April 23, 2004

Military Coffins

Last Sunday in the Seattle Times, an image of US Military Coffins being readied for transport home was published. The long-standing policy of the US Military has been to not publicize these images -- their explanation was that this was out of respect for these people. Russ Kirk at the Memory Hole applied to the US Air Force the Freedom of Information Act and the Air Force subsequently has released 361 photographs showing soldiers' remains arriving home. These are the images that the Pentagon prevented the public from seeing. They are available for viewing here. Please note that this is a popular site and that the server is being hit hard so the pictures may not load immediately -- if they don't load, bookmark the site and visit again later. Hat tip to Noah at DefenseTech for the link. UPDATE: It turns out that a number of the images released by the Air Force were of the coffins of the Collumbia Shuttle astronauts. More on this story at NASA and SpaceRef Posted by DaveH at April 23, 2004 10:26 AM