April 6, 2004

Very strange German Anti-Semitic email

From LGF comes the text of this email. An Israeli Medical Doctor wrote to a German company requesting information about a medical conference in San Diego and got the following reply: bq. Information about medical conferences in San Diego in June and July is available in MediConf. bq. Please note that our business is to sell medical conference information for a fee. bq. We will release the requested information to you after you become a MediConf customer: http://www.mediconf.de bq. Sincerely, Reinald Steck bq. P.S. We are pretty sure that your previously so desperate need for information about medical conferences in San Diego in June and July has suddenly vanished! ;-) bq. P.P.S. Are you going to send an Israeli commando to kill us now, because maybe you donít like what we wrote? bq. P.P.S. Why donít you kill all the Palestinians? You have taken almost all their land, and they are all poor, inferior, brutish, violent terrorists anyway, arenít they? bq. You might as well finish the job already started. Just a few million more. bq. Thank God all Jews are compassionate doctors (according to TIME magazine). Baby Jebus - it's bad enough that people still think like this but to include these sentiments in an email to someone you don't know is downright asinine. Posted by DaveH at April 6, 2004 10:21 AM