April 13, 2004

North Korean Nuclear Dev

An interesting article in the NY Times about Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan and his visit to North Korea five years ago: bq. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the Pakistani scientist who sold nuclear technology around the world, has told his interrogators that during a trip to North Korea five years ago he was taken to a secret underground nuclear plant and shown what he described as three nuclear devices, according to Asian and American officials who have been briefed by the Pakistanis. There is some debate as to whether these were actual workable bombs or just mockups - Dr. Kahn is a metallurgist and not a nuclear physicist but the implications are not good. The NY Times article says that the USA is bringing this information to China in hopes that the Chinese will speed up negotiations with N. Korea. Nuts is bad, nuts with nukes is much much worse... Posted by DaveH at April 13, 2004 1:43 PM