February 20, 2005

Novell/SuSE Linux gets EAL4 Certification

Very cool - from Slashdot comes this story:
"Following in the wake of its previous certifications, Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 has achieved EAL4 certification on 'an IBM eServer.' This puts SLES9 in the same league as Windows 2000 for sales in the government sector and is the first Linux distro to achieve an EAL4 certification."
Read the comments at Slashdot for a bit more depth to the issue -- Red Hat also has this certification and there are a couple other hoops to jump through before it can be used by the Department of Defense and a few other Federal agencies but still, this is an excellent start! I had looked at several distributions of Linux and was running Mandrake for a long long time because I liked their tools and the overall feel of the package fit me better than Red Hat or SuSE. There are some other distributions out there too -- Gentoo, BSD, didn't like them that much -- to be honest, I like a bit of hand-holding while setting up applications. Novell purchased SuSE a few years ago and have been dumping money into their R&D so this is now the Linux distribution of choice for me. A very sweet product. Nice to see them get the certification. A note: It is interesting that MSFT Windows 2000 has the certification but not Windows XP. I still think that Windows 2000 is the best OS that MSFT have come out with so far -- we use it on all of our systems here. Posted by DaveH at February 20, 2005 9:29 PM
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