July 6, 2010

Got a biggie - Taliban #2 CONFIRMED!

Back on May 10th, I read several reports that Mullah Omar had been captured by friendly forces. I posted about this on May 13th but that there really wasn't a lot of verifiable information. Today, from Brad Thor over at Breitbart's Big Government:
Afghan TV Confirms BIGs Scoop: Mullah Omar in Pakistani Custody
Back on May 10th, we broke the story that Taliban leader, Mullah Omar had been captured by the Pakistanis.

Our reporting was subsequently backed up by The Jawa Report, Oliver North, Millblogger Baba Tim, Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive.net, the Nation, and Iranian Television. Even Newsweek magazine added a dog to the hunt with their story, Taliban in Turmoil, chronicling the total disarray the Taliban have been in since Mullah Omar disappeared.
My initial hesitation is that most of these stories were quoting the same source materials and there was no real corroboration from an independent source. Well today, from an Afghanistan Television station (via Xinhua Net News):
Taliban chief Mullah Omar detained in Pakistan: Afghan television
An Afghan popular television channel Tolo citing Pakistani media reported Tuesday that Taliban chief Mullah Mohammad Omar has been arrested in Pakistan.

Tolo also showed a picture of the one-eyed Mullah Omar without giving more details.

Meantime, a Taliban spokesman Qari Yusuf Ahmadi in talks with Xinhua via telephone from undisclosed location rejected the report as mere western propaganda, saying Taliban chief is free, and enjoys sound health and in full command of his fighters.

Previously, Taliban second-in-command Mullah Brather was arrested in Karachi city of Pakistan months ago.
Sounds plausible. I love that he is in the hands of the Pakistanis -- no Miranda rights or other Progressive bullshit. Posted by DaveH at July 6, 2010 10:26 PM | TrackBack
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