November 10, 2004

Micro Mike

Proof once again that anyone can put up a web page.
This guy is Roy Michael Moore who was found living as a squatter on the grounds of the Los Alamos National Labs. His cave was not the typical hermit hide-out. From the Albuquerque Journal: bq. What the intruders found was a bit startling. Moore had made himself a home in a south-facing cave— "the most beautiful views in town, no irritating neighbors"— complete with photovoltaic solar panels, batteries to store the solar energy, satellite radio, wood-burning stove, a bed and a glass door sealed across the cave's entrance. bq. By his own account he'd been living there for close to four years but said he doesn't keep good track of time, mostly because he devotes his energy and thoughts to intensive cosmological problem solving. And Mr. Moore himself? bq. Moore, who said he as an undergraduate biology degree from Texas Tech and also studied electronics and computers, said he doesn't consider himself homeless. He sold all his possessions in 1996— his house, his car, everything— so he could focus all his energy and thought toward solving large, complex problems. Oh yeah, they found about ten pot plants plus a couple pounds of stash -- no big surprise there... His website is a romp through an unfocused mind, the kind of metaphysical rambling that confuses ideas with facts: MicroMike A sample: bq. Gravions represent the basic connections of gravity. Modern science has been confused for some time about the role of gravity in nature. Mankind has been searching for a "particle" that carries gravity. But particles, or mass, don't represent gravity. Particles represent mass. Philosophically, mass represents identity for all things that exist and gravity represents the relationship of those "things" that exist, in any universe. To define the relationship of any two masses, gravity must somehow connect these masses. Therefore, gravity must be the series of bonds and connections that make up all real things, and all bonds of all types between all masses, must be graviational in nature.. Thus every bond between every mass must be a connection of gravity, or a gravion. Once one understands the role of gravity, one can see that gravity must represent all connections between all masses that exist in the real world. Another example of this sort of website is the TimeCube Strange stuff... Posted by DaveH at November 10, 2004 8:46 AM