October 13, 2004

The insurgents are getting pissed at outsiders;

Islamic outsiders from Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Iran... Interesting link and commentary at Richard Bennett's Mossback's Lunch: bq. The Iraqi Resistance is made up of some pretty stupid people. Any Iraqi who’s genuinely upset with the American Occupation can help to bring it to a swift conclusion by helping to restore order in the troubled parts of the Sunni Triangle and organizing around his chosen candidates in the January election. Every car bombing, sniper attack or kidnapping just strengthens the occupation and pushes the elections further away. bq. Some of them have finally started to get the message and help the Coalition take out the foreign terrorists who’re responsible for the atrocities: From the WaPo article: bq. U.S. and Iraqi authorities together have insisted that if Fallujah is to avoid an all-out assault aimed at regaining control of the city, foreign fighters must be ejected. Several local leaders of the insurgency say they, too, want to expel the foreigners, whom they scorn as terrorists. They heap particular contempt on Abu Musab Zarqawi, the Jordanian whose Monotheism and Jihad group has asserted responsibility for many of the deadliest attacks across Iraq, including videotaped beheadings. bq. “He is mentally deranged, has distorted the image of the resistance and defamed it. I believe his end is near,” Abu Abdalla Dulaimy, military commander of the First Army of Mohammad, said. bq. One of the foreign guerrillas killed by local fighters was Abu Abdallah Suri, a Syrian and a prominent member of Zarqawi’s group. Suri’s body was discovered Sunday. He was shot in the head and chest while being chased by a carload of tribesmen, according to a security guard who said he witnessed the killing. Richard's closing comment is great and on target: bq. This is, of course, bad news for the Democrats who want to turn the War on Terror into a tea party. Heh... Posted by DaveH at October 13, 2004 11:00 PM