April 29, 2004

The Frugal Outdoorsman

Here is a link to an online journal called The Frugal Outdoorsman. Excellent resource for camping, guns, food preservation, hunting, etc... From the introduction: bq. In this online magazine you'll find no articles about fancy fishing rigs and magnum rifles. We believe that cane poles, trotlines, and nets are the best ways to catch fish. Cast bullets in the venerable 30-30 Winchester and in traditional muzzleloaders are the best ways to harvest deer. In our cooking section, you'll find only articles and recipes cooked on a campfire or in a camp Dutch oven with coals beneath it and in the lid. Our camping section contains articles and camping hints about tent camping only. In this magazine the words bass boat, magnum, inline, scope, and RV are dirty words. Great links to interesting vendors too. Posted by DaveH at April 29, 2004 1:53 PM