April 29, 2004

Book reviews

From Richard Bennett's Mossback's Progress comes this link to a new book at Amazon.com with the comment: bq. Check these book reviews on Amazon for insight into our culture's most pressing issues. Some excerpts from the reviews: bq. And what a saga it is, surpassing "Buddenbrooks", rivaling "War and Peace", leaving Dickens and Balzac bobbing in his wake. As the Millennium stumbles on towards a future too hideous to contemplate, Keane reminds us that family love, along with a bit of light-hearted dikplay, is just the tonic for jaded hearts. And more: bq. Another addition in a long list of family-centered literary and visual masterpieces, this book reveals, at long last, Billy's true desires. In a long, drawn out mushroom induced dream sequence, we first see Billy on the streets of Mogadishu, strung out on khat, looking for a way to get out of Somalia and start his life over again in America. Eventually, Billy wins a visa and is on his way! But after only a few weeks on the streets of NYC, we see Billy living in a cardboard crate... Truly a classic. Posted by DaveH at April 29, 2004 10:58 AM