August 13, 2011

A weather two-fer from Cliff Mass

Cliff Mass is a Professor of Atmospheric Sciences and maintains a wonderful blog for local weather. Two posts caught my eye. First: the new Langley Hill radar is now online and will be one of the premier Weather Radars in the USA:
A New Chapter In Pacific Northwest Weather Forecasting
With all the depressing news these days, some good news is more than welcome. And I have very good news: some important Northwest weather history was made last week: the new coastal radar was turned on and we have received some of the first images. After nearly twenty years of local lobbying for this device, it is now a reality.
The homepage for the radar is here. Second: if you thought this was a long wet spring, we may be in for even more next year:
Fears of a Double Dip
Nothing terrifies Northwesteners more.

Many of us have suffered greatly because of it.

Folks are depressed over its effects.

Supposed experts are not sure which way it will go.

And the media can't seem to get enough of it, with headlines and articles describing its unpleasant effects all the time.

The nation's financial mess? Political paralysis in Washington D.C.?


I am talking about the threat of...dare I say it?...the return of La Nina next winter. Or to use a technical term: a double-dip La Nina.
Well crap. We are in the grip of a Pacific Decadal Oscillation, the sun is unnaturally quiet and now this little ray of sunshine. I have four cords of firewood laid up from last year -- maybe I should be getting another couple cords just in case... Posted by DaveH at August 13, 2011 4:34 PM
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