July 7, 2008

Welcome back DeLorean DMC-12

Very high geekdom indeed -- from Mr. Jalopnik:
The Future Is Back: Jalopnik Tours New DeLorean HQ
Owners of the ultimate geek car, the DeLorean, are no strangers to modifying their McFly rides, including hovercraft and electric conversions of the iconic silver-skinned sports car. Now, thanks to the new DeLorean Motor Company, buyers of new DeLoreans and owners of the classic ones can outfit them with everything but a Mr. Fusion. We stopped by the new DMC's headquarters in Houston, where we got the scoop on the new DeLorean and more importantly, what you can now do with the old one.
Very cool -- I wouldn't mind owning one of these especially with the upgrades. Prices start at $57K but we are looking at a new engine and power train with upgraded interior. Nice to see them being built again even if it's only a labor of love. Posted by DaveH at July 7, 2008 10:13 PM | TrackBack
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