April 30, 2004

Socialist paradise

Some interesting economic facts about Sweden from Tyler at Marginal Revolution: bq. 1. No new net jobs have been produced in the Swedish private sector since 1950. bq. 2. "None of top 50 companies on the Stockholm stock exchange has been started since 1970." bq. 3. "...well over 1 million people out of a work force of around four million did not work in 2003 but lived on various kinds of public welfare programs, such as, pre-pension schemes, unemployment benefits, sick-leave programs, etc." bq. 4. "Sweden has dropped from fourth to 14th place in 2002 among the OECD countries (i.e., affluent industrialized countries) in terms of GDP per capita since 1970." Tyler links to the paper these figures came from here as well as a summary here Posted by DaveH at April 30, 2004 10:29 AM