for HIV-AIDS.

The Rockville, Maryland pharmaceutical company filed a 1,000-page application to the FDA on Wednesday.

Next, the website from the company in question: American Gene Technologies

Redesigning Medicine
AGT uses a proprietary gene delivery platform to rapidly develop patented gene and cell therapies that cure infectious disease, monogenic disorders, and cancers by targeting their genetic root causes.

A bit more:

Gene Therapies
AGT’s platform allows it to pursue exciting clinical “cures” in large and orphan indications and complex diseases. The company has developed individual, intellectual property protected gene therapeutics that are breakthroughs in medicine.

They are not saying very much on their website but in addition to HIV, they are working on a Liver Cancer cure as well as a cure for Phenylketonuria

FInally, this from the Baltimore, Md. CBS affilliate:

Maryland Medical Company Claims To Have Cure For HIV, AIDS
A Maryland medical company has submitted an application to the U.S Food and Drug Administration for a gene therapy it says will eliminate HIV.

American Gene Technologies in Rockville said based on lab tests, the single-dose gene therapy has a “high potential” to be effective.

The company said the therapy, AGT103-T, is a genetically-modified product made from a person’s own cells that focuses on repairing damage to the immune system caused by HIV.

“Our aim is to treat HIV disease with an innovative cell and gene therapy that reconstitutes immunity to HIV and will control virus growth in the absence of antiretroviral drugs,” the company’s chief science officer C. David Pauza said.

A shoe-in for a Nobel if it turns out to work. I wish them luck!

From Nikki Haley - former Ambassador to the United Nations. From The Washington Post:

Nikki Haley claims top aides tried to recruit her to ‘save the country’ by undermining Trump
Two of President Trump’s senior advisers undermined and ignored him in what they claimed was an effort to “save the country,” former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley claims in a new memoir.

Former secretary of state Rex Tillerson and former White House chief of staff John F. Kelly sought to recruit her to work around and subvert Trump, but she refused, Haley writes in a new book, “With All Due Respect,” which also describes Tillerson as “exhausting” and imperious and Kelly as suspicious of her access to Trump.

“Kelly and Tillerson confided in me that when they resisted the president, they weren’t being insubordinate, they were trying to save the country,” Haley wrote.

“It was their decisions, not the president’s, that were in the best interests of America, they said. The president didn’t know what he was doing,” Haley wrote of the views the two men held.

Haley is also the former South Carolina governor. She is widely viewed by Republicans as a top potential presidential candidate in 2024. I like her - she does not back down from anyone. A solid American.

Very interesting too - always thought that T. Rex's and Kelly's resignations were done under a cloud of sorts.
Now we know...

Got her book in the queue at the library - 14 requests ahead of me.

Worst racist ever - President Trump

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From the San Diego, CA FOX News affiliate:

NASA’s ‘Hidden Figures’ to receive highest civilian award
Four African American women known as the “Hidden Figures” who worked at NASA during the Space Race are being awarded Congressional Gold Medals, the highest civilian award in the U.S.

President Donald Trump signed into law the Hidden Figures Congressional Gold Medal Act on Friday.

Engineers Christine Darden and Mary Jackson, as well as mathematician Katherine Johnson and computer programmer Dorothy Vaughan, were awarded Congressional Gold Medals.

Vaughan and Jackson, who passed away, were both awarded posthumously.

A fifth gold medal was granted in honor of all women who contributed to NASA during the Space Race.

A bit about their stories in the article - an amazing history. One which President Obama had eight years to award but no. He was more interested in being divisive than to unify us.

Here is a ten minute documentary parody:

Hits bottom - keeps digging. California

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No common sense at all. From Zero Hedge:

California Approves $3.2 Billion Bond For High Speed Train To Nowhere
The high speed train is dead, long live the high speed train.

Less than a year after California Gov. Gavin Newsom brought California's dreams for a LA to San Fran bullet train crashing down, when he said in February that he is ending the state’s hugely expensive and hopelessly quixotic high-speed rail line fiasco (which would have been completed in 2033 at a staggering cost of $77 billion), California is about to unleash another high speed train project, and this one is even more idiotic.

The California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (IBank) has authorized a $3.2 billion tax-exempt, fixed-rate revenue bond issuance to help DesertXpress Enterprises, an affiliate of Virgin Trains USA, build a high-speed train from Victorville, California, to Las Vegas. The new XpressWest service, at speeds of up to 180 miles per hour, will take about 90 minutes one way. 

