April 13, 2004

Erin Brockovitch

Rob over at Gut Rumbles points to an interesting story about Erin Brockovitch. From the St. Petersburg Times: bq. Comforting residents coping with tragedy isn't the only way Brockovich has shaped the Coronet case - or other cases around the country that involve corporate polluters and claims of personal injury. When she rides to the rescue, complicated cases that involve hard-core science and huge financial stakes sometimes become imprinted with a Hollywood story line that may not jibe with the facts. bq. She has never set foot in Hillsborough County's rural Plant City, but her name alone is influencing news coverage, attracting clients and conferring credibility to illness reports. One person's comment: bq. "She's not a crusader," Zager said. "She's an opportunist." There is nothing wrong with seeking publicity but to do so by using people's fears and worries is not good... Posted by DaveH at April 13, 2004 4:27 PM