April 14, 2004

Robot lost in Iraq

Very cool - iRobot, the same people who make the Roomba vacuum cleaner have been testing a robot called the PackBot in action in Iraq. From CNN/Technology: bq. A U.S. robot manufacturer Monday hailed the destruction of one of its units in Iraq and said it showed how valuable the machines have become for the U.S. military. bq. iRobot Corporation learned last week from the Pentagon that one of its units, called a PackBot, was "destroyed in action" for the first time. Its destruction meant the life of a U.S. soldier may well have been saved, the company said. bq. "It was a special moment -- a robot got blown up instead of a person," said iRobot CEO Colin Angle. This is excellent. Now we can send in mobile scouts first and then follow with people. Minimizes 'surprises'... Posted by DaveH at April 14, 2004 10:49 AM