April 8, 2004

World's Oldest Rapper

Check out Buster Jack: bq. Busta Jack is a 80year old rapper. He's the oldest rapper ever! That's right he so old he can't even tour but, with a little caffeine and smelling salts we can bring him to you via CD. bq. Oliver Jackson (Busta Jack) was born in Mississippi and raised on Chicago's Southside. His street life in his early years resulted in some hard lessons learned and ultimately prison time. However, his past vices are not glorified in his music. bq. Jack started writing raps in the early eighties to inspire young people and to speak out on political issues. Having lived through the Depression, this former U.S. Steel worker and retired Board of Ed. custodian knows about struggle and "Tough Times in the Hood." bq. Finally the parents, the older generation, have a voice in the most popular music among young people today. So, from Chicago to the world we bring you, BUSTA JACK LoFi MP3s available on the website. Not bad! Posted by DaveH at April 8, 2004 4:54 PM