April 21, 2004

Organic Foods in NY State

Interesting article in the NY Times about the Rockefeller family and their funding of an Organic Farm and research facility. This organization is a non-profit but there is a for-profit restaurant attached to the site. bq. ...with $30 million in backing from David Rockefeller, the 88-year-old grandson of John D. Rockefeller. The family's 80-acre cattle farm, part of the Rockefeller family's much larger estate, has been turned into a working organic farm and agricultural education center, with an upmarket restaurant, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, attached to it. The restaurant began serving customers on April 14; it opens officially on May 1. The restaurant is committed to serving local organically raised food. Hat tip to DangerousMeta Posted by DaveH at April 21, 2004 9:33 AM