There is just one problem: Victorville, located in SoCal's high desert, is quite literally in the middle of nowhere.

I get that this is the first leg of the proposed Las Vegas - Los Angeles service but the two cities are only 270 miles apart - about a four hour drive. So you will park your car, get on the train, arrive at your destination (saving two hours) and then pay for Uber to get to where you want.

If it was me, I would choose to not have the baggage restriction, not have to pay to park my car, not have to pay for a taxi and have my own personal vehicle with me at all times - saving two hours in transit time does not provide enough benefit for me to forgo these perks.

Stupid idea at a time when the state is facing some profound financial problems.

UPDATE: Just for the hell of it, I looked up the California State Debt. It currently stands at $453 Billion dollars. This rail project represents 0.7% of the total California debt. This is not an insignifcant chunk of change for one project (and the cost overruns of course). They need to be reducing their debt, not switching to turbo mode.

Slept in again today

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Only ten hours instead of yesterday's twelve. Been feeling something kicking around my immune system so probably fighting off a cold or something. Take it easy and rest next couple of days.

President Trump attends a football game

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Fun to see the numbers - from ESPN:

President Trump soaks in Deep South cheers at LSU-Alabama game
President Donald Trump knew where to go Saturday for home-field advantage, finding comfort in the Deep South with college football fans cheering two of the nation's top teams -- and him.

A bit more:

Trump, sitting one tier above the field, waved as fans turned around to look up at the president. He smiled, gave a thumbs-up a few times and threw a couple of fist bumps into the air as the Alabama fans waved red and white pompoms in response. First lady Melania Trump got an equally enthusiastic welcome.

But of course, there were some protestors outside the stadium - from

‘I hate Trump more than Auburn’; UA students stage protest on campus ahead of president’s visit
University of Alabama students and members of the Student Civil Justice Coalition staged a sit-in on the steps of Gorgas Library Friday to protest the impending visit of President Donald Trump during Saturday’s football game between the Crimson Tide and LSU.

And they had a photo montage - here is a screen cap - all nine photos at the site:


I am counting all of about ten people. The hatred for the Orange Man is strong down there. Finally, the cute baby trump baloon got knifed and is unreparable - from Breitbart:

‘Baby Trump’ Balloon Slashed at Alabama Appearance
A towering Baby Trump protest balloon was knifed and deflated by someone unhappy with its appearance during President Donald Trump’s Saturday trip to Alabama, organizers said.

The incident occurred during Trump’s visit to watch the University of Alabama football game. The balloon, which is over 20 feet (6.1 meters) tall, was set up in a nearby park.

Jim Girvan, the organizer of a group that “adopts” out Baby Trump balloons for protests, said a man charged the balloon with a knife and cut an 8-foot-long (2.4-meter-long) gash in the back. Girvan said the unidentified man was arrested. Tuscaloosa police did not immediately respond to a request for more details.

Of course, there is a Go-Fund-Me fund for Hoyt's defense - their target was $6,000 and they have already raised $11,230. Go here: Restitutions for Baby Trump Stabber

A curious development

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Dan Scavino is President Trump's online communications director and yesterday, he posted this:


Late start to the day

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Cripes! Slept in a lot more than I was planning - 12 hours.

Stuff to do today - out the door in a few minutes.

The economy of Germany is one of the primary drivers for the whole EU economy. Germany's largest bank is experiencing some serious problems.

Started earlier this year - from February 25th, 2019 - CCN News:

Failing Deutsche Bank Lost $1.6 Billion, Conspired to Hide Bond Bet Gone Wrong
Germany’s largest lender Deutsche Bank is in the news again for the wrong reasons. According to the Wall Street Journal, Deutsche Bank lost approximately $1.6 billion over a decade in a bond bet gone awry.

Interestingly, Deutsche Bank has never publicly revealed the loss. This is likely to generate controversy over the bank’s corporate governance structures. As recently as last year the possibility of restating past financial results to reflect the loss was discussed. However, this proposal was shot down.

Fast forward to June 17th, 2019 - Forbes:

Deutsche Bank's Latest Restructuring Plan Fails To Impress
Since the failure of merger talks with Commerzbank, there has been speculation that Deutsche Bank would embark on a major restructuring in the hopes of restoring its fortunes. Now, details are beginning to emerge. According to the Financial Times, the bank’s chief executive, Christian Sewing, plans to create a “bad bank” into which will be placed up to €50bn ($56.18bn) of poorly performing assets, mostly from the troubled U.S. investment bank. The bank also intends to make further deep cuts to its investment bank, and pivot to a new focus on transaction banking and wealth management.

