April 19, 2004

Ultimate Budget Box

From Ars Technica comes this guide to building the best computer possible for under $500. The published design philosophy sums the article up quite nicely: bq. To all those people clamoring for a minimalist Budget Box: this is it. Look around inside most corporate offices, where most computers need to handle a few Office documents and light Internet use. They don't need to be able to burn CDs or handle 3D-intensive games, but they do need to be reliable and affordable. And more: bq. Low-cost, reliability, and quality are key. That is what the Ultimate Budget Box is about: not skimping on components, but not loading it up with features either. Of course hardware is such a moving target these days but still, this is an excellent place to start. Posted by DaveH at April 19, 2004 2:53 PM