July 20, 2004


How do you handle a one million dollar oopsie? From Slashdot comes this story of a Technology Refresh gone bad, way waay bad... bq. The Chicago Tribune, which hasn't missed an edition since the Great Fire of 1871, came perilously close to doing just that Monday. bq. Because of a computer breakdown, about 40 percent of subscribers received no paper Monday. And those that did got a truncated version with strange page numbering and unusual placement of some features. bq. The problems occurred after a flaw in software installed over the weekend crashed the newspaper's production system. After struggling through the night, the newspaper managed at daybreak to begin printing an abbreviated Monday paper. The article quotes the loss (advertising revenues, etc.) at $1-Mill It might be interesting to check their HR website for the next couple days... Posted by DaveH at July 20, 2004 12:04 AM