From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Activists interrupt Pelosi award ceremony in San Francisco, demand she take action to impeach Trump
Activists interrupted a ceremony in a San Francisco hotel where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was being honored Wednesday evening and demanded that she spearhead impeachment proceedings to remove President Trump from the White House.

They stood on dining chairs, unfurled black tapestries with the phrase, “We can’t wait” and chanted “Which side are you on, Pelosi? Impeach!” inside the grand ballroom of the InterContinental San Francisco hotel where the San Francisco Democratic Party was honoring Pelosi with a lifetime achievement award.

“Impeach Trump now!” shouted activists, who initially had been quietly seated in the audience. One woman, Thais Marques, screamed into the packed room that her “people are being killed by white supremacists” across the country. She demanded action from Pelosi. Another activist said, “We are your constituents.”

It was under Pelosi's watch that the Democrat party went full retard. Never ever go full retard.

She deserves whatever comes her way - lack of leadership. She could have moderated the loonys but instead, she handed them the keys to the kingdom and now they are used to power and do not want to yield. Too bad, so sad.

Where did they get the money? Obama

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From TMZ:

Barack and Michelle Obama may soon become Kennedy adjacent because we've learned they're in escrow for a remarkable, mega-expensive, Martha's Vineyard estate.

Multiple island sources tell us the Obamas are in escrow for the estate owned by Boston Celtics owner, Wyc Grousbeck. The former Prez and First Lady have been renting the house this summer and loved it so much, we've learned they made an offer. The property is listed at $14,850,000. Our sources say they're paying less, but we don't know how much.

The estate -- incredible. It's 29 beachfront acres. The main residence is just shy of 6,900 square feet. It has 7 bedrooms, so Sasha and Malia have a place to crash, along with several of their friends. It has the obligatory pool, an outdoor fireplace, a chef's kitchen, vaulted ceilings and 2 guest wings. It has incredible views, especially while soaking in the second-floor balcony Jacuzzi.

Seriously now. Where did they get this kind of money?

Minor nit - the Kennedy compound is in Hyannis - quite a way from Martha's Vinyard. Understandable because Chappaquiddick Island is part of M.V. (Mary Jo Kopechne not available for comment)

Great news - new power reactors

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Wonderful news - I love this current administration. From Neutron Bytes:

Idaho National Lab Gets DOE Charter for Test and Demonstration of Advanced Reactors
In the late 1940s the federal government established the National Reactor Testing Station (NRTS) at a site on the dusty volcanic plain of the Arco desert about 50 miles west of Idaho Falls, ID. Now some 70 years later the government has again turned to the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) to create the National Reactor Innovation Center (NRIC).

The new initiative will support the development of advanced nuclear energy technologies by harnessing the world-class capabilities of the DOE national laboratory system. It will be a test and demonstration center for these technologies and it will involve public / private partnerships with firms that want to bring these technologies to a mature enough level to attract investors and customers.

NRIC will be led by Idaho National Laboratory and builds upon the successes of DOE’s Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) initiative. GAIN connects industry with the national labs to accelerate the development and commercialization of advanced nuclear technologies. NRIC will coordinate with industry, other federal institutions, the national labs, and universities on testing and demonstrating these concepts.

The NRIC will provide private sector technology developers the necessary support to test and demonstrate their reactor concepts and assess their performance. This will help accelerate the licensing and commercialization of these new nuclear energy systems.

Nuclear is the way to go for power generation. is a stupid rathole. This is fantastic news.

From Yahoo/Agence France Presse:

Harley-Davidson unveils upcoming electric bicycle lineup
In addition to launching an all-electric motorcycle, Harley-Davidson has a series of battery-powered city bicycles in the works.

Over a year ago, Harley-Davidson announced that they had some electric bicycle projects up their sleeve and, until yesterday, the company had only revealed electric micro-transportation model concepts. According to Electrek, H-D used this year's Annual Dealer's Meeting yesterday to officially unveil three model prototypes of their upcoming e-bicycle line.

