April 7, 2004

More on Iraq civil war

From the blog Healing Iraq (written by an Iraqi dentist) comes an update to the politics and fighting happening there: bq. More on Sadr's insurgency Of course, Sadr has set up offices in almost every city, town, and village in the south. And I have mentioned earlier that they had assumed full control over my small village where I work in the Basrah governorate weeks ago, terrorizing IP officers, civil servants, and doctors but nobody was listening. I don't think I will be heading back there any soon now. What surprises me is the almost professional coordination of the uprisings in all of these areas. I'm assuming, of course, that the money and equipment supplied by our dear Mullahs in Iran is being put to use good enough, not to mention the hundreds of Pasderan and Iranian intelligence officers.. sorry I mean Iranian Shia pilgrims that have been pouring into Iraq for months now. And more: bq. No one knows where it is all heading. If this uprising is not crushed immediately and those militia not captured then there is no hope at all. If you even consider negotiations or appeasement, then we are all doomed. This is the final push now folks - this is being done entirely by Iran who does not want to see a democracy in Iraq. They are sending Mullah's Guns and Money into Iraq to try to drive the coalition forces out so that they can set up their own brand of Stalinist Fascist corrupt government... Be strong and don't give up - you are almost there!!! Posted by DaveH at April 7, 2004 9:45 PM