April 1, 2004

NYSE's Morning Mishap

From the Motley Fool website: bq. Ringing the bell at the opening of the New York Stock Exchange has been a Wall Street tradition for more than 80 years. CEOs, U.S. presidents, celebrities, and foreign dignitaries have all participated in this time-honored ceremony. Except this past Wednesday morning, it wasn't the opening bell that was heard. bq. It was the opening belch. bq. CEO Russ Cooper of Farmland Enterprise Associates Inc. was to ring the bell at the opening of trading on March 31. Instead, Cooper took the podium and, in front of hundreds of traders and a live CNBC audience, let out a loud belch. According to sources at Farmland, Cooper misunderstood the directions sent to him by fax. Heh... These things happen. Posted by DaveH at April 1, 2004 12:09 PM