There is a wonderful convergance of technologies that allow for these to become a "thing" - the batteries, the brushless motors, the solid-state MOSFET's and the small computers to control everything. Truly a fun time to be alive!!!

Back again

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Dinner was great. Beers were nice and cold and wet. Talked with some people I know.

Surf for a bit.

Heading out

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In the car this time - picking up a couple of packages from the post office and doing some grocery shopping.

Got a hankering for some carne asada for dinner so stopping by my favorite mexican place. Cultural appropriation never tasted so good. Besides, they are using automobiles, televisions, telephones, refrigeration and a cash register so they are appropriating from my lily-white culture so there -- pbbbbttttttt...

Back in a couple of hours.

Two political paths: Lurching towards socialism and heading towards capitalism. Two news stories:

First, from Associated Press:

Economic twilight zone: Bonds that charge you for lending
Imagine lending money to someone and having to pay for the privilege of doing so. Or being asked to invest and informed of how much money you’ll lose.


On Wednesday, for the first time ever, the German government sold 30-year bonds at a negative interest rate. The bonds pay no coupon interest at all. Yet bidders at the auction were willing to pay more than the face value they would receive back when the bonds mature.

I could see short-term loans at negative interest. Great (if expensive) place to stash some cash but 30 year bonds? Not a lot of consumer confidence there...

Second, from The Telegraph:

Sterling soars as Brexit deal hopes rise: as it happened
Undoubtedly, there’s been some good money made on the currency markets over the last week. Short interest in the pound dropped last week, and anyone who cashed out a bet against sterling should be feeling smug now.

The pound is riding high against other currencies — marginally up, and probably worth a few euros if you’ve waited until the last minute to take a trip to the continent this summer.

What is good for business is also good for the nation. Go Brexit!

The 2016 election collusion - Hillary

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From OANN:

Hillary Clinton Confronted Over Denying Close Ties To Big Tech, Particularly Google
Election meddling by Big Tech companies comes into question once again after a long-time Hillary Clinton supporter confirms close ties between tech giant Google and the 2016 runner up.

A Twitter war between Clinton and President Trump led to Clinton claiming research showing bias from Google in 2016 was debunked. However, Dr. Robert Epstein — a decades long Hillary supporter and the man behind the research — defended his conclusions in a Twitter rampage, where he referenced his testimony before Congress last month.

“In 2020 — if all these companies are supporting the same candidate — there are 15 million votes on the line that can be shifted without people’s knowledge, and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to trace,” he stated.

Epstein hit hard, claiming Hillary is “in Google’s pocket” and pointing out Google’s parent company Alphabet was Clinton’s number one donor in 2016. He also posted an email from former Google head Eric Schmidt, who offered to run Clinton’d tech campaign. According to Epstein, back in 2015 Schmidt funded a tech company whose main reason for existence was to get Clinton into office.

This is my surprised face. I still use some Google software - gmail as well as their web-based office tools but not relying on them for a search engine any more. Using DuckDuckGo with the Brave browser - very happy.

About that 'organic' grain

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Glad that they got the guy (and locked him up) but I would not be surprised if there was not a lot more of this going on. From Global/Associated Press

Head of America’s largest organic food fraud scheme sentenced to 10 years
A judge on Friday sentenced the mastermind of the largest known organic food fraud scheme in U.S. history to 10 years in prison, saying he cheated thousands of customers into buying products they didn’t want.

U.S. District Judge C.J. Williams said Randy Constant orchestrated a massive fraud that did “extreme and incalculable damage” to consumers and shook public confidence in the nation’s organic food industry.

Williams said that, between 2010 and 2017, consumers nationwide were fooled into paying extra to buy products ranging from eggs to steak that they believed were better for the environment and their own health. Instead, they unwittingly purchased food that relied on farming practices, including the use of chemical pesticides to grow crops, that they opposed.

And what happened?

The farmers grew traditional corn and soybeans, mixed them with a small amount of certified organic grains, and falsely marketed them all as certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Most of the grains were sold as animal feed to companies that marketed organic meat and meat products.

The farmers reaped more than $120 million in proceeds from sales of the tainted grain. The scheme may have involved up to 7 per cent of organic corn grown in the U.S. in 2016 and 8 per cent of the organic soybeans, prosecutors said.

