April 14, 2004

South Africa turning socialist

Sigh... Last Wednesday's elections in South Africa will probably bring Thabo Mbeki back for a second term in office. People may have a bit of a surprise when he resumes office. An article in the CS Monitor explains why: bq. But the big surprise of this election may be Mr. Mbeki himself. For five years, he's been an ardent disciple of globalization. He's tightened budgets and slashed foreign debt. He's seen South Africa's currency strengthen and inflation fall. But now the man who was trained as a classical economist in Britain is hinting at a significant shift - toward socialism. The reason: persistent poverty and joblessness. About 40 percent of South Africans are unemployed. In some townships, 8 of 10 blacks wanting jobs can't find them. bq. So Mbeki may start drawing on another part of his past - one that includes meetings at a Soviet dacha once used by Joseph Stalin and a charter membership in the politburo of the South African Communist Party. Crap - another socialist workers paradise... How many people died under Communism? Couple hundred million wasn't it? What's a few more. Posted by DaveH at April 14, 2004 9:39 AM