April 6, 2004

Further update on events in Baghdad

Yesterday, I linked to an article from the Healing Iraq blog. He has now published an update on the situation there: bq. Sadr's aide and head of his office in Najaf, Qays Al-Khaz'ali, has declared the latest looting and killing spree going on in several Iraqi southern cities as an Intifada against the occupation. Speaking on behalf of Muqtada, he stated that they will certainly not calm down any soon because the Quran orders them not to; "Fight those who fight against you". And he has also made it clear that they stand united with their 'Sunni brothers' in Ramadi, Fallujah, and Adhamiya in the resistance. From the "Follow the Money" department: bq. What surprises me is the almost professional coordination of the uprisings in all of these areas. I'm assuming, of course, that the money and equipment supplied by our dear Mullahs in Iran is being put to use good enough, not to mention the hundreds of Pasderan and Iranian intelligence officers.. sorry I mean Iranian Shia pilgrims that have been pouring into Iraq for months now. From the "Media Blood-lust" department: bq. Anyway, it seems that fighting is ongoing in Sadr city, northeast of Baghdad. A total of 110 Iraqis and 19 coalition soldiers killed in the last 12 hours according to Al-Jazeera, which I have never witnessed being any more hateful and provocative until this day. They keep displaying headlines like 'Occupation forces target more women and children in Sadr city' or 'Resistance in Fallujah forces occupation forces to withdraw from locations'. From the "for Allah-fscking-sake-get-a-clue" department: bq. No one knows where it is all heading. If this uprising is not crushed immediately and those militia not captured then there is no hope at all. If you even consider negotiations or appeasement, then we are all doomed. The Mullahs, Guns and Money are pouring in from Iran. The powers in Iran are running scared - Democracy is not what they want. For all of their religious teachings, these people are horribly horribly corrupt and want to stay that way. Out Now Please! A number of bloggers (myself as one of them) think that this is the worst battle to come and will also be the final real one. The Islamofascists are using their people as though they were eating their own seed corn. Nothing for the future. This is perhaps (and I ardently hope!) their Battle of the Bulge -- expensive for all sides but very instrumental in ending this and the final true and real decline and defeat of the Islamofascists. Spiritual purity is a very good thing but it has to start with your own heart and you need to keep polishing your heart like a mirror so that it will show the true reflection of your soul -- the cleanliness and love with no trace of hate or blindness. That is purity! Posted by DaveH at April 6, 2004 10:16 PM