October 5, 2008

From the department of DUUUHHHH!!!

From United Press International:
Oprah's mom files countersuit over bill
Oprah Winfrey's mother has filed a countersuit against a Wisconsin clothing boutique claiming if it hadn't extended her credit she wouldn't owe it $150,000.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported Winfrey's 73-year-old mother, Vernita Lee, argued in court papers that she shouldn't have to pay the bill for purchases and interest Valentina Inc., said she owed because the store allowed her an open-ended charge account even though it was aware she has trouble managing debt.

Her filing described the account as "unconscionable, and therefore, unenforceable because Valentina knowingly and unfairly took advantage of Lee's lack of knowledge, ability, and/or capacity when Valentina created the account."
Nice to see her sense of entitlement is as strong as ever. What a putz! If you have 'problems', don't apply for credit. It seems obvious to me that the store knew that she was related to Oprah and that they figured Oprah would cover the bill is mom didn't choose to... This person needs to grow a pair and get on with their life... Posted by DaveH at October 5, 2008 4:42 PM
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