April 28, 2004

A Very Hairy Sheep

Hat tip to SemiSkinned for this story about a Merino sheep who was able to evade capture for six years. From BBC News: bq. A renegade New Zealand sheep that managed to evade the shearers for six years has finally had a haircut. bq. Shrek, the Merino sheep, was shorn live on national television by top shearers David Fagan and Peter Casserley. bq. The 10-year-old sheep had managed to roam freely on New Zealand's South Island for more than six years before being finally rounded up. bq. Shrek's giant fleece - possibly the largest ever - is to be auctioned off for children's medical charities. shrek.jpg Posted by DaveH at April 28, 2004 9:17 AM