April 7, 2004

A car, a tow truck and a repo man.

Not to mention a hacked off owner who has title with no loan and a Cop and a Lawyer. Hat tip to amcgltd. The story is on an online forum: Rocky Mountain Club 85: bq. Last night I go down stairs to the garage to get a CD out of my Golf. (I park in a coverd parking garage for my apartment building) and my car is gone. So at this point I feel like im haveing a heart attack I couldent belive that its gone. I go back up stairs to call CSPD and when I get them on the phone to report it stolen, the officer on the other end says that I cant report it stolen because its been REPOED!!! WTF! Their is no loan on the Golf so how can it be repoed I told him. He says that he dosent know it was reported to them as being repoed an hour and a half before. So I ask him what company repoed it so I can contact them and get my car back. He wont tell me he says that I need to call the bank and they will tell me. At this point I lost it, [me yelling at the cop>] THIEIR IS NO BANK FOR ME TO CALL, I DONT HAVE A LOAN ON THAT CAR!!!! So he gets me to calm down and finally tells me who took my car. He even writes updates to the forum while the Cop and Lawyer are sitting there waiting for the repo people to return the car. Talk about customer service... Sheesh! Posted by DaveH at April 7, 2004 10:23 PM