There is a certain inherent trust in buying food - this guy violated that trust. Ten years is about right.

eBike - very happy

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Love it. The electronic propulsion is perfectly integrated into the mechanical part. Very smooth transition from pedaling alone to pedaling with assist. Did a bit under seven miles today and piece of cake - even the hills. Was averaging 15-20 mph on level road and 10-15 on the hills. Got up to 25 heading down the big hill near my house.

There is a bar graph indicating power remaining and it still shows 100% charge - I'll be using it a lot in the next couple weeks and see how long it takes to get it down to 30%

Branco gets it

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Cartoonist A. F. Branco nails it:


A bit of pedaling

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Heading out on my new bicycle - cloudy but no forecast for rain. Working at home. Up to the farm tomorrow.

A bit of history

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Something to keep in mind:


The author needs to distinguish between its and it is but the facts are still the same...

Jay Inslee drops out of the Democrat Clown Car (ie: presidential race) - the timing is interesting. Breitbart:

Jay Inslee Quits 2020 Race — Before His Long-Awaited Climate Change Debate
Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington state announced Wednesday evening on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show that he is leaving the 2020 presidential race — two weeks before a climate change debate for which he had campaigned.
Maddow began by asking Inslee if he had some news to announce. And he did:

This show has been so good to me, this is sort of the book ends of my campaign. We started saying climate change had to be the number one job in the United States. I felt good saying that the first days of my campaign. I feel very good saying that now. And the reason is, this has become more urgent. A billion tons of ice melted in Greenland the other day. But we’ve also had so many people I’ve met who are inspiring, who want us to act, who have helped me. We had 130,000 people help me in this campaign. But it’s become clear that I’m not going to be carrying the ball, I’m not going to be president. So I’m withdrawing, tonight, from the race. But I have to tell you, look — I’ve been fighting climate change for 25 years, and I’ve never been so confident of the ability of America now to reach critical mass, to move the ball. I believe we are going to have a candidate to fight this battle. I’m inspired by the people i’ve met across the country, the young people in the Sunrise movement, and the climate strikers — these people have given me confidence we can move ahead. So I’m not going to be carrying the ball, but we’re going to make sure somebody is.

Kind of hard to debate something that is not happening. The humans on this planet account for about 30% of the CO2 emissions. Natural biological decay, volcanoes, etc... account for the other 70%. CO2 is not a greenhouse gas - water vapor is much more potent.

People love to talk about a new green deal but it is just that - talk. Narrative, not fact. Now if we could just get this time (and money) waster out of office and get back to work...

Now this is cool - student load debts

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From Kentucky's Louisville Courier Journal:

Trump signs order automatically forgiving student loan debt for disabled veterans
President Donald Trump signed a memo to automatically discharge federal student loan debt for permanently and totally disabled veterans during his visit to Louisville Wednesday, where he addressed more than 1,000 veterans.

"I have taken executive action to make sure our wounded warriors are not saddled with mountains of student debt," Trump told a crowd the Galt House, vowing to eliminate “every penny” of an average of $30,000 of student loan debt for about 25,000 disabled veterans.

Such veterans were already entitled to such debt forgiveness by law. But about half of the roughly 50,000 disabled veterans who are qualified to have their federal student loan debt forgiven have not received the benefit because of an application process that has proven burdensome, the administration said.

The memo directs the government to develop an “expedited” process, which the Department of Education said would mean loans are forgiven unless veterans opt out.

I love that this was already covered by a law but President Trump signed an E.O. to cut through the crap and start helping our vets. Very classy.

Democrats connecting with black voters

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Interesting observation - from The Chicago Tribune:

Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg’s overwhelmingly white crowd at event on Chicago’s South Side reinforces his struggles to draw support from black voters
South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg held a self-described grassroots campaign rally in Bronzeville on Tuesday night, but the overwhelmingly white audience he drew to the event in a historic black neighborhood reinforced the difficulty the Democratic presidential hopeful has had in connecting with African American voters.

