January 4, 2013

Oh hell no - Bawney Frank wants back into politics

From The Weekly Standard:
Barney Begs to Be Senator Frank
Barney Frank admitted this morning on MSNBC that he has asked Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick to pick him to replace John Kerry in the Senate.

"Iíve told the governor I would now like, frankly, to" be the senator, said Frank.

Frank suggested he wants the seat so that he can fight for an increased debt ceiling in the Senate. He had previously said he had no interest in filling the position, but said the next few months will be "important."

The appointment would only be temporary. And he'd step down after a special election to replace Kerry, who has been nominated to be the next secretary of state. Frank says he won't run for the seat.

The special election to fill the Senate seat the old fashioned way will likely be held in several months.
For the idiot who crafted Dodd-Frank to get anywhere near a position of power would be a serious detriment to our Nation. Increasing the debt-ceiling? Excuse me? Posted by DaveH at January 4, 2013 8:17 PM
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