January 31, 2009

Not having a good day? Be happy you are not this poor soul

From the South Carolina News and Observer:
Tandem instructor dies mid-jump; other man survives
A 49-year-old skydiving instructor died of an apparent heart attack Saturday afternoon, seconds after jumping out of a plane with a first-time diver.

The pair were attached to the same parachute in a form of skydiving known as a tandem-jump.

The men's identities were not immediately available.

When they landed on the ground, the diver tried unsuccessfully to revive his instructor using CPR. But the heart attack occurred about a minute into the jump, and too much time had elapsed for the instructor to have any chance of surviving, said Chester County Coroner Terry Tinker.

The instructor worked for Skydive Carolina Parachute Center, a business located next to the Chester County Airport. Reached late Saturday afternoon, an employee declined to comment.

Tandem-jumping is the company�s most popular program, according to its Web site. Divers take a 30-minute safety course.

�You will accelerate to over 120 miles per hour for up to 60 seconds,� the Web site says. �Then you can pull the ripcord and enjoy a breath taking five minute flight under your parachute built for two. Yes, these parachutes truly fly and you get to assist your instructor in steering.�
As one commenter stated:
Another good reason NOT to jump out of a perfectly good plane.
My sentiments exactly... Posted by DaveH at January 31, 2009 9:06 PM