May 2, 2012

Another useless hack butting in where he should not be

Talk about major asshat -- 'Senator' John Kerry is over in Egypt playing at diplomacy. From The Jewish Press:
Senator Kerry in Talks with Muslim Brothers Presidential Candidate
Senator John Kerry, head of the Senate foreign relations committee, arrived in Cairo Tuesday evening, as part of his tour of the region, to hold talks with Egyptian officials about the �democratic transformation� of Egypt, according to the Kuwaiti news agency KUNA. Kerry and his Egyptian hosts will be discussing the presidential elections due late in May, and the conflicts in the region, including Syria, the Sudan and Israel.

According to Al Ahram, Senator Kerry and US Ambassador to Cairo Ann Patterson will meet with Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate and head of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Mohamed Mursi, at the FJP headquarters on Wednesday.
The guy has never worked a day in his life. He married into money and is Livin' La Vida Loca off of her ketchup dollars. He is one of our elite masterminds in Washington who know how to manage our lives better than we do. His presidential run a few years ago show the content of his character. A bit more about the Muslim Brotherhood can be found here at Discover the Networks:
Founded in 1928 by the Egyptian schoolteacher/activist Hasan al-Banna (a devout admirer of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis), the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) -- a Sunni entity -- is one of the oldest, largest and most influential Islamist organizations in the world. While Egypt historically has been the center of the Brotherhood�s operations, the group today is active in more than 70 countries (some estimates range as high as 100+). Islam expert Robert Spencer has called MB "the parent organization of Hamas and al Qaeda." In 2003, Richard Clarke � the chief counterterrorism advisor on the U.S. National Security Council during both the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations � told a Senate committee that Hamas, al Qaeda, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad were all "descendants of the membership and ideology of the Muslim Brothers."
Lots more at the site. These people are the worst of the worst. To think that we can open diplomatic relations with them is downright foolish in the worst Carterian sense of the word. They will view this as weakness on our part, they will cut us some slack to show how 'tolerant' and 'understanding' they are and all the while, they will be massing forces to commit acts of terror in the USA. They are masters of public relations and spin. They are also pure evil and need to be shut down for good. John F. Kerry is a fool tool. Posted by DaveH at May 2, 2012 9:56 PM
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