None of the candidates have anything to offer black voters. President Trump has made their lives a lot better. End of story.

A good day - almost

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Got my brand new eBike charged up and rarin' to go. Woke up to pouring rain. Got about 0.3" today which is very unusual as the island is in a rain shadow. All of my rain gear is still at the farm so drove around today.

One reader was concerned about the origin of the bike - it is assembled in the USA. The gearing system is Shimano so I am assuming Japanese. The hub motor might be Chinese (have not looked yet) but the batteries are Samsung (Korea) and the frame and control circuitry are all USA manufacture.

The model I got was this one: Blix Packa. Since I will be having a small shop at home (electronics and making) as well as the big shop (blacksmithing, welding and machining), I will want to be able to carry stuff back and forth. Having the extra cargo capacity makes it just perfect.

Slept in this morning. Brought a load of stuff up to the Bellingham Condo and also stopped in at the REI store up there to get a cup holder and a horn (bright blue plastic clown horn with rubber bulb) for the bike. A nice touch of absurdity to an otherwise very industrial looking machine.

Stopped off in Mt. Vernon for some Chinese food and a bit of grocery shopping. Two beers at my local and that is it for the day. Surf for a bit and then to bed.

Quote of the day

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"One of the commonest weaknesses of human intelligence is the wish to reconcile opposing principles and to purchase harmony at the expense of logic."
--Alexis de Tocqueville

And that's it for the night

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Quiet day here puttering around tomorrow - sleep in. Supposed to rain so may not take the eBike out. My rain gear is still at the farm. Planning to head up there Thursday for a couple of days.

Watch some video and turn in.

Cool morning and then cleared up around 3:00PM - got really hot and humid for a few hours - 84°F where it had been in the low 70's. Something moving through in front of the rain.

From The New York Post:

Jail guards threatening former Epstein cellmate Nicholas Tartaglione: lawyer
Jeffrey Epstein’s former Manhattan cellmate says guards at the lockup have been threatening him since the financier’s death, according to a legal filing by his attorneys Tuesday asking a judge to move him to a new prison.

Hulking ex-cop Nicholas Tartaglione — who briefly bunked with Epstein at the Metropolitan Correctional Center — has been told by various guards there to “shut up,” “stop talking” and “stop complaining,” as questions swirled about how the accused sex trafficker was able to commit suicide in federal custody, Tartaglione attorney Bruce Barket says in a letter to White Plains federal Judge Kenneth Karas.

It will be a shame to read about Mr. Tartaglione's upcoming suicide. Rather, Arkancide

And back again

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Long long day. The eBike store was in Seattle so also stopped by the UW surplus store and scored two keyboards (which I need for setting up a couple of Raspberry Pi systems here as well as two ginormous dog bowls ($5 each - solid stainless steel) and a very nice NEMA electrical enclosure - gasketed and water sealed. No holes in it - it is in virginal condition. It was also $5 and new ones like this go for $100 on up - Ho. Li. Crap - just checked at Grainger, they are $327.57 each.. Industrial strength. The dog bowls will be used in my new shop as well as the enclosure. I am planning to build a large CNC plasma cutter and this will make an excellent control panel. There is another person in the island that has a large CNC router for wood, plastic and aluminum. We both consider ourselves to be "makers" so there is no problem sharing each others tools if the schedule permits. Win/Win. Finding a lot of interesting and talented people here doing fascinating things. Finally, stopped by Seattle Pottery Supply and got some insulation board for my welding rod oven build. I was planning on using some refactory material but this is friable (I love that a potato is both fryable and friable) and would get worn away with the welding rods gouging out the sides. This stuff is a good insulator but it is very rigid and strong.

This morning's net was good - not the first tuesday so we didn't do a big drill but it was fun - getting to know the other people so associating faces with names and call signs.

Tired so surf for a bit and then to bed.

Back from meeting

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Very long day tomorrow so no posting tonight - early bedtime.

About that global warming cooling

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The earth is cooling down - from Global News Canada:

Snow falling on B.C.’s interior highways with more expected
Snow is falling on some of B.C.’s interior highways Wednesday morning and more is expected to fall Wednesday and into Thursday.

