April 14, 2004

Air America off the air?

It seems that a few of the stations (Chicago and LA) distributing the new left Talk Radio show reverted to their original format this morning. The moonbat site - Democratic Underground has a thread. I would think that these are critical markets and to loose these stations makes it seem like there isn't that much of a market share for Liberal Talk Radio. I had blogged about it here a couple weeks ago looking at how they are playing on the smaller AM stations that previously carried diverse programming for the different ethnic communities and how they are displacing this with their own white-bread leftist cant. Should be interesting to see how long it lasts. I wonder how much $$$ Soros has sunk into it... UPDATE: According to reports, the reason the stations are off the air is because their $1 Million dollar check to pay for airtime bounced! Guess Soros wasn't paying enough... UPDATE: Just a thought but the Air America people have repeatedly said that they have enough funds to keep broadcasting without needing a profit for two years. If they have this kind of serious money backing them, why did they open up in such marginal radio stations and why didn't they start with wider coverage. Posted by DaveH at April 14, 2004 11:29 AM