And then there is this - from July 17th - Zero Hedge:

Bank Run: Deutsche Bank Clients Are Pulling $1 Billion A Day
There is a reason James Simons' RenTec is the world's best performing hedge fund - it spots trends (even if they are glaringly obvious) well ahead of almost everyone else, and certainly long before the consensus.

That's what happened with Deutsche Bank, when as we reported two weeks ago, the quant fund pulled its cash from Deutsche Bank as a result of soaring counterparty risk, just days before the full - and to many, devastating - extent of the German lender's historic restructuring was disclosed, and would result in a bank that is radically different from what Deutsche Bank was previously (see "The Deutsche Bank As You Know It Is No More").

In any case, now that RenTec is long gone, and questions about the viability of Deutsche Bank are swirling - yes, it won't be insolvent overnight, but like the world's biggest melting ice cube, there is simply no equity value there any more - everyone else has decided to cut their counterparty risk with the bank with the €45 trillion in derivatives, and according to Bloomberg Deutsche Bank clients, mostly hedge funds, have started a "bank run" which has culminated with about $1 billion per day being pulled from the bank.

As a result of the modern version of this "bank run", where it's not depositors but counterparties that are pulling their liquid exposure from DB on fears another Lehman-style lock up could freeze their funds indefinitely, Deutsche Bank is considering how to transfer some €150 billion ($168 billion) of balances held in it prime-brokerage unit - along with technology and potentially hundreds of staff - to French banking giant BNP Paribas.

And now this from last Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 - Zero Hedge again:

The Deutsche Bank Death Watch Has Taken A Very Interesting Turn
Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,
The biggest bank in Europe is in the process of imploding, and there are persistent rumors that the final collapse could happen sooner rather than later.  Those that follow my work on a regular basis already know that this is a story that I have been following for years.  Deutsche Bank is rapidly bleeding cash, they have been laying off thousands of workers, and the vultures have been circling as company executives desperately try to implement a turnaround plan.  Unfortunately for Deutsche Bank, it may already be too late.  And if Deutsche Bank goes down, it will be even more catastrophic for the global financial system than the collapse of Lehman Brothers was in 2008.  Germany is the glue that is holding the EU together, and so if the bank that is right at the heart of Germany’s financial system collapses, the dominoes will likely start falling very rapidly.

Much more at the site - things are so bad that they cancelled the Christmas party for their retired executives

This bodes poorly for Europe - I hope that England can Brexit before it all comes crashing down around their ears.

That make the whole house smell so wonderful. Sitting down to a big bowl of delicious stuff...

Time for dinner

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Out for two beers at my local after. Got a couple things to take care of down here tomorrow so probably an early bedtime.

Global warming?

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Europe is feeling some pain

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Lots of reasons - being a big one. From Musings from the Chiefio:

Europe’s Green Fall
Looks like after the hallucinogenic green fantasy the morning after hangover has begun in Europe.

With incredibly high electricity prices, folks freezing in winter is spiking (up to about 1/3 without adequate heat in Greece at the peak of their troubles). Highest electrons price around driving industry out.

It’s an interesting POV being presented, including from the prior Environment Minister of Hamburg…

None of this news, really, to our sort. We saw it coming and said so, decades ago. Oh Well… I do find it interesting that they say 6 Euro-cents / kW-hr is subsidy to the wind and solar subsidy farmers and that’s about 1/3 the power bill. The folks who pushed this scam are clearly not dumb, they are creaming off a HUGE vigorish

More at the site - mistake after mistake after mistake and zero accountability. Here, this sounds good - let's push it on everybody. Make it mandatory.

Comfort food for dinner tonight

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Making some American Goulash for dinner tonight - it was good last time and feels like a good night for some stick-to-your-ribs comfort food. Making a double-size batch so will have lots of leftovers.

Latest forecast calls for rain tonight and tomorrow.

The Deep State - not just Democrats

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The Deep State is non-partisan - from The Hill:

Trump encounters GOP resistance to investigating Hunter Biden
A push by President Trump and conservatives to dig into Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine is running into stumbling blocks from an unusual corner: congressional Republicans.

