April 23, 2004

The protein wisdom interview: Noam Chomsky

Get yourself over to protein wisdom and read Jeff Goldstein's interview with Noam Chomsky... bq. Chomsky: "Well, it's as old as history. It has nothing much to do with language. Language is the way we interact and communicate, so, naturally, the means of communication and the conceptual background that's behind in, which is more important, are used to try to shape attitudes and opinions and induce conformity and subordination. Not surprisingly, it was created in more democratic societies. The first --" bq. protein wisdom: "-- Wait, why 'surprisingly'?" bq. Chomsky: "I beg your pardon?" bq. protein wisdom: "You said, 'not surprisingly, it was created in the more democratic societies.' First, what is 'it'? And second, why is it 'surprising' that 'it' was created in more democratic societies?" bq. Chomsky: "You asked about the role of language in shaping and forming people's understanding of events, did you not?" bq. protein wisdom: "I did indeed." bq. Chomsky: "So then that's the 'it' I refer to. Now, the first coordinated propaganda ministry --" Heh... Het tip to Mossback's Progress Posted by DaveH at April 23, 2004 3:06 PM