Tell me again what the emergency is...

Atmospheric CO2

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Great video - the speaker is from Australia so the presentation is addressing some Aussie legislation but his point is spot on and his numbers are flawless.

Tip of the hat to Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man for the link.

Dissension in the ranks - Joe Biden

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Looks like a former President is getting his knickers in a bunch - from the New York Post:

Obama worries Biden’s 2020 bid could ‘damage his legacy’: report
Former President Barack Obama tried to talk Joe Biden out of jumping into the race for the Democratic presidential nomination — and fears his veep could “damage his legacy” with his White House bid, according to a report.

“You don’t have to do this, Joe, you really don’t,” the former president told Biden before the front-runner entered the race, insiders told the New York Times.

Biden has repeatedly cited his relationship with his old boss as he touts his credentials on the campaign trail — but Obama has asked Biden staffers to make sure the gaffe-prone veep does not “damage his legacy” or “embarrass himself” during his run.

They have been unable to prevent him from making verbal blunders, like his claim last week that “poor kids are just as bright … as white kids” and his insistence that there are “at least three” genders.

The former president has told insiders of his worries that Biden’s top aides are “too old and out of touch with the current political climate.”

Heh - couple this with his son Hunter's sweetheart deals with the Chinese government (here, here and here) and you have an un-electable package.

Who? From Yahoo News:

John Delaney draws 11 people to 2020 event – does he truly think he can win?
John Delaney has poured a staggering $24m of his own money into running for president. He has been campaigning for the White House for more than two years, and in that time has held more than 200 events in Iowa.

On one recent Thursday morning, these efforts translated into a grand total of 11 people coming out to see Delaney, at a campaign event in the small town of Algona, in the north of the state.

They have nothing.

Back home from meeting one

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Went well - productive. I was shanghai'd into serving on the board of one of the groups I am involved with here and was "elected" (railroaded comes to mind) as their Vice President at the last general meeting. Met with the president this afternoon to go over some of my responsibilities as well as just getting to know each other. The board meeting for this group is tonight - my other meeting for the day.

Doing the emergency radio drill tomorrow morning and then heading South to pick up my new electrical bicycle. Looking forward to getting this - been looking at them for a long time. Perfect for all the hills around here.

Out the door - two meetings today

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Heading out for the usual. Got a meeting at 2PM and another one at 6:30PM. Cool and overcast but no precip so far. Supposed to get rain on Wednesday but we will see... Working at home today.

Poetic justice

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I bet that most people do not know what Halal meat involves. It is brutal and painful for the animal being butchered. Western ways are much more sanitary and painless. Seems that one cow got her licks in though. From News Punch:

Muslim Cleric Killed by Cow About To Have It’s Throat Cut While Conscious
Muslims recently celebrated Eid al-Adha, the Islamic festival that involves killing millions of helpless animals (sheep, goats, cows, camels) that are forced to have their necks cut so they bleed to death slowly while fully conscious and writhing in pain, which can take several minutes depending on the size of the animal.

However the ancient animal sacrifice didn’t go to plan for one Muslim cleric in Indonesia, who was set to participate in qurban (animal sacrifice) during Sunday’s Idul Adha in Blitar, East Java.

Sureki, 64, has died following three days of being in a coma after a “big and fierce” cow that was about to have it’s throat cut while fully conscious escaped from it’s tethers, ran approximately 200 yards, out and “struck his chin with it’s head.”

According to the Jakarta Post, the Islamic cleric died on Wednesday evening at Ngudi Waluyo Hospital after being attacked by the cow at Miftahul Jannah Mosque in Wlingi subdistrict, Blitar.

Halal meats are just another perfect example of how ignorant and brutal this 9th century culture is. Islam really needs a reformation. Christianity had one and we are much better for it. Time for the muslims to step up to the plate.

Great news - guns

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Guns and mental health. From One America News:

Potential Mass Shooting Thwarted In Fla.
Just weeks after two back to back mass shootings rocked the U.S., authorities in Florida stopped a man who bragged about his plans to carry out a horrific attack of his own.

