February 1, 2004

Archbishop of Canterbury - On his knees before terror

The selection of the new Archbishop of Canterbury (Rowan Williams) took people a bit by surprise since he was -- at best -- as excellent an example of moonbat as ever walked down the aisle. From Melanie Phillips blog: bq. Is there no limit to the extent to which the Archbishop of Canterbury will suck up to terror? Yesterday's genocide bomb on the number 19 bus in Jerusalem, which killed ten people and wounded 44, was carried out by a Palestinian Authority policeman. On the same day, Dr Rowan Williams was at the end of his week's visit to the Holy Land. Did he tour the hospitals offering his condolences to the injured and bereaved? He did not. Did he visit the site of the bombing? He did not. Instead, this man of peace spent the day in Ramallah where he was presented with a medal by Yasser Arafat, chairman of the same Palestinian Authority. bq. But don't worry -- he deplored the loss of yet more lives from 'communities' where too much blood had already been spilt. Note that word 'communities'. Even when Jews are being blown up around him, he cannot bring himself to identify them as victims and the Palestinians as their murderers, but must offer equal sympathy to both sides. Nauseating. The man is a disgrace to his calling. Melanie is calling this one correctly - the use of deferment words - 'communities' instead of Israelis, 'blood spilt' instead of terrorism and he accepts a medal from the very community leader who is ringleading all the spilling of blood. This from the world leader of the Episcopal Church... Bleagh. This is supposed to be a position of moral high-ground and strength, not of pandering. Posted by DaveH at February 1, 2004 9:35 PM