April 20, 2004

Good boy Pongo

Wonderful story about a string of burglaries and the key evidence that cracked them. pongo.gif bq. The feel good moment happened after Morin searched pawn and game shops for his stuff, hoping to find it. He did. And thanks to Pongo's hair that sticks to everything, he made the I.D. bq. "It's amazing that he actually shed enough to get into the (game) covers," said Morin. bq. Turns out the burglar was not too bright and pawned the stolen items using his real name. It didn't take police long to catch up with him. Heh - Pongo was blowing his coat and that provided conclusive proof. (We have three dogs including a Siberian Husky whose coat-blowing is epic) Posted by DaveH at April 20, 2004 9:38 PM