April 21, 2004


Cool tech - this tennis ball sized device can be rolled into a room. When it stops, it snaps a 360 degree image while sending audio feed. To quote from Gizmodo: bq. This is a huge picture, even pared down, but the brutal visage of this device should not be missed. The engineers behind the Eyeball sensor package sent us this high-resolution image of the tennis ball-sized device, with a little more information. Apparently when the Eyeball is rolled into a room it steadies itself, after which the camera rotates a full 360. Odfopt's Itsik Kattan also noted that this version of the Eyeball is currently available for purchase. Also, thanks again to Defensetech's Noah Shachtman for the original story. Links included in the Gizmodo story... Posted by DaveH at April 21, 2004 3:39 PM