April 6, 2004

Speed improvements in Linux 2.6 kernel

Very clever idea being implemented in the 2.6 kernel. It can anticipate additional disk reads and writes and ensures that the heads are properly placed and that movement is minimized. From Yahoo/Technology: bq. Linux kernel 2.6 introduces improved IO scheduling that can increase speed -- "sometimes by 1,000 percent or more, [more] often by 2x" -- for standard desktop workloads, and by as much as 15 percent on many database workloads, according to Andrew Morton of Open Source Development Labs. This increased speed is accomplished by minimizing the disk head movement during concurrent reads. The anticipatory scheduler can be tweaked with five parameters to optimize performance for specific applications (web server / database engine / etc...) Very cool stuff... Posted by DaveH at April 6, 2004 8:48 AM