April 8, 2004

Bill Whittle on Fallujah

One of my favorite writers - Bill Whittle - weighs in on what's happening in Fallujah: bq. CHIN UP! These have been tough days for our countrymen in Iraq. They may yet get tougher. But it will do us all some good to take a deep breath, and look at what some of our ancestors had to face in similar dark moments. bq. The killings in Fallujah of four civilian aid workers, and the subsequent mutilation of their bodies by cheering thugs and bloody-handed children filled me with rage and an overwhelming desire to turn my back on these savages and leave them to their own murderous history. Many of those people deserve nothing better. And I am bitterly disappointed that, having failed to overthrow their own murdering tyrant, the wider population of Iraqis has failed to rise to the occasion when their freedom was paid for them with the blood of our own sons and daughters. bq. This, of course, is exactly, precisely the reaction those murdering bastards were counting on, and I mean to do what I can to see that they do not get rewarded for their actions. They had assumed that if enough Americans could be killed, we would turn tail and run. This is not an unreasonable strategy on their part; we have trained these monsters to believe this about us in Beirut and Somalia, and the price we paid for minimizing pain then is coming due now, and will continue to come due until we can install some new programming into the surviving savages that commit these crimes. Bill goes on to cite some historical similarities and then finishes off with this observation: bq. Remember: we fight this 12th century Death Cult in Iraq or we fight them in New York. We chose. We will soon enough see if the Iraqis have earned the freedom Americans are dying to protect tonight. bq. That is irrelevant. We fight for our freedom. We have earned it. Excellent stuff! Posted by DaveH at April 8, 2004 10:10 AM