April 22, 2004

A view from Falluja

Interesting letter linked to by the Junk Yard Blog. The letter is published in Newsmax bq. ...the writer asks why this troubled city is on the news every night. His answer: "Because it is one of the few places in all of Iraq where trouble exists." bq. He goes on to note that while Iraq has 25 million people and is the size of California, Falluja and surrounding towns total just 500,000 people. "Do the math: that's not a big percentage of Iraq. How many people were murdered last night in L.A.? Did it make headline news? Why not?" bq. According to the writer, the Coalition isn't alone in having trouble with Falluja. Saddam, he says "could not and did not control Falluja." bq. Instead, Saddam "bought off those he could, killed those he couldn't and played all leaders against one another. It was and is a 'difficult' town. Nothing new about that. bq. "What is new is that outside people have come in to stir up unrest. How many are there is classified, but let me tell you this: there are more people in the northeast Minneapolis gangs than there are causing havoc in Falluja. Surprised?" bq. In light of all this, why, he asks is Falluja getting such massive media coverage? He goes on to explain that "the major news outlets have camera crews permanently posted in Falluja." bq. As a result, if terrorists from outside Iraq are looking for air time to promote their cause, where would they go to terrorize, bomb, mutilate and destroy, knowing their atrocities will be broadcast around the world instantly? The answer: "Falluja." So true - the people causing the problems are the same ones who cheered Saddam and who benefited by his corruption. There is also support coming in from Syria and Egypt and other nations in that area by people who do not want democracy to take hold. This is a small area in a large country - the rest of the place is doing very well. Posted by DaveH at April 22, 2004 3:18 PM