April 8, 2010

This should be fun to watch - time to grab a bowl of popcorn and tune to CSPAN

From Jed Babbin writing at Breitbart's Big Government:
Waxman Plans Industry Show Trials
Democrats understand that passage of Obama’s healthcare “reforms” will probably hurt them in November, so they’re doing everything they can to dampen the anger directed at them and turn it against someone – anyone – else.

Anger-dampening was built into the bill, postponing the tax increases and other burdens Americans will feel directly until after the 2010 elections (and some until after 2012). Obama and the congressional Democrats are out bragging about the rainbows and unicorns they’ve produced.

But now several major American companies – AT&T, Verizon, Deere & Co. and Caterpillar – are spoiling the carefully-planned narrative by saying that they will incur huge losses (impliedly causing job losses) because of the costs they will incur under the Obamacare plan.

As a result, congressional Dems are planning a public punishment of the heretics.

According to a Washington Examiner report, “Caterpillar stated in an SEC filing they would earn $100M less in 2010, Verizon sent emails to employees informing them of their expected costs to increase in the short term, and AT&T filed with the SEC that they expect a $1B hit because of the new law.”

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Cal), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, has asked the CEO’s of AT&T, Deere & Co., Verizon and Caterpillar to testify on April 21 at a hearing into the companies’ declared financial losses caused by the new healthcare legislation.

In letters to the CEOs, Waxman has demanded that they produce every piece of paper (and e-mail) seen or prepared or reviewed by senior company officials related to the cost impact projections of the healthcare “reforms.”
Heh... You do not rise to become the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company by being stupid. These people are going to come well-prepared with documentation up the yin-yang. They will have read the whole healthcare bill and will be able to cite line item by line item just where the money will be going. I really hope that CSPAN carries this, just to watch Waxman squirm... Posted by DaveH at April 8, 2010 8:05 PM | TrackBack