October 14, 2004

John F. Kerry's Islamic connection

Charles at LGF points to a chilling connection between Presidential wanna-be Kerry and some rather nasty Islamic peoples: bq. Here’s a site detailing the extensive connections of the Islamic Society of Boston to terrorist groups: Citizens For Peace and Tolerance - Promoting a Hate-Free America. bq. The former leader of the Islamic Society of Boston is Abdurahman Alamoudi, who recently pled guilty to smuggling hundreds of thousands of dollars from Libya’s Jihad fund, to plot the assassination of Saudi Prince Abdullah. bq. Another influential figure in the Islamic Society of Boston is the infamous Sheikh Yusef al-Qaradawi, virulently anti-American spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Qaradawi’s name was listed on the Arabic language brochure for the ISB’s new mosque—but omitted from the English version. bq. Yet, the Boston Redevelopment Authority sold them the land for their proposed new mosque—a vast complex estimated to cost $22 million, much of which is coming from Saudi Arabia—at far less than fair market value, and is now being sued by concerned citizens of the area. bq. And look who wrote a letter of support to the Islamic Society of Boston to celebrate the groundbreaking of their new mosque... This is the tip of the iceberg -- it gets better. Noted scholar Daniel Pipes also noticed some people whose interests were not in America's benefit - he talks about al-Qaradawi and Alamoudi and he adds another name to the roster: bq. Osama M. Kandil, the Islamic Society of Boston's leader for over a decade. Turns out that in addition being a former instructor at Harvard Medical School and the founder and chairman of an Egyptian pharmaceutical company, Biopharm Group, he is also associated with the notorious Safa group of Saudi businesses and "charities" headquartered outside Washington, D.C. and was a founding director of the Muslim Arab Youth Association, one of the most radical Islamist organizations in the United States. bq. ISB's treasurer, Walid A. Fitaihi, has applauded anti-Israeli violence as "a great thing" and made antisemitic statements about Jews having "perpetrated the worst of evils and . . . brought the worst corruptions to the earth." He also presents a timeline of the Mosque building. And finally, one cannot overlook this Reuters news item from Iran: bq. Iran Would Welcome Kerry Camp Proposal Iran would welcome a proposal by U.S. presidential candidate Senator John Kerry running mate for a "great bargain" to solve the dispute over Tehran's nuclear program, a senior Iranian official said on Saturday. bq. Vice presidential candidate Senator John Edwards has said that Kerry, a Democrat, would be willing to supply Iran with nuclear fuel for power generation if Tehran abandons its own fuel-making capability - if Iran did not accept this offer, it would confirm Iran wanted to make an atom bomb. Iran holds the worlds greatest reserve of oil. They do not need nuclear power. A true American... Posted by DaveH at October 14, 2004 7:44 PM