March 16, 2004

CNN weighs in on Iran civil protests

From the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler himself, Emperor Misha comes this story of CNN finally reporting the huge civil unrest in Iran. These are the protests I wrote about here bq. Whoa, the Media "Wake Up" Well, it seems we were wrong. CNN has finally discovered that something is going on in Iran. Uprisings? Bloody beatings of civilians by the theocratic regime so beloved by CNN? bq. TEHRAN, Iran (Reuters) -- Iranians danced in the street, threw firecrackers and jumped over bonfires Tuesday night as authorities openly tolerated an ancient fire festival for the first time in 25 years. Misha comments: bq. Yep, that's it. bq. The Iranian people, yearning for freedom, is demonstrating in the streets while the Mad Mullahs, fearful of their lives, are finally and reluctantly calling off their hired hands murdering and brutalizing everybody in sight, and all that CNN reports (via Roto-Reuters, who else?) is how the wonderful Robed Rats are generously allowing the people to celebrate in an unprecedented show of openness and tolerance. bq. If anybody anywhere EVER again says to you that "they heard it on CNN" and uses it as an argument, you have our Imperial Blessings to kick them in the nads, drive a knee into their face and piss on their crumpled, whimpering body. bq. "Journalists", my ass. This has not been covered by the media at all and it's major - 200,000 teachers out on strike, people marching, protesting and the mullahs hiding in their houses. Good news - another domino starts to teeter... The Iranian people are not stupid and they see that we are treating Libya well. They talk to people in Afghanistan and Iraq. They want in on the 21st Century -- let us welcome them! UPDATE: Reader Ric on Misha's blog says the following: bq. Misha, I know a very little more about this, and I'm grinning. Clearly I know more than CNN does, or they wouldn't have spun it this way. bq. Before it was Iran it was Persia, and Persians worshipped, or more accurately venerated, Zoroaster. Zoroastrians don't worship fire, but they use it a lot in religious ceremonies. bq. Muhammad had a special place in his heart for the "fire worshippers." Those parts of the Koran are fun to read, in a gruesome sort of way. You can imagine him speaking, occasionally stopping to suavely wipe the spittle from his lips. Zoroastrians aren't People of the Book, just misguided; they aren't even Pagans, who only need to be enslaved. They are defiant opponents of God and the Good. We're the Great Satan. Zoroastrians are about two cuts below that. Evil incarnate. bq. And the Mad Mullahs, the most intolerant Islamists available until you find al Qutb and Waha'ab, are "tolerating" the "ancient religious festival" of the Zoroastrian New Year? Buuuwahaha! Put it this way: would you, or CNN, smell a rat if somebody gave you a tip that the B'nai B'rith was organizing a pig roast? bq. Regards, Ric Heh... Posted by DaveH at March 16, 2004 10:46 PM