April 1, 2004

More on Fallujah

Emperor Misha weighs in with this: The Reaper is Coming, Fallujah, Prepare for Hell... Here is a quote from General Mark Kimmitt: bq. The U.S. military is threatening to deliver an overwhelming military response. bq. "It's going to be deliberate, it will be precise and it will be overwhelming, said U.S. General Mark Kimmitt. He told reporters in Baghdad that insurgents in Fallujah should be prepared for U.S. forces to strike back following the killing of four American contractors by a mob that dragged their charred bodies through the streets. bq. "It will be at the time and the place of our choosing. We will hunt down the criminals. We kill them or we will capture them," he said. Misha's comments: bq. Now this is a soldier speaking. We don't care too much for the "hunting down the criminals" part. This isn't about law enforcement, this is about retaliation and setting an example that'll hurt and haunt, but we do like the sound of "overwhelming" and "deliberate." bq. Coming from a General rather than a babbling State Dept. idiot in striped pants and a suit, this should give quite a few of the goat fucking insects of Fallujah bad dreams. Jen and I were talking about the military's response tonight over dinner. She wants to leave the place a smoking crater. I'm saying that there are good people there and if we don't fall to the level of the terrorists, we show them that even though we are infidels -- dhimmi -- we have more honor than they do. I would like to blow them to hell too but the long view needs to be taken. I do like Kimmitt's words though: deliberate, precise and overwhelming. Rage can focus the mind very very well... Those marines are pissed. The four people who were killed were from a private security company but their jobs were to protect the transport of food into Fallujah. Posted by DaveH at April 1, 2004 9:11 PM