25-year-old Tristan Scott Wix was arrested Friday in the parking lot of a Daytona Beach grocery store. His ex-girlfriend contacted authorities after Wix allegedly sent her alarming text messages, saying he wanted to open fire on a large crowd. He also claimed to already have a target in mind.

After his arrest, Wix told detectives he didn’t have any weapons, but the Volusia County sheriff said that wasn’t the case:

“It was a 22 caliber hunting rifle, and he had 400 rounds of ammunition. So, the mall is right across the street from us. Saturday afternoon walking through the mall with 400 rounds of ammunition just sniping people, by the time police get there, you’re going to have a pretty high body count.”
— Sheriff Mike Chitwood, Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Good that the police actually listened and followed through. Another mentally ill person off the streets. Time to reopen the institutions.

An interesting development - Hong Kong

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Now this makes things interesting - from Yahoo/Associated Press:

China lashes out at Taiwan over Hong Kong asylum offer
China lashed out at Taiwan on Monday over its offer of political asylum to participants in Hong Kong's pro-democracy protest movement, a day after hundreds of thousands of people marched peacefully in the latest massive demonstration in the Chinese territory.

The government of Taiwan, a self-ruled island that China considers its own territory, strongly supports the protests, and Hong Kong students in Taiwan held events over the weekend expressing their backing. Taiwan's president made the asylum offer last month, though it's not clear if requests have been received.

Taiwan lacks a formal legal mechanism for assessing and granting asylum requests, although it has granted residency to several vocal opponents of the Chinese government.

On Monday, Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for the Chinese Cabinet's Taiwan Affairs Office, said Taiwan's offer would "cover up the crimes of a small group of violent militants" and encourage their "audacity in harming Hong Kong and turn Taiwan into a "heaven for ducking the law."

Ma demanded that Taiwan's government "cease undermining the rule of law" in Hong Kong, cease interfering in its affairs and not "condone criminals."

The Communist authoritarian tyrants are starting to show their true colors. It was never about the people, it was about gaining power and money. Hong Kong is an economic powerhouse and China wants it all. Same for Taiwan. I have visited both places and loved them. Great people, great times. They need to be autonomous and free to determine their own path.


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Heh - Antifa

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Great meme:


My next project

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When I was at the auction last week, one of the items I was bidding on was a welding rod oven. My favorite rod is 7018 and you get a lot better operation and cleanup if it is stored in a bone-dry environment. They ship it in sealed plastic or metal containers but as soon as you open it, air and moisture start coming in. I use a desiccant pack for mine and that works OK but is not preferred. Plus, using a hot rod allows for easier starting and a more stable arc. Win/win.

Unfortunately, these are expensive. The units at the auction were going for much more than they were really worth.

Here is the high end:


And here is the low end:


There are pluses and minuses to each unit. The big unit can store 350 pounds of rod. This is great for a large fab shop with several welders using different kinds of rods on a daily basis. It also has an adjustable thermostat for specific rod temperatures. The downside is that it takes a lot of counter space and costs $3,342.59 plus tax. Wince!

The low end unit will only hold ten pounds which is one box of rods. It only has one fixed temperature. I want to hold maybe sixty pounds so I can have different types of rod (6010 and 6013) as well as different diameters. Again, each one comes in a ten pound box.

It occurred to me that it would not be difficult to build my own. I ordered a PID temperature controller from Amazon for $40. It arrived today. The unit has all the parts I need - the PID controller, the K-type thermocouple and a solid state relay to switch my heater. I picked up a smallish 3,500 Watt water heater element for $7 at a local hardware store and it fits into a bog-standard 1" National Pipe Thread.

Proportional–Integral–Derivative controllers are very very cool - from the Infogalactic entry:

A PID controller continuously calculates an error value as the difference between a measured process variable and a desired setpoint. The controller attempts to minimize the error over time by adjustment of a control variable, such as the position of a control valve, a damper, or the power supplied to a heating element, to a new value determined by a weighted sum:

Comes up to temp faster and holds temp better. It will "learn" what to do when the door is opened - how best to recover from the temperature drop. Looking at about $40 in steel sheet for the case and some expanded mesh for the inside shelving. Already have refactory materials for the wall insulation. Planning to do a YouTube video when I do the build in a couple of weeks.

