February 23, 2007

David Suzuki - trashing the environment while saving the environment while...

Hat tip to Dust My Broom for a link to how ex-fruit-fly geneticist and popular television host David Suzuki is doing his part for the environment while on his Canadian coast to coast tour. From Lisa at Dust My Broom:
David Suzuki is a carbon-spewing beast
Tom Brodbeck, writing for the Winnipeg Sun, questions David Suzuki’s carbon polluting transportation choice for his cross-country propaganda tour:
With all the alternative-energy modes of transportation out there, Suzuki and his entourage are crossing Canada in a sprawling, “rock-star-style” diesel-burning tour bus, emitting more greenhouse gases during his 30-day tour than many of us do in a year.

That’s right. Mr. Kyoto isn’t so green after all.

“It’s diesel,” Jason Curan, a media staff member on the Suzuki tour told Sun Media yesterday. “It’s a tour bus — kind of like a rock-star tour bus.”

You know, one of those big-ass, diesel-guzzling, carbon-spewing beasts?

The kind that emits tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and supposedly contributes to some future catastrophic climate event.

[..] You want to know how many people are travelling with Mr. Kyoto in this oversized carbon burner? Seven. Sometimes eight — including the bus driver.
A link to the Winnipeg Sun article here: Eco-icon not so green Lisa also had some photos of the bus -- it is a monster:


Quite the rig and no, they were not able to get Bio-Diesel fuel, it's running on straight dead dinosaurs. Posted by DaveH at February 23, 2007 8:27 PM
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