April 18, 2006

Oh So Busted!!! -- Live from the French Quarter, New Orleans redux

On April 13th, a number of people noticed something a little "off" in the image at the top of Kimberly Butler's website. She is running for Mayer of New Orleans and her website showed her in the French Quarter. The problem is that the waste basket in the background is identical in size, shape and design to those used at Disneyland. I visited her website this evening and noticed that there had been a little bit of Photoshop happening... Original image from her website:
Image from today:
Here is a whole-screen capture of the original page. Here is the active link to her page. Two things come to mind. #1) - there has to be a photogenic spot in New Orleans; she didn't have to travel all the way to California to shoot a publicity shot unless this is her style of government (and that was a corporate jet that she "borrowed" for the trip.) #2) - if this is an interim shot until a replacement can be made, fine. If not, if this is the permanent replacement, her action on this is bullshit. Quietly weaseling out without a public apology or word of explanation speaks reams of the governmental style of New Orleans. Posted by DaveH at April 18, 2006 8:20 PM