April 26, 2004

Pearl 2001

Charles at Little Green Footballs received two emails from one of his readers today. These were emails that were sent out in shortly after the September 11, 2001 attack on the USA by Islamofascist followers of BinLaden. They were written in the white-heat of frustration and anger but poses an understanding that cuts through todays 'nuances' The first was written when he was taking a taxi ride near the buildings as the airplanes crashed. The second was written when he (he had SAR skills) was working on the site. I will quote a few lines but this is something that everyone needs to read and re-read from time to time to remind ourselves that yes, we are at war and the enemy has come to our hometowns: From the first email: bq. I directed the cab a few blocks further and saw an amazing sight, a beautiful day and the North Tower on fire. I got out of the cab and watched as one person after another jumped to their deaths 90 stories up as the flames hit them. Behind me was the cavalry, a river of sirens and lights careening down the avenues — ambulances, Harleys, ladder trucks, black & whites— weaving through traffic, all throttle and brake, honking, cursing, firemen craning their heads out the windows to look upwards, gaping at the damage, radio to the ear. It was the last thing they would never remember. From the second: bq. Looking downward through the wracks of steel beams you realize they are sitting upon a sea of emergency vehicles. bq. How to Kill Firemen 1) Make an explosion. 2) Wait 15 minutes. 3) Make another explosion. The comments from Charles' readers are worth reading so visit -- you will be pissed off and angry and sad. Posted by DaveH at April 26, 2004 11:08 PM