April 27, 2004

Syrian missiles and WMD in Sudan

Glen at Instapundit has a link to Middle East Newsline story that is not getting much attention but deserves to: bq. Sudan has ordered the removal of Syrian missiles and weapons of mass destruction out of the African country. bq. Arab diplomatic and Sudanese government sources said the regime of Sudanese President Omar Bashir has ordered that Syria remove its Scud C and Scud D medium-range ballistic missiles as well as components for chemical weapons stored in warehouses in Khartoum. The sources said the Sudanese demand was issued after the Defense Ministry and Interior Ministry confirmed a report published earlier this month that Syria has been secretly flying Scud-class missiles and WMD components to Khartoum. Where did Syria get these weapons? Why do they need to be stored instead of being deployed to military bases? What missiles did Saddam own and use? Scud C and D's? What about the reported convoys going from Iraq into Syria just before the coalition came into Iraq? Posted by DaveH at April 27, 2004 1:19 PM