July 8, 2010

A breath of fresh air - alt.energy

Popular Mechanics did another of their bang-up exposés -- this time they present the Top 10 Energy Myths:
Debunking the Top 10 Energy Myths
The road to clean energy is full of enticing opportunities—and perilous pitfalls. Picking the best path requires avoiding both starry-eyed hype and cynical fatalism. In this special report, PM debunks 10 of the most pernicious myths that could derail our progress.
I am dealing with this a lot where I live. A lot of people really have their hearts in the right places but have been fed a diet of Unicorn farts and Moonbeams and they simply do not have the numbers. There are some good places to go -- Amory Lovins had the idea of the Nega-Watt -- energy conserved is energy saved. Expecting to get baseline from solar or wind is a fools chase and the smart grid is the same old grid we already have with draconian monitoring and demand switches -- you load your clothes dryer or your dishwasher and the central office will control when it turns on (when there is surplus energy). As with any kind of price fixing (unnh... Carter / Gas prices?), expect this to fall apart soon... Posted by DaveH at July 8, 2010 10:55 PM | TrackBack
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