Muahahahahaha - welcome to my lair...

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Going to be pricey but looks like a lot of fun for the right person. From

Aston Martin Will Build You Your Very Own Supervillain Lair
Ever dreamed of having your very own Bond villain-worthy lair to house your fancy ride? Aston Martin is here to make that dream come true (insert evil laugh).

The luxury sports car manufacturer has unveiled a new service that enables car enthusiasts and collectors to customize the perfect space for their Aston Martin — whether it’s a bespoke underground garage or a glass-encased luxury retreat.

The service, called Automotive Galleries and Lairs, lets clients work directly with the Aston Martin Design Team, as well as with renowned architects that have local knowledge and an excellent understanding of the specifics of the brief.

Their press release for this service is here: ASTON MARTIN AUTOMOTIVE GALLERIES AND LAIRS

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Classic move by clueless politicians. From Top Gear:

Is it the beginning of the end for drive-thrus?
Bad news for lazy people who like their fast food on the go (and influencers looking for a clickbait title for their supercar video) as the days of drive-thrus are numbered.

At least in Minneapolis, anyway. The city has banned the building of drive-thru windows in order to reduce emissions, noise and pedestrian accidents. They specifically state vehicle emissions will be reduced, but no doubt human flatulence inside cars will also fall given this new ruling. Either way, this could be the first roll of the snowball that could see drive-thrus being a thing of the past.

Following a city council vote, members have voted to update zoning laws that will ban the construction of any new drive-thru windows in America’s 46th largest city. The Minneapolis City Council declared the zoning change will help achieve the city’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent come 2050. But businesses with existing drive-thru operations needn’t worry, as they’ll still be allowed.

I really think that city councils should be banned. Nothing good comes of them except for more nanny-ism and micromanagement by people who are living in a bubble. Seattle and Bellingham are perfect examples.

We need the same kind of parliamentary body as the State and Federal House of Representatives so the citizens can vote on everything and the Representative works for the citizens of their district. The councils are not held responsible for their poor thinking and judgement.

Dinner is good

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Heading out in a bit - two pints of beer have my name on them.

Cooling off so will take the dogs with me - they have been in the garage throughout the heat. Too hot in the car even in the shade. Back in a couple of hours.

Gun violence - some analysis

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Willis Eschenbach is a favorite blogger of mine. He is a great storyteller as well as the owner of a very keen mind with a penchant for mathmatics and anaysis. Here is his take on gun violence in the USA

What’s Behind Gun Murders?
Well, I did this analysis about a year ago, but I hadn’t posted it because I knew that people would call me “RACIST!!” … but what I’m posting are simple facts. Plus at this point I’ve been falsely called a RACIST!! so many times it doesn’t even register any more.

Let me start with a much less contentious bit of analysis. This is the correlation between the rates of gun ownership and the gun murder rate. The short answer is … no relationship.

Just go and read the whole thing.

Well summer was nice while it lasted

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From Seattle weather guru Cliff Mass:

The First Autumn Storm Makes Landfall on Wednesday
It is very typical for first "autumn-like" storm to reach our region during the third week of August....and this year will not be an exception. In fact, we have two systems that will be making landfall this week, with the first one being the strongest.

You can see the impact of this "first autumn storm" in the precipitation climatology Seattle. Below is the daily climatological probability of enjoying at least .01 inches at Sea-Tac. At the end of August the probability jumps to roughly 25%!

Much more at the site. We usually have a wonderful Indian Summer but these first storms are the beginning of Fall and Winter to be sure. That certainly jives with the local forecast:


A new term - ELI5

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When you give an explanation in the simplest possible terms, you are ELI5-ing.

From the Urban Dictionary:

Explain Like I'm 5.

Used when you want someone to explain something in the simplest way possible.

Hey, Can you ELI5 the Bermuda Triangle.

Going to remember (and use) that one - cute.

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