Some Republicans believe Trump’s impeachment trial or a separate Senate committee inquiry could lay the groundwork for investigating former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, who have both emerged as a fixation for Trump and his top allies as they look for a foothold in the impeachment battle.

Trump escalated the effort on Thursday when he tweeted that the Bidens “must testify” — raising the specter that the president’s lawyers or GOP senators could try to drag them into the public impeachment trial.

The Deep State has grown too large (anything is too large). Time to dismantle it and salt the ground it was built on.
Deep State Delenda Est

As the facts come out - Biden and Obama

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From John Solomon:

Testimony bombshell: Obama administration tried to partner with Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian gas firm but was blocked over corruption concerns
A State Department official who served in the U.S. embassy in Kiev told Congress that the Obama administration tried in 2016 to partner with the Ukrainian gas firm that employed Hunter Biden but the project was blocked over corruption concerns.

George Kent, the former charge d’affair at the Kiev embassy, said in testimony released Thursday that the State Department’s main foreign aid agency, known as USAID, planned to co-sponsor a clean energy project with Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian gas firm that employed Hunter Biden as a board member.

At the time of the proposed project, Burisma was under investigation in Ukraine for alleged corruption. Those cases were settled in late 2016 and early 2017. Burisma contested allegations of corruption but paid a penalty for tax issues.

Kent testified he personally intervened in mid-2016 to stop USAID’s joint project with Burisma because American officials believed the corruption allegations against the gas firm raised concern.

“There apparently was an effort for Burisma to help cosponsor, I guess, a contest that USAID was sponsoring related to clean energy. And when I heard about it I asked USAID to stop that sponsorship,” Kent told lawmakers.

It is all unraveling before their eyes. Time to get more popcorn...

As ISIS continues to get deleted

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The information is a little old but I understand the security concerns - from CBS News:

Captured al-Baghdadi wife revealed plenty about ISIS, source says
One of slain Islamic State of Iraq and Iran (ISIS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's wives revealed "a lot of information" about the jihadist group's "inner workings" after she was captured last year, a Turkish official told Agence France-Presse.

The official said Baghdadi's spouse identified herself as Rania Mahmoud but was in fact Asma Fawzi Muhammad Al-Qubaysi.

She was said to be the "first wife" of the ISIS leader, who was killed in a U.S. special forces raid in Syria last month. Al-Bagdadi was known to have four wives, according to The Associated Press.

AFP said the woman was arrested on June 2, 2018 in the Turkish province of Hatay, near the Syrian border, along with 10 others, including Baghdadi's daughter, who identified herself as Leila Jabeer.

Good - decapitate their leadership and the body will die. These are evil people.

Out for a couple of hours

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Coffee, post office, library (the new Ronan Farrow book is in) and then working at home today. Been making sauerkraut - since we have had a couple of hard frosts the cabbage is nice and sweet. Bought a large cabbage slicer at Amazon and will be inaugurating that this afternoon. Also picked up some lactobacillus culture - had two batches turn moldy so this way, I will jump-start the fermentation process.

From The Federalist:

Mississippi Food Stamp Work Requirements Save State Taxpayers $93 Million Every Year
Reinstating work requirements for food stamp recipients in Mississippi reduced enrollment and led to higher wages among those weaned off government dependency, finds a new study released on Friday from the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA).

The study from the Florida-based think tank found that after Mississippi reinstated work requirements for food stamps for able-bodied, childless adult recipients, the program saw a 72 percent decline in recipients among this group, saving Mississippi taxpayers almost $93 million each year after the measures were put in place in 2016.

The authors also found that those who benefited from the dignity of working instead of taking welfare flourished across 716 different industries and saw wages double in just one year off of government assistance.

Nothing wrong with a social safety net - shit happens out there. It needs to be temporary though - not a lifestyle.

Does not fit the narrative

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From Town Hall:

Two Illegal Aliens Charged in Killing of California Sheriff Deputy, Gov. Newsom Skips Memorial
On Thursday, the Department of Justice announced federal indictments against four individuals arrested in connection with the killing of El Dorado County Sheriff Deputy Brian Ishmael. The charges handed down today relate to the illegal cultivation of marijuana and illegal discharge of a firearm, but the new indictments confirm the two suspects previously arrested for the killing of Deputy Ishmael were in the country illegally.

Vicki Gonzalez - a reporter for the Sacramento, CA NBC affiliate tweeted:

How difficult would it have been so show some respect for a fallen officer. This is part of your job.

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