December 25, 2008

Over half of the USA is covered in snow

59% to be exact. From Watts Up With That:
Half of the USA is covered in snow
This is something you don�t see every day. We recently heard that Canada had a white Christmas EVERYWHERE, the first time in four decades. Here we see that the USA has an increased albedo (surface reflectivity) for about 1/2 of it�s land area. The increased albedo combined with low sun angle this time of year conspires to keep ice and snow unmelted.

Look for a long and extended winter weather pattern as we head towards the spring equinox, which can�t get here fast enough.
We were supposed to get rain tomorrow but the sky is dead clear tonight and the snow temp is 1.5F with the air temp at 6F -- the difference is the effect of radiation cooling. This year had an unusually long spring -- very few farms were able to harvest corn as it simply did not get warm enough to be knee high by the 4th of July (a traditional Farming metric). A local winery has a small vineyard (they buy most of their grapes from producers in Eastern Washington) and that vineyard hardly produced anything. Sunspot activity is still at a very low level. What will it take for the Anthropogenic Global Warming morons to wake up -- the people like Danny the Red in my earlier post tonight. Posted by DaveH at December 25, 2008 11:50 PM
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