May 6, 2004

Iraqi prisoner abuse

I'm firmly in the camp that says that the people who abused the prisoners in Iraq need to be disciplined fast and hard. Of possible interest though is this story regarding the photographic evidence of Coalition soldiers raping Iraqi women: From World Net Daily: bq. Bogus GI rape photos used as Arab propaganda Pictures purporting to be U.S. troops actually taken from porn sites. bq. Graphic photos appearing on Arabic websites of U.S. servicemen raping and sexually abusing Iraqi women were actually taken from American and Hungarian pornography sites. bq. and a Tunisian website produced in France by Committee for the Defense of Saddam Hussein [Comité de Défonce de Saddam Hussein En Tunisie], posted not only the recently broadcast photos of U.S. troops abusing and humiliating Iraqi prisoners but additional ones of alleged group rape of women by American soldiers, some who are depicted holding rifles against their victims' heads. And more: bq. The Tunisian site described the photos as the "unedited" versions of actual events and Albasrah ran the photos under the heading "The Abu Ghraib Prison Photos," indicating they had received the photos via e-mail. bq. A WND investigation has revealed that most of the photos are taken from the American pornographic website "Iraq Babes," and the Hungarian site, "Sex in War," which is linked to by the American site. Both websites are linked to by violent pornography sites and both describe Iraqi women -- played by "actresses" -- in vulgar terms. The Iraq Babes site voluntarily shut down but the Hungarian site is still up and running. I am not saying that abuses did not take place, still, we need to take things with a grain of salt and wait a week or so until all of the truth comes out, not just the hysteria from the media. Posted by DaveH at May 6, 2004 1:43 PM