September 9, 2010

That is it for the next couple of days

Festival 542 starts Saturday. Tomorrow will be spent running final errands -- spent today putting up the tents and making final arrangements for food and such. Got the beer dispensers ready to roll. The next three days will be a blur so don't expect too much posting. Check out the link for Festival 542. The organizer -- Charlie -- has a great vision but is a major control freak and very... horribly disorganized. Wants to change food orders two days before the event -- things like that (said food order being placed with our wholesaler two weeks ago). A bunch of us are working to provide the food and to staff the aid stations along the route and we are proposing a new event -- the 5K Chase Charlie Fun Run. Charlie will get a five second head start and we will run after him with hammers, pieces of water pipe, tree limbs, etc... Posted by DaveH at September 9, 2010 8:59 PM
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