August 12, 2009

A sweet ride - electric motorcycle

Not just any electric motorcycle but one built by Orange County Choppers... From Wired:
Orange County Choppers Builds an EV. Seriously


Known for building machines as brutish as they are loud, Orange County Choppers has produced this paradoxical bike touted as the “first custom electric American chopper.” The showpiece exhibits the trademark OCC outrageous ode to flair and themed design, but this time you won’t hear it coming from a mile away.

On Wednesday, Siemens, the electronics and electrical engineering global powerhouse, unveiled the Smart Chopper it commissioned from the renowned custom motorcycle outfit. Siemens claims the bike has a 60-mile range and a 100 mph top speed. An onboard charging unit can be plugged into any 110-volt socket to charge the bike in five hours, and Siemens says it’ll charge in as little as one hour when plugged into a higher-voltage station. A single-speed, clutch-less transmission delivers the power from a 27-hp electric motor.
Cool and considering who is doing the design and engineering, we can be assured that these are real numbers and not something inflated (cough-Tesla-cough) for the press releases. Hat tip to Neatorama for the link. Posted by DaveH at August 12, 2009 7:24 PM | TrackBack